A/N: I know i'm awful for not finishing this. But here we go.

"Seriously?" James asked looking between the two blondes.

"Seriously." Ajay agreed nodding her head.

James sat his beer bottle down and grabbed her head between his hands and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips.

She pulled a face when he pulled back

. She took the beer bottle away from him and handed it to a passing waitress.

"Why did you do that pix?" He pouted.

"Because you don't have an iron liver." She answered.

"And we don't drink around Joey and Riley often." Bailey added, "We want their father to be around for a long time."

"And just not for them but any other kids we have."

James ran his hand over his head, "how many more kids?"

"4" Ajay didn't even blink an eye when she answered,she always wanted the big family.

Bailey held up two fingers as she took a sip of her drink.

He nodded his head and swallowed the sudden knot he had in his throat.

He wished that Ajay didn't take away his beer, he wasn't even sure that more kids were in the picture for him.

But taking one look into Ajay's big brown eyes and Baileys shining blue ones he smiled.

"What else Darlin'?"

Ajay looked at Bailey who shrugged, she was the ring leader not her.

"We will get back to you." She said after a minute, she couldn't think of anything of the top of her head.

James nodded his head as he swung his arm around her.

He pressed a kiss to her cheek before wiggling his fingers at Bailey who smiled at him.

At one point or another both Ajay and Bailey had a thing for James.

So maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that they were going to explore this.

Don't get Bailey wrong she loved Petey with everything in her and then some and she knew that Ajay loved Chris the same way.

But there was just something about James that got both girls riled up.

Her phone beeped at her causing her to put down her drink and look at the screen.

Petey had texted her wanting to know if everything was okay and if she was having fun.

Ajay glanced over at her from James was whispering into her ear.

"Petey." She mouthed.

Ajay's mouth formed an o; chances were if she looked at her phone she would see the same message from Chris.

Bailey stood to go check on the kids leaving Ajay and James alone.

James turned to Ajay after watching Bailey walk away.

"How about this." He suggested in her ear so he could be heard of the loud music that was playing.


'How about tomorrow I take you out one on one and I can prove it to you that I am serious about this?"

Ajay raised her eyebrow; it could be difficult to get away from Chris and Joey. She always had the hardest time leaving them home while she went off with her friends or in this case James.

"Tell the future hubby its work related stuff that we are doing.' He said after a minute of her being quiet.

"And Bailey?" she asked.

"The day after it will be her turn. Trust me Darlin' there is plenty of Jimmy James to go around."

Ajay laughed catching the double meaning of his statement, "Trust me no hanky panky of any sort will be happening tomorrow."

James nodded his head; it was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted.

Petey shook his head as he walked back into the family room where Chris was playing video games.

"What?" "Bailey told me that James was there and hanging out with them."

"Oh God." Chris groaned nothing good ever came with James being around the girls.

He always got them drunk and raised a whole bunch of hell with them.

He pulled out his own phone and looked at the message that Ajay sent him.

"Everything is fine. Love you. Ps. James and I have to work tomorrow."

"Great, Ajay has to work with James tomorrow." He threw his phone down on the couch; he had planned on taking her and Joey to the beach before they flew home to Detroit.

After a few more drinks the girls were ready to go home so James walked them out to Ajay's car.

He pulled Bailey into him first kissing her and telling her that she would see the day after tomorrow.

Then he turned his attention to Ajay. He grabbed her waist and pulled her into him, his hand traveling down to her ass and patting it soundly, "I'll see your sexy ass in the morning."

He grinned before kissing her much like he had Bailey.

Ajay nodded her head her knees getting a little weak n the knees as he released her from his hold.

"Bay-Bay," she said as James sauntered away towards his truck whistling an unknown tune to himself as he walked.

"I think we are in major, major trouble." She said. Bailey nodded her head in agreement.