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Blaise Zabini quietly tip-toed through the halls of the Slytherin dorms. It had been three days since the big party, and he had yet to see Harry or Draco leave Draco's dorm. When he got to Draco's room, he cast a spell under his breath to muffle the sound of the door opening, and systematically took down all of Draco's wards. When the coast was clear, he pulled a small camera out of his pocket, took a deep breath, and slowly pushed the door open.

While he had been hoping to catch the pair in a compromising position, the adorable sight that awaited him made him squeal aloud (thank Merlin for silencing charms!). Draco and Harry were curled up on Draco's couch. Draco was lying on top of Harry, and their legs were tangled together. Harry's arms were wrapped securely around Draco's waist, while the one of the blonde's hands rested on Harry's chest and the other was tangled in Harry's hair. Draco's face was tucked beneath Harry's chin. The two seemed to fit together like pieces of a puzzle; they were perfect for one another, just as Blaise had suspected.

The sneaky Slytherin raised his camera and took several photos of the slumbering pair. To his delight, Harry shifted in his sleep, and Draco cuddled up against him so that his entire body was cradled by the Gryffindor. Blaise wildly snapped pictures, delighted that the camera would print moving wizard photos that had captured the adorable moment forever.

When it seemed as though Draco had started to wake up, he quickly cast a disillusionment charm on himself and made for the door. Before he could leave, Draco's shifting woke Harry up as well. The two smiled at each other and shared a tender kiss. Blaise snapped a final quick photo, grinning like a loon, before shutting the door behind himself and quietly heading back to his own dorm.

He mentally gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done; he should play matchmaker more often!

He had known that Draco harbored feelings that went beyond the hatred he broadcasted to every corner of the castle for ages now. And having dated Harry for a while, he knew the brunette well enough to realize that those feelings weren't unrequited. Both boys were just too stubborn and oblivious to do anything about it. So, Blaise Zabini did what Slytherins do best: He plotted.

Planning the party was the easy part. Getting both of them to come had been only slightly more difficult. But Blaise's most brilliant idea had been slipping a drop of Felix Felicis into Harry's drink. After that, all it took was a little nudging in the right direction, and presto! The boys were slipping off to Draco's dorms within the hour.

The only thing he hadn't counted on was Draco's impulsive decision to Obliviate Harry. Thankfully, the Gryffindor could fight off worse spells than that, so everything had turned out for the best. He quickly got to work developing the magical photos, gleefully planning all the ways he was going to blackmail his two closest friends.

When he had finished, he picked the most adorable of the lot quickly scrawled a note on the back:


I told you so.

PS - You owe me 10 Galleons ;)

He put the picture, along with a few of his favorites, in an envelope and then whistled, calling his owl.

"Take this to Hermione, girl. And don't come back until she's paid me my winnings from the bet!"

His owl hooted once before taking off, carrying the proof of Blaise's genius off into the night towards the Gryffindor Tower.

"Hmm…Who should I set up next?" He flopped down on his bed, contemplating his next evil plot. With a start, he sat up. "Of course! I'm bloody brilliant!" He exclaimed, quickly striding over to his desk to write down his thoughts and put his next plan into motion.

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