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The pulsing music seemed to control the blonde's every heartbeat as he writhed against the firm body of his one-time enemy on the dance floor. After the war, the Slytherins figured that everyone needed a night to just forget about everything. Their solution was a party open to all of the 8th year students; house didn't matter beneath the swirling lights, just as it hadn't mattered in the war when all of Hogwarts came together and helped give Harry Potter the chance to defeat Voldemort… The same Harry Potter who was currently half hard and grinding with an equally interested Draco Malfoy.

True to Slytherin House's reputation, the drinks had flowed freely around the common room all night long. Some of the brightly colored alcohol, Draco was ashamed to admit was unfamiliar even to him. The only thing that he was sure of was that they worked wonders, since the object of his every fantasy was currently moaning wantonly as their bodies attempted to merge into one.

Harry tried to whisper something in Draco's ear, but it was lost in the pounding music. He tried again, slurring his request. If the insanity of this impossible situation didn't give away how drunk he was, his ineloquence (more so than normal) gave it away.

"Dray, s'too crowd in here. Wan go s'place private." He practically purred.

In all honesty, Draco was far too sober to allow this to happen; he wouldn't be able to blame the situation on the alcohol in the morning when Potter freaked out. But he'd wanted this for so long, he wasn't about to let his one chance slip away so easily. Besides, Potter was so drunk, he wouldn't even be able to remember that Draco wasn't.

"C'mon then." Draco gently grabbed Harry's hand, pulling the brunette through the mass of people. Everyone was too absorbed in their own processes of forgetting and healing to notice the two rivals slip away from the party. But then again, they were probably just too drunk to realize who exactly Harry and Draco were, let alone that they should definitely not be sneaking away to the Slytherin dorms together…

Draco grunted as he was shoved up against the closed door of his private dorm room. Potter tasted like alcohol, but there was an underlying taste that was pure Harry, and Draco couldn't get enough of it. He allowed the drunken hero to plunder his mouth, tangling his hands in the slightly taller boy's hair. After a few moments, Draco started getting light headed, though whether it was from lack of oxygen or the amount of alcohol transferred to him on Potter's breath, he wasn't sure. Potter grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards the grand four-poster bed in the center of the room. Draco was a bit surprised that Harry was taking control considering how drunk he was, but let it happen anyway.

He gracefully fell onto the bed, his hair forming a halo around his beautifully pale face. Harry just stood there, staring at him for a few moments with a soft smile on his face before finally crawling on top of the blonde. Draco moaned as their bodies lined up, fitting together perfectly and crushing their hardened cocks between them. He was still fully dressed, but Draco had never been this hard in his life.

Harry resumed his previous ministrations, trailing kisses along Draco's defined cheek bones, then moving down to nip and lap at the spot just below his ear that drove Draco wild. As he continued kissing his way down Draco's neck, his fingers worked at the buttons of the Slytherin's shirt with a proficiency that should not be possible for a wizard as drunk as Harry was. Draco raised an eyebrow as they broke apart long enough to slide the shirt off his shoulders, but Harry merely grinned, tugging his own shirt up over his head. He intently began mapping out this new expanse of skin, biting here, licking there, and those hands, Merlin, they were everywhere and nowhere all at once. Blushing, Draco realized that he was extremely close to coming, and his cock hadn't even been acknowledged yet. Harry seemed to realize this too, but he didn't seem to care. He simply continued the delicious torture.

Draco screamed with pleasure as every inch of his skin suddenly met Harry's; the powerful wizard had grown tired of the lack of skin-to-skin contact, it seemed, and had used wandless magic to get rid of the rest of their clothes. The shock of it had Draco coming harder than he had in a long time. Harry watched in fascination as the blonde angel beneath him climaxed, the expression on his face the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. For once, Draco didn't have any masks up, and the amount of raw emotion displayed on his aristocratic features as he rode wave after wave of pleasure was… exhilarating. Amazing. Slightly sobering.

Once Draco came back down from his high, he realized that he was still hard; albeit not as painfully as he had been a few minutes ago. Harry noticed too, and a slytherin-worthy smirk slid across his features. Draco shuddered as he anticipated Harry's next move.

Nothing could have prepared him for Harry Potter positioning himself above his cock, and impaling himself. Over and over again. Draco moaned as his enemy-turned-lover rode his prick, loving the delicious noises Harry was making. Apparently, the Golden Boy was a very vocal lover.

"God baby, your cock's so big. I'm so full, I love the way your dick stretches me." Every word that fell from the drunken Gryffindor's lips went straight to Draco's cock. "I want you to fuck me so hard, I won't be able to walk tomorrow." Potter announced, pulling Draco's arm until they were reversed; Draco was kneeling above Harry, who was lying spread out across Draco's bed. The image before him was so perfect, that Draco wanted to summon a camera and take a photo of it. Harry's bronze skin and toned muscles belonged on Draco's black silk sheets. "Fuck me, Draco!" Harry shifted his hips, trying to get the blonde to move. Draco couldn't bring himself to refuse.

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