Sooner Or Later

Bella Point of View

I woke up about three hours later and saw it was dark outside. My clock read 11:15 and stood up stretching. I opened the door;

"Renee?" I called out wondering where she was.

I checked her office; nothing.

"Phil?" I called then I checked the garage.

I saw my car and Phil's truck, but no sign of Renee. Something wasn't right; everything in the house felt cold, lifeless, and then I smelled it…sulfur. I pulled my knife out and slowly walked through the house. I checked every room until I came to the office. I slowly opened the door and the sight that beheld me made me wanna puke. Phil was in the office sprawled over the desk with a hole in his check where his heart had once been. I walked closer and saw a not placed neatly on his chest;


So sad, but he was trying to protect you. I'm surprised you didn't hear us, but then again you were sleeping like an angel. Renee's with us you'll know where to find us. Don't take too long.


I crumbled the piece of paper feeling rage coursing through my blood. Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder. I wield around ready to plunge my knife into who ever, but a strong hand caught it expecting it;

"Bella," Dean said holding my hand firmly. "Easy baby girl."

Dean released my hand and I pulled back, "He's dead." I said although I knew he already knew it.

"Yea," Dean said, "Crowley sensed it the moment we hit the drive way. Sam's checking the rest of the house. Where's Renee?"

"They've got her." I replied.

"House is clear." Sam said walking in with Crowley behind him. He saw Phil and then looked at me, "Bells I'm…" he trailed.

"Meg and her pack of misfits." I said trying to keep the tears from spilling over.

"Looks like Meg has one up on us." Crowley said. "She did a nasty number on him. I doubt we find Renee alive."

I didn't think I just flew at him and pinned him to the wall, "I don't care." I said and I felt the rage burning in my veins causing my heart to speed up, "I want her dead. I want them all dead."

"Looks like we found a trigger." Crowley said.

"Trigger?" Dean asked.

I hadn't released Crowley, but he ignored the blade at his throat and continued, "You're eyes are black Bella; rage must be a trigger for your demon side. You're powers are trying to come to the surface."

I quickly released Crowley and backed away closing my eyes. I hadn't had my eyes turn black in years and I didn't want Dean to see them.

"Bella," Dean said and carefully walked towards me.

"Don't," I said trying to calm down.

"Don't fight it Bella," Crowley said, "You have to embrace both sides of you if we want to stop Raphael and Meg. Embrace demon side, feel the power, control it."

"NO," I growled.

"Leave her alone Crowley," Dean warned as he finally reached me. "Look at me."

"NO," I said shutting my eyes tighter.

Dean forced me to turn around and I felt him place his hands on either side of my face, "Bells look at me."

My eyes slowly opened I heard Dean, take in a deep breath. I tried to look away, but he held me firmly. Slowly I felt the black recede and my eyes were normal again.

"You know you look kind of hot." Dean said smiling.

Crowley sighed loudly, "Enough, you all are fools. Bella has to embrace the demon and the angel within her."

"Why?" Sam asked.

"Because it's the only way we have any chance of surviving." Crowley stated and looked at Bella, "You have to let the wall down, call upon the power, feel it, let it course through you and become part of you. Use it."

"Back off Crowley." Dean growled wrapping an arm around me, "If you can't see Phil someone close to her is lying on that desk with his damn heart ripped out by demons. Now's not exactly the time to be telling her to embrace that side."

"But I think it is," Crowley countered.

"They could be unpredictable." Sam said interjecting, "She could hurt herself."

"Or you," I said.

"Please," Dean said being his smartass self. "Have you met me I went to hell and came back, survived the apocalypse, and I can handle you in bed. I'm invincible."

I smacked him upside the head and then looked at Phil, "I'll do it." I said suddenly.

"WHAT?" Sam and Dean said together.

"I'll do it." I said and looked at Crowley, "How does it work?"

"To each their own." Crowley said, "You have to figure it out yourself."

"Bell you can't be serious." Dean said.

"I am," I replied.

"Wonderful," Crowley said clapping his hands together, "Shall we head to the college?"

"Just wait a damn minute," Dean said and looked at me, "You're not doing it."

"Not your choice." I said starting to walk towards the door.

Dean's hand snaked out and grabbed my arm turning me to face him, "The hell it isn't." He said, "We're going in there with you Bell and I don't want you using."

"Bella you haven't ever used your powers right; you don't know what could happen or if you even can." Sam said.

"So you can't trust me?" I asked yanking my arm from Dean's grasp and narrowing my eyes at him and Sam. "What you afraid I'm gonna go all demon on you? Turn on you? Haven't I always had your back or has you opinion of me changed since I am after all half demon?"

"Look Bell, Sam and I aren't going in unless you swear you'll keep you're cool." Dean said.

I knew he was trying to help me, protect me, but at this moment I wasn't exactly rational.

"Then I guess you stay here." I said and started walking again.

Dean's hand snaked out and grab me again; I felt the rage build up again and this time when I looked at him I didn't hide my black eyes.

"You aren't scaring me Bella," Dean said "And I'm not letting you go like this."

"You can't stop me." I said.

I raised my hand and Dean flew into the wall then slumped to the ground. Sam came at me and I did the same to him. My eyes back to normal and I immediately felt guilty for hurting the only family I really had left.

"Bravo," Crowley said, "You are quite powerful I can't wait to see what you can do with the angel side of you."

"Shut up," I said, "Will they be alright?"

"All you did was throw them into a wall; a headache is all they will have." Crowley replied, "Let's go."

Dean's point of view

"Ow," I said rubbing my head and looked around, "Bell?"

"She's gone," Sam said sitting up, "She packs quite punch doesn't she?"

"When didn't she pack a punch?" I asked standing up. "How long we been out?"

"Maybe ten minutes." Sam said, "They are probably already at the college." Sam said, "We shouldn't have done that; doubt her I mean."

"Yea," I replied, "I'll make it up to her later and she make up for throwing me into a wall. Let's get going."'

We got to the college campus and headed straight for Renee's lecture hall. Guns, holy water, and knife ready.

"Dean look," Sam said and we noticed a light on in the lecture hall.

We peered through the window and saw Crowley and Bella facing at least six demons other than Meg who held a knife at Renee's throat.

"Well, well," Meg said looking towards the window, "Looks like we have some more company."

Suddenly Sam and I were grabbed from behind and pushed into the hall;

"Sammy, Dean how are ya?" Meg asked, "Glad you could join the party."

"Yea," I said, "I wouldn't miss a party like this although I think you need some booze to really kick it up a notch."

The demon to my right landed a left hook in my jaw.

"Careful Dean-o my guys have a short temper." Meg said then looked at Bella, "You have two choices you can either give up or watch Dean, Sam, and little Aunt Renee here die; your choice."

"They aren't going to do it Bella." Crowley said. "Meg's lying, you know that.

"He's right," Meg said and took the knife she held and dug it into Renee's back then shoved her to Bella, "None of you are leaving."

Bella caught Renee and held her. I could see the shock come over Bella's face as blood started to pool. Sam and I took this as an opportunity and broke free of our captives. Sam started shooting and I helped Bella pull Renee behind her metal desk.

"I'm so sorry aunt Renee." Bella said tears rolling down her face.

"It's not…your fault." Renee said and coughed up blood. The knife had plunged directly into her lungs and they were filling with blood, "You have to fight them."

"I can't." Bella said.

"You can; embrace your gifts." Renee said weakly.

"They aren't gifts." Bella said.

"Yes they are; otherwise God would not allow you to be here." Renee said, "Our family tree shows us our history, but we decide our future. You're messed up family tree does not have to be YOUR legacy." She said and raised her hand, "You can stop Raphael and the demons; you have to accept what you are, but decide who you want to be."

"Nature vs. Nurture." Bella said laughing a little.

"Exactly." Renee said, "NEVER forget we knew where you came from, but we loved you anyway. You decide where you go and who you are; no one else can do that."

The light in Renee's eyes slipped away letting us know she was gone.

"We gotta get out of here." Sam yelled while he continued to shoot.

"Hold on kiddies." Crowley said as he reached up to grab us Bella grabbed his hand.

"No," She said not looking at us. Slowly she turned her head and her eyes were black, but around the outside a light white was present, "They're mine."

Bella stood up exposing herself to Meg and the others.

"Oh," Meg said mockingly, "Looks like the half-breed wants to play in the big leagues. Get her."

The demons pulled out their guns and started shooting I moved to push Bella out of the way, but Crowley stopped me.

"Watch." He said and I did.

Bella's hand was up and the bullets coming at her had been stopped by an unseen force field.

"My turn," Bella said and a bright light came out of her hand causing the demons to be flung into the wall; they were pinned.

"Is that all you got?" Meg asked defiantly, "You don't have a clue the powers you wield. You are nothing more than a stain on this world; you don't belong in any world, heaven, hell, or earth. Just accept your death and do yourself a favor."

"You're wrong." Bella said calmly her eyes still that spooky black with the white outlining, "I belong where I want to be and right now I want to be killing you. You took someone from me, but you aren't going to die yet." Bella let Meg go, but the others were still trapped, "Run Meg, tell everyone that the demonic angel is coming and if they dare they can try to stop me, but you'll lose."

Meg quickly ran and Bella turned back to the others. She opened her hand slowly closing it like pulling something invisible out and slowly black smoke started seeping from their mouths, eyes, ears, and noses. I instantly had a flashback of Sammy when he was on demon blood. Once all the demons were out of the bodies Bella's eyes turned pure white and glow surrounded her body and it outlined the black smoke. Suddenly the smoke dissipated leaving no trace of what was once there; not even sulfur.

Bella's eyes slowly returned to normal and she looked at us;

"That was interesting." Bella said and then she collapsed.

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