Nermal and Plankton made it to the Krusty Krab, and until then, didn't even realize they were being chased.

"Alright, the gig's up Nermal and Plankton." Spongebob said.

"Ok, you guys win, here's the formula." Nermal said as he took his paw from behind his back and handed it to Spongebob.

Nermal than winked to Plankton.

"Why did you just wink?" Garfield asked.

"No reason." answered Nermal.

Nermal than winked to Plankton again.

"You did it again!" Garfield shouted.

"Oh, well, my eye's just been twitchy today." Nermal said before winking again.

"Are you sure?" Garfield asked. "Because you're only winking after you stop talking." he added.

"That's just how it's been working." Nermal explained before winking at Plankton.

"Then how do you explain how you look at Plankton each time you 'twitch'?" asked Garfield.

"Because he's who caused it so I'm letting him know that this horrible thing si still happening to me." explained Nermal before winking at Plankton again.

"Oh really?" Garfield asked.

"Yes." Nermal answered before winking at Plankton again.

"Well, ok then." Garfield said still a little suspicious as him, Spongebob, Patrick, and Odie walked away.

"Nermal! I can't believe you just gave them the secret formula!" Plankton yelled. "And if you got it a long time ago, why didn't you..." he started to ask.

"Plankton, calm down." Nermal said. "What I gave them was a piece of paper in a bottle." he said. "I've got the formula right here." he said as he took the formula from behind his back.

"What?" Plankton said in shock. "When did you get it?" he asked as he took it out of Nermal's paws.

"When we were in the Krusty Krab earlier today, I took it out of Spongebob's pocket." Nermal answered.

"Well, why didn't you give it to me before?" asked Plankton.

"I was waiting for your birthday, but you made me ruin the surprise with all that getting mad even after I gave you signals of me lying." Nermal answered.

"You were giving me signals that you were lying?" Plankton said confused. "When?" he asked.

"When I winked after talking." answered Nermal.

"Since when does winking after you talk mean you're lying?" Plankton asked.

"Since the beginning of time." answered Nermal.

"Well I never knew that." said Plankton.

"Oh, well this is stupid. You guys use so much old fashion stuff on your show, you don't even know about stuff that's been around forever." Nermal complained.

"Well actually..." Plankton started to say.

"You know, I bet if someone told you the joke about the chicken who crosses the road, you'd laugh and then say 'That's a good one, I wish someone had thought of it sooner.'" Nermal said.

"Actually, I haven't heard that one." Plankton said. "How's it go?" he asked.

Nermal then gave a very annoyed face to the camera.