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~Chapter 8.~

The next several minutes were a blur. Fumi only recalled Akira doing as she was told, and using her cellphone to call the cops. After that, it only took about three minutes for mall security to show up and apprehend the mysterious bastard. What seemed forever was actually a span of an hour until all of the ensuing complications were settled, and the two could go home. Unfortunately they missed the train they were aiming to catch, and it'd be another hour before the next one arrived. Fumi seemingly lost all ambition with trying. This is my fault. Ah-chan's never dated before and normal girls, they date boys and don't have to go through this kind of unwanted attention. I've probably ruined her first date for her. Maybe I should have been content with just staying friends...She'll probably break up with me. And things will be even more awkward between us. Her flood of pessimistic thoughts distracted her from Akira's prodding. Eventually Fumi was gently shoved and that brought her back to a harsh reality. Did Ah-chan know that lesbian relationships are highly subjective to perverse harassment? Was she going to be able to tolerate it? "Fumi-chan? Are you alright?" Fumi quickly nodded, not wanting Ah-chan to worry about anything else. "Well, since we missed the train again, we can probably look around a bit more." Akira suggested. Fumi sheepishly nodded again, their hands came together and Akira silently lead Fumi into back into the first floor of he mall, mainly perusing shoes. Things seemed to cool down between them. Why wouldn't it? Public display of affection only earned them unwanted stares. Akira seemed interested with a pair of boots while Fumi only watched her, half paying attention. "Half the stuff here is way to flashy. Where do they expect me to wear these to?" Akira said pointedly while holding up a pair of neon green pumps with odd sparkles and jewels all over it. "Aaahh, I'm pretty sure someone with absolutely no self esteem would like that." Fumi said off handedly. Akira raised her head expectantly. "You're doing it again." She spoke pointedly. "Doing what?" Fumi objected. "You say weird things that sound depressing, although they aren't directed at anyone. Now I know there's something wrong." She prodded the side of Fumi's face with her index finger, which earned a groan respectfully.

"Aaahh...It's just...well. I'm sure that he was following us because we're...ehm..." Her voice trailed off. There was a minute of silence before Akira grasped onto what Fumi was going to say. "Oh. Because we're kind of lesbians?" - "You- you didn't have to put it so bluntly!" She interjected. Akira stared blankly. Fumi continued. I...just think wouldn't have gone through all of that, if you didn't go out with me." Fumi fidgeted with the sleeve of a shirt on the rack next to her. "So?" She questioned. "We're both still alive. Besides, I find it entertaining to have that kind of action every once in a while. Gets the adrenaline going, hahn?" She smiled brightly and took Fumi's hand to prevent any tears that might have been building up. "That's certainly an...optimistic way to look at it." Fumi choked. Fumi thought to herself; everything seemed to be a mixture of good and bad -chan seems to oppose their relationship. Bad. Ah-chan was still willing to be her friend in all of the excitement. Good. Fumi burned herself, bad. Ah-chan actually wants to date a girl, even though she hasn't really dated a man like most normal girls, good. Their date went to hell because of a pervert. Bad. Ah-chan isn't, or rather, doesn't seem phased at all. Good? Fumi and Akira didn't further the conversation. They idly passed through different stores until it was finally time to catch the train back home. Even the train ride seemed a bit off, the two were slightly antsy, and observing their surrounding compartment for the man, incase he might have somehow escaped the police.

The sun already set, it always gets dark early in winter anyhow. It was nearing 6:40, and it was 7:06 when they got back. It was snowing even more, which, for some reason, releived any tension. Maybe it was a sense of security, knowing that a long train ride was separating the two from their stalker. On the walk home, they stopped at their old school. The preschool. It was only a month before demolition would start, so they figured they should reminice as much as possible. "Haha, looks like someone else was here, Fumi-chan." Ah-chan pointed to a lopsided snowman that was constructed in the courtyard. They went near it, noticing there was no face. "YAHH!" Before Fumi could get a good look at it, Akira, quite skillfully, smashed it's head into a million pieces with a kick. Fumi looked on in confusion. "Ah-chan?" - "Aaah, Fumi-chan, it's creepy, it didn't have a face." She shivered before picking up a good handful of snow.

"Well, I guess now it's even more creepy without a head." Akira pointed out. Fumi just looked down at the remains. After a minute of that, there was a harsh smack against her temple. "Ah!" Akira had pelted her with a snowball, and Fumi swears there was some ice in it. Her glasses had been knocked off in the collision. "Aaaahhh-chaaaannn..." She complained as she got onto her knees, feeling around for them. Then Akira tackled her into the snow before she could find them. Their shopping bags scattered in different directions. "AAAHHH!" Fumi yelped and reached to wipe the snow from the side of her face, but she was completely pinned down. Immediately she turned a dark shade of red. "Oh, Fumi-chan~" Akira grinned. "How innapropriate of you, in the middle of a schoolyard!" She giggled Fumi wormed around a bit but found it remarkably useless as Akira was somehow physically overpowering her. Snow fell around and on them, melting at first touch against the warm skin.

Akira was close enough that she was the only thing she could see clearly, the rest was white and blurry, but she held no complaints. A few minutes passed, Fumi still having fits of uneven breathing. Her throat was hurting from inhaling such large amounts of cold air. Her mouth was suddenly covered by Akira's in a somehow hot but cold kiss that lasted a great deal of pulled away but only long enough for Fumi to breath in, then she moved back in only with more passion. Fumi's arms were now unrestrained and free to roam. They traveled to Akira's hips and dared to go no further. Eventually it got too cold to focus on making out so they stopped. Fumi fault around for her glasses. "A-Ah-chan, where a-are they?" The cold was making her uncontrollably stutter, as her bare hands were feeling around in the snow. Akira placed them gently over Fumi's eyes and her sight was immediately filled with the sight of the school building. She of course had the dirty thoughts of them breaking into the school to do things they shouldn't, but snapped out of it when she noticed Ah-chan running towards a rusted door. "Aaaah..! Ah-chan, I don't think we should be-" She already opened it. Why was it unlocked in the first place? Fumi cautiously trudged through the yard, blanketed by at least a foot of untouched snow besides Akira's prints. The red head already vanished, and Fumi because frustrated. Did she not hear me? She stood in the door way for a few moments, it was completely dark so she whipped out her cell phone for a light source. "Ah-chan?" After a minute, she decided to take a step in. The smell was musty and archaic. But something in the air was certain still part of the old school aroma, because it felt familiar. Fumi stepped further in. Akira was nowhere to be seen, but there were two open doors, one on each side of the room. "Augh. Ah-chan, if you trying to scare me..." She groaned and took the door on the left, not able to see much further due to her poor cell phone lighting. She came into a small hallway with 3 doors on each side, they were classrooms. She let out a sigh. This was either sad or nostalgic.

After making it to the end of the hallway, she decided that Akira was clearly not in here so she turned to leave and something was cupped over her mouth. It was cold and forceful, but the unmistakable snickering behind her told her it was Ah-chan. She complied when Ah-chan started pulling her backwards into a room, though stumbling as she was having to walk backwards and also being pulled down to Akira's height. When in the room, her restraints were again released and she immediately whipped her cell phone into Akira's direction who was closing the door. "Ahhh, Ah-chan, what's wrong with you?" She grunted and furrowed her eyebrows. Akira giggled. "I don't know, it just feels so good to break and enter a building." She asserted. Fumi wasn't satisfied. "But it's abandoned. Anyways, we should get out of here, we're trespassing, and I told my mom I would be-" Again with the cutting off, Akira simply placed a single digit over Fumi's lips and it did it's job. The taller one stood silent. Eventually Ah-chan had Fumi backed into a desk, stirring up some dust, Fumi resisted the urge to sneeze. And finally after a minute of a staring contest, Akira made her intentions clear with three words.

"Let's do it."

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