Kurumiru and Koromori were further inside the volcano, spotting the secret loot of fruits and candy nearby. The two gasped in glee as Koromori flew faster, slowly getting closer and closer. Of course, Koromori was luckily fast enough to swerve around the abrupt lava that erupted from the molten magma below as Kurumiru hung on tightly, doing his best to not fall in and burn himself to death. At long last, the two small Pokemon were finally right in front of the precious, sweet loot.

"Look, boi, fruits! Far beyond the eye can see!" Koromori exclaimed as he dashed towards the fruit, dropping Kurumiru on the hardened molten magma. He dove right into the fruit as he squealed with joy, proclaiming, "This is the best day ever!"

Kurumiru groaned as he got up, shaking his head, squirming towards the fruit. "But Koro... what if this fruit is forbidden?"

Koromori stared blankly at Kurumiru, laughing at his too cute face. "Bwa ha ha! As if! I've been dying to come here since forever, and I have no intentions to leave!" As he bit into another green apple, the ground shake, the walls crumbling. Koromori and Kurumiru exclaimed in shock as Kurumiru squirmed right next to Koromori, trembling with fright. Out from the magma came out Warubiru, who bellowed loudly as the entire volcano shook.

"No one dares to eat the forbidden fruit of my volcano! NO ONE!" The gigantic red colored crocodile Pokemon proclaimed as he used Outrage, causing Kurumiru and Koromori to go through a nightmarish world of pain so horrible, it could not be described in words.

"Koromori!" Kurumiru exlcaimed as he closed his eyes.

"My precious fruit!" Koromori exclaimed as he dropped his apple.

And within a few mere seconds, the entire volcano exploded, fire, lava, magma, and fruit going everywhere as the ground shook. Kurumiru and Koromori screamed as they held onto each other, blasting off again into the clear blue sky.