Prologue: A Wide World

This world is large. Incredibly large, or so I am told. It is full of all sorts of wonders and mysteries. The greatest wonder and mystery alike in this world is them: the Pokemon. These are fantastic creatures with incredible powers, and they can be found all around in this large world. They come in all shapes and sizes, and hundreds of different varieties, or so I am told. Although that last part is pretty common knowledge, so it would be what I know rather than what I'm told.

Much of this large world revolves around the Pokemon. They have, for many generations, shaped our technology, our economy and even our social structure. There are many ways in which people interact with Pokemon, but there is one that is aspired to more than any other: training them. Being a Pokemon Trainer is one of the most interesting and diverse professions in the world. You travel to distant and interesting places, meet lots of people, including other trainers, and can even earn fame and fortune, or so I am told. I could care less about the fortune, but the fame would be nice.

My name is Amber, and I am one such person who aspires to be a Pokemon Trainer. The thought of going out on an adventure to see the world is so appealing to me. Unfortunately I've found myself held back by my mother, who thinks that adventuring isn't proper for a young lady like myself. She seems to think that the hustle and bustle of Jubilife; Sinnoh's largest city, is adventure enough.

The truth though, is that my father went off on an adventure a few years ago and hasn't even contacted us once. Frankly, I wasn't bothered by that much, since he left before I was old enough to really know him well; I think I was three at the time. I also admire his determination to follow through on the adventure he set out on. Mother however, is a tad more upset with him, although I can't really blame her for that, as much as I'd like to.

There is one ray of hope for my future as an adventurer though. My uncle, Chuck, who is my mother's older brother would be that ray. Back in the day he was a fairly well known Pokemon Trainer, and is currently my idol. I grew up listening to his stories of battle and conquest over other trainers, and the more I heard, the more I was fascinated by them. He has, with no small amount of encouragement from me, been trying to convince mother to allow me to pursue my dream. I think she might give in soon, so it's just a matter of time.

My mother works as an executive for Jubilife TV, so we get free access to all their programming. However, just about every program they run is about Pokemon, and this has only helped to reinforce my desire to become an adventure seeking Trainer. Like I said before, our world practically revolves around those amazing creatures. My world growing up revolved around them more than any of my other friends, even though I wasn't the only one with such an ambition.

Although I have a lot of ambition, there is one major hindrance to my chances of starting an adventure: I didn't have a Pokemon. Uncle Chuck has, on more than one occasion, offered to take me out into the wild to catch one, but my mother has always had some convenient excuse. I had been hoping for another chance, but I haven't seen Uncle Chuck for quite some time. Hopefully he'll be back soon, it's almost my birthday.

I'm turning twelve this year. Technically, anyone over the age of ten can get a license to become a Trainer, so I'm a couple years behind schedule. The one benefit there was that I had time to plan out where I would go and what I would do, to a certain extent at least, since not everything can be expected to go according to plan. I do have my license though, since I picked it up through the Trainer's School here in town. My mother did find out about it, but figured she could ignore it, since I didn't have a Pokemon of my own. I just wish she wasn't right.

I got a call from Uncle Chuck recently, saying that he was going to make in time for my birthday. I was excited to hear that news by itself, but he also said that he had a special surprise for me. I'm really excited to find out what it is, since he didn't give me any hints whatsoever. Knowing him though, it was going to be something awesome. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'll have to wait until then to find out. Little did I know, that tomorrow's birthday would change everything. Tomorrow is when my adventure will truly begin, but I won't know that until tomorrow comes.

Author's Notes: New Story and new perspective. Pokemon is something I know like the back of my hand. Since I was told that first person narratives are hard, it seemed to me that I should go with something that I know well in order to make it a bit easier. I hope everyone that reads this enjoys it, and of course, thanks for reading.

Additional Note: I started writing this story back near the beginning of Gen IV, but it seems kind of imperative to start posting it with Generation V looming ahead, lest it become dated. I'm also sick of my inability to consistently post chapters for Digimon, so I figured I should give my readers something else in the meantime. Hope you all like it.