Kurumiru And Koromori's Fruity Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Bugs, bugs everywhere. Kurumiru looks adorable with that little sailor's hat of his. And I wanted to use Koromori, because he has lots of potential. Heh heh, if you actually too a closer look and noticed, their names are very close and similar to each other. Pretty freaky, ain't it? So yeah, it's another Pokemon fanfic for the day, gentlemen. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Kurumiru, the bug-grass type caterpillar Pokemon, was on a fresh green leave of a long, steady branch on a huge maple oak tree, sleeping away as he cuddled on himself. He was then tapped on the head by a male, deep toned Koromori, a psychic-flying type bat Pokemon who had no eyes whatsoever. Kurumiru blinked with curiosity as he tapped Kurumiru, waking the little caterpillar Pokemon up.

"Hey. Kurumiru. Hey, little chap." Koromori said in a quite voice as he nudged Kurumiru.

Kurumiru yawned as he stretched his body, blinking several times as he looked up at Koromori. "Ugh... Koromori, you sound like James Wood." He muttered in a cute, high pitched voice.

Koromori scoffed as he shook his head. "Yeah, and you sound like Thurop Van Orman. Get up, I found some sweet stuff back at the volcano."

Kurumiru was baffled, his jaw dropped down in disbelief. "A... volcano! That's insane! I'm not going there! No way!"

"But there's lots of apples..." Koromori teased as he nudged Kurumiru some more. "Eh, eh? What'cha think, apples? Eh?"

"Apples...?" Kurumiru started as he began to drool, extending upward.

"And oranges, and bananas..." Koromori commented further, chuckling a bit as he hovered around Kurumiru.

Kurumiru opened his mouth as his drool turned into a waterfall of drool, his eyes turning big as cutesy white spots appeared, not believing what he was hearing.

Koromori chuckled as he picked up Kurumiru, flying towards the southwestern direction within the clear blue sky as he told Kurumiru, "Mah boi, just stick with me, and you'll have all the fruit you can die for." He laughed heartily while Kurumiru continued drooling, in delight of having all the fruits in the world.