Marry Me Instead.

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight.

A/N: this randomly came to when I was writing Hoyt In Canada. I only own Ajay. Bailey belongs to BourneBetter67. In this case Bailey isn't pregnant with the twins in it.

James Storm walked into the locker room of Ashton Cage, much to his delight, both Ajay and Bailey were sitting in there. "So what did Chris say when you told him that he wasn't going to get any until your wedding night?" Bailey asked. "Whined and pouted at me." Ajay answered, "That boy can damn well wears me out every night. And my brothers wonder why I sleep in on our days off." "Wait you cut Sabin off?' James asked as he made himself known to the two Canadians. "Yes, I did. It was more to obey by the rules of my grandmother." "What why?" James asked he remembered all too well the 4 months in 2006 that Ajay cut Chris off both of them were damn well unbearable to be around until she finally gave in and broke the dry streak.

"She told me that it is tradition in our family that before you get married if you were having sexual relations with your fiancé that you had to cease all of it." She answered, "Trust me he is not happy at all." "And you only have two more months before you two get married." Bailey mused. "I may just have to start sleeping at your house Bay." Bailey laughed, "Why wouldn't you stay at your house?"

"Because I would have to sleep in the guest room and sometimes Chris can be very persuasive when he wants to be." Ajay trailed off chewing on her lower lip. "But it's nothing like seduction by Ajay." James laughed. "Shut it Storm." Ajay said rolling her eyes. "Sugar, I didn't mean anything by that. Its just your favorite form of foreplay." James stated as he settled himself on the couch next to her.

"So what are my two favorite Canadians doing tonight?" "Nothing." they answered. "Joey and Riley are up with my brothers in Tampa." Ajay added knowing that was going to be his next question is going to be. "Well that's its you two are going to come out with me tonight." "James, are you forgetting after the stunt we pulled the last time I went out with you Chris forbade me from hanging with you without adult supervision." Ajay answered. "That's what Bailey is for." "Or what we can do." Bailey stated, "We can always just fib and say we are going out on a girls night out and we go out with James instead. Come on Ajay it will be fun. You love that super sneaky stuff anyways." Ajay smirked and toyed with her knockout tag title as she nodded her head.

"Don't go." Chris whined holding his fiancée to him. 'I am going out, I won't be out for too long." Ajay said kissing him. "Petey and Alex are coming over anyways to hang out with you anyways.' Chris sighed, "When did you get this dress?" "When I went shopping with Lisa, Tessa and Traci." Ajay answered, "You like it?" 'Hmm." Chris answered. "Hello? Anyone home?" Bailey's voice came from downstairs.

"Up here Bay." Ajay called back. "Are you ready?" the older Canadian asked. "Yes, I just need my shoes." Ajay answered as she stood up from the bed and straightening her dress. Chris pouted on the bed. "Don't pout babe. Let me go out and have a girls night. In two months time I will be yours every night." Ajay answered. Chris pouted. She leaned over and kissed him, "Relax we will be back." Bailey nodded her head before she grabbed Ajay's wrist and started pulling her towards the door, kissing Petey as they walked out of the door.

"Are your sure this is a good idea?" Ajay asked as she sat in the drivers seat. "Yes I do think it's a good idea. It's just James. What is going on with you?" Bailey asked. "I just don't want to keep things from Chris.' Ajay answered. Bailey nodded her head, "I know I don't like keeping things from Petey either. It's just James though." "Just James? Bailey did you hear yourself?" Ajay questioned, "Do you know how many times he has gotten me into trouble? How many times he has gotten you into trouble?" Bailey rolled her eyes at her friend, "You need a drink." Ajay stared at her seeing on how she was stopped a stop light. "You are right." She hadn't drank a lot since she and Chris adopted Joey, "But we can't drink too much, I need to be able to drive back to the house." Bailey nodded her head in agreement

James was sitting at the far end of the bar with his bottle of beer waiting for the two Canadians to show up. He felt two arms wrap around his neck followed by a pair of lips kissing his cheek. He looked out of the corner of his eye he saw Bailey. 'Hey Darlin'. Where is the other one?' 'I am right here." Ajay answered as she walked up to them. 'Hey Pix give me a kiss.' James smirked. Ajay rolled her eyes and pecked his lips before she sat next to him waving down the bartender.

"So what's so important that you had us sneak out away from our husbands?' Bailey asked. 'They ain't your husbands yet.' James answered, "that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.' Both Bailey and Ajay exchanged a look, "How much have you had to drink Jimmy?" Ajay asked. "Only a couple of beers. But I am being serious here. Just hear me out okay?" James pleaded. 'Okay." they agreed. "Marry me instead." James stated. "WHAT!" Ajay and Bailey sputtered spitting out their drinks.

"Marry me instead. Ajay don't marry Chris in January." James said knowing that Ajay's wedding was first. "Bay don't marry Petey." "Jimmy, I think you have been hit in the head pretty hard.' Ajay said as Bailey nodded her head in agreement. "I am being completely serious." "James! Do you know how much it would take for me to leave Chris again?" Ajay asked, "Not to mention there is Joey to think about too."

"And I would never leave Petey. Riley is comfortable there with him." Bailey added. "Can I convince you somehow?" he asked sticking his lower lip out in a pout. The two girls exchanged a look before Ajay spoke up. "Hit us with your best shot."

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