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Shawn pulled into the parking spot and pulled off his helmet. Tapping his fingers against it, he gazed at the building. "Enough, Shawn!" She had been so anxious, so frustrated and angry, and a part of him had wanted to leave, and keep on going. Not because she had gotten angry. That first night when he had left…he had needed some time. He had been surprisingly hurt by her words and just wanted to take a few days to get over it. After he was on the road, however, all he could see was the slump to her shoulders, the dark shadows under her eyes, the way her smiles had been forced…and his reasons had become much less selfish. Jules was on edge because of the Yin/Yang case. Yang had started her game because she felt Shawn was a worthy opponent. Yin had targeted Jules because she was important to Shawn. So Shawn decided to leave for good. If Shawn wasn't in Santa Barbara, wasn't near Juliet, then Yin would never touch her again. With all luck, Yin would follow Shawn. And Shawn was fine with that.

It wasn't until a few days into his trip that Shawn realized he couldn't take that chance. He couldn't take the chance that Yin would follow him. There was every possibility that Yin would target his family, his friends, and Juliet again-even if Shawn wasn't around. Shawn couldn't do it. He couldn't stand the idea that he could be halfway around the world and not in Santa Barbara to watch out for his family and friends. After all, Shawn was the only one who had beaten them at their game, and he had to stay so he could protect the people he cared about, so he could protect Juliet.

Gus' car pulled up beside Shawn as he got off his bike. Shawn had only been gone a week, and had actually dropped in on his father the night before. He wasn't sure how his dad had known he would be coming, since Shawn hadn't called him or Gus, but his dad had just clapped Shawn on the shoulder and led him to the table, which had already been set for two. His father's relief was well-hidden, but Gus' hadn't been. Shawn smirked as he rubbed the shoulder Gus had repeatedly punched the night before, after Shawn had shown up at his place.

Gus walked up to Shawn, his gaze shooting to the building before returning to him. "You ready?"

Shawn twisted his lips before replying. "Yeah. Let's go."

They were at the police department, of course. The official reason was that he and Gus were looking for a case. Unofficially, it was so Shawn could see Jules. When they walked into the building, she didn't notice them. Shawn's pace quickened when he saw she had her face buried in her hands. Was she okay? He saw her shake her head and push up from the desk. They both froze when Juliet's eyes fell on him. When she didn't turn away, or worse yet, look like she was going to snap at him again, he finished walking over to her. "Hey, Jules." He smiled and put his hand in his pocket.

"Shawn," she breathed, "I am so s-"

"I've got something for you," he said, deliberately cutting off her apology as he pulled his hand out. He waggled his eyebrows at her and held out his hand, more than a little relieved when she gave a slight laugh. She held out her hand and Shawn placed a little pineapple on her palm. She smiled as she looked back up at him.

"It's one of those stress reliever thingies. You won't believe me when I tell you how many places I had to go to find one shaped like a pineapple. Can you believe that this isn't a popular item? I mean, it's a pineapple!" He was babbling; he knew he was, but he couldn't stop. It was worth it, though, when she laughed and touched his arm for a quick moment.

Looking him square in the eye, she said, "Thank you."

Shawn's smile grew, "You're welcome, Jules."

"Oh great, Wonderboy's back, "Lassiter mumbled as he walked to his desk.

"Lassie! Did you miss me?"

"Like a hole in my head, Spencer."

Shawn tilted his head, "Really? That much? Jules, I think I'm growing on him!"

She just shook her head and sat back down at her desk, and Shawn noticed she was unable to stop grinning as she watched the two of them bicker. Shawn threw back his head in laughter at one of Lassiter's insults. He couldn't help himself. Everything was just a little brighter when Jules was smiling at him like that.

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