It was a very boring Monday in Garfield's house and nothing was going on. The most interesting thing there was Garfield sitting on the couch and watching TV with Odie.

Garfield: How come nothing good can ever happen on Mondays Odie?

Odie: Ruff!

Garfield: Yeah, I don't know either. The only thing that could make this day worse is...

Out of nowhere Nermal walked in from the front door.

Nermal: Hey, Garfield!

Garfield: Huh, Nermal.

Nermal: What are you guys watching?

Garfield: Spongebob.

Mr. Krabs (on TV): The Krabby Patty law must be enforced. For the future of The Krusty Krab depends on it.

Spongebob (on TV): Don't worry Mr. Krabs. As long as these pants are square and this Sponge is Bob, I will not let you down!

Spongebob then picked up Mr. Krabs and held him in the air.

Mr. Krabs (on TV): Uh Spongebob, could you let me down?

Nermal: I've always rooted for Plankton to steal the secret formula.

Garfield: Why's that?

Nermal: Because I don't see why Mr. Krabs can't let him have it. I mean it's a hamburger recipe, how bad could it be if Plankton saw it?

Garfield: Because when he got the formula in the movie he took over the world.

Nermal: But that still could've happened even if he failed to steal it.

Garfield: How?

Nermal: He could've forced the helmets on the people like he did for Squidward.

Garfield: Well you guys can watch the show, I'm gonna go have a snack.

Garfield then walked into the kitchen and the second he got in there a tornado like thing came out of the TV and grabbed Nermal.


The tornado then sucked Nermal into the TV. Odie then ran into the kitchen to get Garfield.

Odie: Arf arf arf.

Garfield: Odie whatever it is you're trying to say, you can tell me after I eat this 3 foot high sandwich that I just made.


The tornado then finally stopped and Nermal was then dropped right outside of Sandy's house without an air helmet on. Nermal knew that he had to get into Sandy's house as fast as possible if he was going to survive. He then swam over to Sandy's front door, managed to open it, and got inside just in time to get some air.

Nermal: Wow, that was a close one! I wonder if there's a helmet here I could use.

Nermal then went up to Sandy's tree and took one of her spare air helmets. Nermal then went back outside now wearing it.

Nermal: This feels much better.

Plankton: Hello.

Nermal: Who said that?

Plankton: I'm down here.

Nermal: Oh hi.

Plankton: Nermal I heard eve...

Nermal: Wait, how do you know what my name is?

Plankton: If you let me finish the sentence you'll know. I heard everything you said about me through the TV.

Nermal: Really?

Plankton: So I told the TV to suck you inside of itself so we could talk.

Nermal: Talk about what?

Plankton: I need you to help me with a little problem.

Nermal: Stealing the Krabby Patty formula?

Plankton: How'd you guess?