Mamanbou could not see a single thing. She tried using her Wish attack, but it proved fruitless as there was nothing in front of her. Sighing, Mamanbou briefly paused, taking a moment to appreciate the eerie peace that lingered within the dark, spooky cavern.

"On the bright side, I can manage to think. And there's absolutely nothing to make me feel threatened. Or worse," Mamanbou said to herself, gulping as she tried to remain calm.

As soon as she finished her sentence, however, Mamanbou felt a strange chill. This was particularly bad because never as she felt a chill like before. The chill wasn't the normally cold chill... it was the chill of torture. The chill of something that wanted her dead. Mamanbou was careful not to do anything hasty, as she looked around, to see if there was anyone nearby.

"...Everything seems clear." Mamanbou stated to herself as she faced the western direction, only to come face to face with a angry Huntail, who hissed as his bluish body glew brightly. Mamanbou screamed in horror as the Huntail roared, chasing right after her into the never ending darkness of the cavern.