Bella Swan was never normal; her dad was a former hunter who quit after his wife (bella's real mom) died. After Edward and Jake abandoned Bella she convinced her dad to move down south and open a bar like Ellen had. It's been five years since she left Forks and she's never looked back. Charlie and John were good friends so she knew the Winchesters; she even attended Stanford for a little bit with Sam. Now it's been three months since Sammy jumped into the cage; Bella and the Winchesters worlds are about to collide, but what truths will be revealed and can they handle their pasts coming back to haunt them?

Hello Again

Bella's Point of View

Closing time has got to be the best time of the night; I don't have to deal with anymore mine is bigger than yours contests, break up any fights, and I can just mellow out. The door swings open;

"We're closed." I yelled not looking at who came in. I waited, but I didn't hear the door open back up again, "Look I'm sorry but the bar is closed and I'm not in a good mood so I suggest you walk out before I throw you out." I say and turn; I froze.

There standing in front of me is a six foot something shaggy haired boyish guy with blue smoky eyes that had some hazel in them. He smiles and says, "What can't an old friend stop in and have a few with you?" I don't say anything and his face falls, "B look I know what you're thinking, but I'm not a demon or shape shifter or anything like that."

I run to him and jump into his arms, "I know that Sammy because if you were you wouldn't had been able to get pass that trap." I said pointing up to the ceiling where I had laid a devils trap. "How in the hell did you get out?"

He puts me down and hugs me, "The big man upstairs."

"Lock the doors Sam." I say and walk over to the bar, "What will it be Whiskey, Tequila, Crown, Vodka, or Beer?"

"How about Beer." He replies locking the doors. "Nice place."

"Yea it's home; how long has it been since we last saw each other?" I asked.

"About two years because it was right after Dean got out of hell." He replied.

"Yeah nice place to visit; not a great place to live." I said and laughed, "Guess you are in the club with Dean and me now."

"Yeah I guess I am." He says and sits down at a table.

I grabbed a bucket of ice, some beers and went to sit with him. We just sat there in silence for a while until finally I said, "How long you been out?"

"I didn't stay as long as you and Dean; the big man brought me out later that day." He replied.

"He doesn't does he." I said.

"Bella Dean's got a life with that girl and her son; I'm not going to ruin it." Sam said.

I decided not to press the issue for now, "So what have you been doing?"

"Hunting mostly." He replied.

"Look Sam I know you and I know you're not here for a social call so spill; what do you need?" I said finishing my beer.

"My car something's wrong." He said sheepishly.

I laughed, "Well let's take it back to my house; that's where my tools are." I said.

Sam helped me finish cleaning up and we headed to my rental house.

I opened the garage and had Sam pull in, "What's under the tarp?" he asked.

"Something." I replied mischievously as I popped his hood.

"This is a nice place." Sam said looking around, "What does your dad think of this?"

I froze, "Dad died about six months ago." I finally said.

"Sorry B." Sam said quietly, "How?"

"On a hunt for a werewolf; I had told him to wait for me, but he didn't listen. I gave him a hunters funeral; it's what he would of wanted."

"When did he start hunting again?" Sam asked surprised.

"About the time Lucifer got free; we had some demons come into the bar and his exact words were 'I've had enough of this lying low shit; they want a fight now they got one.'" I said imitating my dad's gruff voice.

Sam laughed, "Yeah your dad could only take so much; I remember when we came to help you move from Forks. Dad, Dean, and I had a time keeping him from going to the reservation to kick Jake's ass."

"Actually I think it was you and me trying to keep him, John and Dean from going down there." I replied.

"Oh yeah," Sam said, "I forgot about that night after they started drinking. We had to unhook the house phone, hide the keys, and stay up so they didn't sneak out."

We talked about the old memories we had and in the end we were laughing so hard we were crying.

Finally Sam and I were quiet and he looked at me, "B, I need a favor other than the car."

I looked at him, "This is going to get me into trouble isn't it?" I asked.

"You owe me." Sam said.

"I knew one day you would come to ask me for something and I was going to live to regret it." I groaned.

Sam told me what he wanted, "Hell no Sam! This is going to drag me in the middle." I told him once he was finished. "You are insane to think I'm going to do this."

"Bella you are the only one who can help in this case; please." Sam pleaded.

I looked into those puppy dog eyes of his and knew I was defeated, "Fine, but I hope you know when he come looking for me I am pinning all of this on you." I said.

"Thank you; how long will it take to get the car fixed?" he asked and I punched him in the arm, "Ow."

Outside Point of View

Bobby had summoned Crowley because a deal was a deal.

"You said when we put the devil back in you would give me my soul back so give it to me." Bobby said.

"You need to read contract more carefully; it said I would do my best to give you your soul back, but it's not going to happen. Sorry." Crowley replied.

They go back and forth until finally Crowley is standing in the middle of the room and bobby switches off the lights to show a devils trap painted in glow in the dark paint.

Bobby thought he had the upper hand, but then Crowley summoned the hellhound.

"Want to rethink your decision to leave me in this trap?" Crowley asks.

"Now, now gentlemen let's play nice." A girl with blonde hair and icy blue eyes says leaning against the doorframe.

"B, darling; what are you doing here?" Crowley asks.

"Coming to collect what you owe me." The girl says.

"Are you a demon?" Bobby asks.

"No I'm not although I have been called a bitch from hell on quite a few occasions by demons." The girl replies.

"What do you want?" Crowley asks.

"Give him his soul back." The girl replies pointing to Bobby. "Look either do it or you're dead."

"Fine, but after this we are even." Crowley says.

The girl releases Crowley and gives Bobby his soul back and starts to leave, but stops, "Oh B, tell Sammy I said hi."

B swears under her breath.

"Sam?" Bobby asks.

"Yeah look I was sent here to make sure you got your soul back and to tell you two things; 1. Don't look for Sam and 2. Don't tell Dean anything. I gotta go." The girl leaves and Bobby stands there confused as ever.

Dean's Point of View

Three months since Sam jumped in; he had wanted me to go live with Lisa and Ben and live an apple pie life. Little did he know the Lisa and Ben I went home to and spent two and half months with were actually shape shifters; the real Lisa and Ben had moved and she had remarried. I had killed the shape shifters and now I was on my way to see Bobby. The one thing I regretted though was while I was playing dad I had sold my impala; my baby.

I finally reached Bobby's and knocked on the door which he opened and had a gun pointed at my head.

"Dean? What the hell are you doing here?" he asked.

"Wondering if I should come back." I replied.

"Nah come on in; it's just been very interesting." Bobby replied.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He told me about Crowley and about the girl, but didn't go into detail and I knew he was hiding something. I let it go and told him about my last few months.

"I'm sorry Dean." He said. "Damn it I can't keep something like this from you. Look the girl she told me two things; one was not to look for Sam and the other one was not to tell you."

I froze and then said, "Sam's alive and out."

"According to this girl and Crowley yeah." Bobby said.

"What did this girl look like or what was her name?" I asked.

"Well she was a pretty little thing, blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and Crowley called her B." Bobby said.

"Are you sure Crowley called her B?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Bobby said. I started to head for the door and Bobby stopped me, "If you're going I'm going." He said.

We grabbed his bags and headed out. There was only one person Sam and I both knew that fit the description Bobby gave and I knew Sam would go to her.

Bella's Point of View

I got back to my house and Sam was sitting on the couch, "How did it go?" he asked as I hung up my jacket.

"Wonderfully; message delivered, soul restored." I replied. "I even picked up your part."

We walked to the garage and I started to put on the new part.

"Thanks Bella." Sam said.

"You know Sam I really don't think you should be doing this; he deserves to know you're alive." I replied.

"Bella he has a life." Sam said.

"And that can't include you?" I questioned.

"No, I won't drag him into the hunting world again Bella." Sam said.

"Fine, but if he comes looking for me remember what I said." I said finishing putting the part in.

"Yeah, yeah, you're going to keep my secret for as long as you can, but if he finds out you're going to say it was all my fault." Sam said.

"Yep." I replied and shut the hood of his car. "You're ready to go. You know if you ever need a place to crash you can always stay here."

"Thanks Bella; I'll see you in a few days then." Sam said.

I hugged Sammy bye and went upstairs to take a nap before I had to go to the bar.

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