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Could he do nothing right when it came to Juliet? Shawn crossed his arms and leaned back against his bike, his eyes distant. He was looking out across the ocean, looking at the horizon, but seeing nothing. Nothing, except for another chance with Juliet slipping through his fingers. Another chance, and he'd come off looking like an idiot. His jaw clenched. Contrary to what everyone thought, he wasn't an idiot. Usually. He'd concede that he'd done some…less than intelligent things in his life, but hey! He was living life.

"Come on Jules. Don't go out with him! Come with me! I've got a pineapple, some awesome 80's movies, popcorn, some more pineapple…what more could we need?" He'd been at it all day, mostly because he could tell she was in a bad mood. The circles under her eyes told him she hadn't been getting enough sleep. That probably had to do with the case file she'd been going through lately. He knew what it was, even if she hid it whenever she saw him. The Yin/Yang case. The fact that she had the guts to go through the file, despite what she'd been through, made him fall a little harder for her. And when he'd found out she would be going on a date that night, he'd been jealous-he could admit that. But the guy was all wrong for her, Shawn just knew. They'd met during this last case-and couldn't she see the things this guy did to make her laugh were just going to get on her nerves as the night wore on?

Besides, Shawn wanted to make her laugh, make her forget her nightmares. "Come on, Jules! You don't like this guy, not really." He hadn't been trying to annoy her; he'd been serious, genuine. Apparently she'd had it with him, though. "Shawn, enough! I'm going out tonight! It's not my fault you don't have a date because you and Abigail broke up! Now leave me alone!" And she spun around, to sit at her desk, leaving Shaun to stand there, speechless. He hadn't wanted to break up with Abbs, had in fact been willing to compromise with her, but she was scared. He didn't blame her.

That had been a low blow, on Juliet's part. He could still feel that tortured feeling he'd had that night, realizing it was his fault that both women had been targeted. It would have been so much easier if Yin had just taken Shawn.

He closed his eyes, just listening to the sea. Even on the calmest of days, the sea could still be restless. Just like him. He opened his eyes and took a few steps forward. It was dark now, but it didn't matter. He still wanted to slip his shoes off and stand on the beach; maybe pretend the horizon wasn't as far away as it seemed…He heard a laugh, and froze. He knew that voice. Of their own accord, his eyes darted around, looking. A couple passed underneath one of the lights near the boardwalk. It was Juliet…and her date. And she seemed to be having a nice time. Well…good for her. Juliet turned her head, and stopped walking. She'd seen him. It might have been dark, but he knew she still recognized him. Wonderful. Shawn scowled before he turned around and jumped on his bike. He pulled his helmet on and started the engine, planning on leaving the beach-and Juliet-behind him. So he did.

He'd just wanted some time to himself! That was all. A few hours of peace, and he could pack away his feelings, ready to be Shawn the jokester again. It felt like he'd been blindsided once more when he saw her tonight; all of that work he'd done to shake her comments off-ruined. His thoughts turned to the horizon he'd been so fascinated with tonight.

He could go. By boat, by plane, by bike, it didn't matter-as long as he could just…go. The only things holding him back were Gus and his dad. He cursed the flash of memory that showed him Juliet's face. Yeah, her too.

He pulled into his father's driveway, mind made up. His dad wasn't home, he was at a poker game, but it didn't matter. He could say what he wanted to, what he needed to, in a note. Well, two notes. His dad would make sure Gus got his letter. When he finished that task, he made one more stop by his apartment, putting what he needed into his backpack, before jumping onto his bike once more.

He wasn't leaving because of what Juliet had said. Well, that wasn't the only reason at least. He hadn't taken much time for himself after the Yin fiasco. He had stayed, trying to be available to help Juliet recover, and he'd gone through each of the crime scenes multiple times, searching for a clue, a lead, anything…No, he could have left then, but he stayed. He shook his head; he'd actually been proud of himself for not leaving. He thought he was being helpful. He stared at the road grimly. Well, there went that feeling.

There was the sign. You Are Now Leaving the City of Santa Barbara. He lifted his hand from the bike and saluted the sign. Freedom. He thought through the letter he'd left his father.


I'm going away for a few days. We don't have any cases right now, so I won't be missed. There are some friends up the coast that have been trying to get me to come up, and now seems as good a time as any to go. I'll be back in a few days-a week at the most.


He wouldn't be leaving forever. He'd be back. Eventually. For now, it was just him…and the horizon.

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