Star Trek; Deep Space Nine
Blood Island

Chapter 9

Commander Sisko knocked again and again on the door of the humble abode that was snuggled in a large alcove of trees and brush. Odo noticed the low hanging vines, and branches. The place was very secluded.

"I guess who ever lives here," Odo said, "doesn't want any visitors."

"Well," Sisko said to Odo, "we're not leaving until we find some answers."

Odo looked to Sisko.

"You've been away from DS9 for nearly three days. Isn't Starfleet Command going to get suspicious?

Sisko shook his head, and then smiled at Odo.

"According to them, and the Bajorans, I took some much needed leave, and headed for the Ajian colony."

"And left your son behind?" Odo pressed, finding a big hole in Sisko's story to Starfleet.

"Nog invited Jake to stay over for the weekend, and I agreed. I left Bajor for some rest and relaxation, or so they think." Sisko said to Odo.

"Aren't you worried about the Dabogirls who visit Rom's at late hours?" Odo asked.

Sisko became worried. Then he calmed him self.

"I wasn't aware that they came there so late." Sisko thought for a moment. "Well, I am sure that Rom will see to it that these visits don't happen while Jake is there."

Odo was about to continue when the door opened slightly.

"Who are you? What do you want?" A female's voice asked.

"My name is Benjamin Sisko, and I have come to speak to the owner of this home." Sisko said.

"The Emissary?," the voice asked, "here at my home?"

Sisko nodded. "Can my associate and I come in? We have been hiking our way here for the past couple days, and we're really thirsty and tired."

"Well," the woman replied, "come in if you must."

She opened the door. Sisko and Odo entered the medium sized abode. The woman was in her late sixties, if not older, Sisko noticed.

Sisko looked around the space they were in. It was carpeted, and furniture was typical for Bajoran home décor. He also noticed several religious icons, and more interestingly, a vast amount of computer hardware. Most of it was old, and out dated, and just collecting in dilapidated containers.

The woman poured the two visitors some Bajoran sugar tea and brought it over to them. Sisko took his cup of tea, as did Odo, and they sat down on the comfortable seats.

Sisko smiled at the woman, "Thank you for the tea."

She smiled back at them. "My name is Lee'nija. It is very rare I get any visitors my way, which, as I am sure you can tell, is fine with me. Dukat must have left you detailed instructions."

Sisko became a little apprehensive at the sound of Dukat's name. "I am sorry if my next question offends you, but I must ask it."

"What is it Emissary?" The woman asked.

"Right now, on the other side of Bajor, there is an island." Sisko told her. "The Bajorans on this island, and there are many thousands of them, are all very ill. They are ill from a virus that only recently, with in the past two or three years, has become very virulent. In my investigation I was led to Gul'Dukat, and he informed me that it was you who created this virus. Is that true, and if so, why?"

On the Island

Bashir opened his eyes. Dax was sitting on his bed, looking down at him.

"Are you awake?" Dax asked him.

Bashir rubbed his eyes. "Yes," he replied softly, "let's get back to work." He told her as he began to get up.

She motioned for him to stop. "Julian," Dax said as a tear came down from her left eye, "I just received word that Neline died about an hour ago."

A blank stare came over Bashir's eyes.

"I'm so sorry," Dax said to him. "I know you must hate me now for making you take a rest."

Bashir shook his head. "No," he told her. "There's no way I could have saved her had I slept or not." Then a look of anger came into his eyes. "But now, more than ever, I want to find a cure to this disease that kills with out mercy."

On the other side of the Island, Major Kira took a tour of the newly finished shield generator. She was impressed with the power outputs.

"This is a very impressive generator," Kira said to Minister Jerev. "But I have to ask; if the projections are correct and the virus isn't expected to evolve to an airborne variety, then why such a push to get it done now?"

They came out of the gated area upon a grassy field that over looked the ocean below.

"Oh, it's really just a precaution, Major Kira." Jerev said. "And for all we know, it could evolve more quickly than we think. Once activated, this generator will surround the Island with an energy barrier that will extend ten miles into the ocean in every direction. Any ship, or water craft, or diver, who tries to penetrate the field, will be met with a most power jolt of reality."

"And would anyone trying to leave the Island suffer the same fate?" Kira asked.

Jerev nodded.

Kira stared at Jerev. Alarms were going off inside her mind. There was something more going on than just creating a bubble world for these inflicted people. She also felt worried about the fates of Dax and Bashir.