Police Captain Joe Carlino, Detective Josie Sinclair, and Officer Toni Burrell were reluctantly attending a dinner where Mayor Grant Harrison was the keynote speaker. Josie, however, had slipped out of her seat.

"I wonder where Josie disappeared to," Toni said.

"Maybe she couldn't take another one of Grant's long-winded speeches," Joe said. "Not that I blame her. I'm not exactly looking forward to hearing our esteemed mayor blow his own horn."

Just then, Josie returned to the table, and took her seat.

"Where'd you disappear to?" Joe whispered.

"I had something to take care of."

"Like what?" Joe asked.

Just then, Grant walked onto the dais. Several people stood up and applauded.

"They must have voted for Grant," Toni said.

"Please be seated," Grant said. "Tonight, we are going to enjoy a most delectable repast, but first, I'd like to say a few words."

Grant's "few words" were mostly a tribute... to himself. He finished, bowed, and strode towards the head table

"What a windbag," Toni said.

"At least", Joe said, "we won't have to hear anything else out of him tonight."

Josie didn't say a word. She tried to look innocent as Grant sat down on the whoopee cushion.