"Why don't you wake up and smell the coffee, Elaine? You know you'll never find another guy like me."

Thank God...

"In your dreams, David."

"This is your dream, Elaine. Remember?"

"Oh yeah...

"So I hope you enjoy being all alone. Unloved and no one around to care about you."

All alone...

All alone...

All alone...

Elaine woke with a start and looked around in the darkness.

Dream or no dream, David was right. She was alone.

No matter how much she hoped or prayed, she and Jerry would never be anything more than friends. The kindness he had shown her in the past several hours was just that...


Damn it, Elaine! Why do you have to read so much into a guy being nice to you?

Because you're pathetic, that's why...

Her eyes blurred with tears and one trickled down her cheek, but she made no effort to brush it away.

She'd dated so many men; all of them losers. Just like David had said, she was a magnet for losers.

Well, except for Jerry.

He made her laugh. She could tell him everything; and she usually did.

No other guy she'd dated would sit and listen to her complain about past boyfriends, her boss or her pathetic life.

Without warning, the tears came; one right after another. She clutched the sofa pillow tightly in her arms and cried.

Soon she was sobbing; huge, heaving sobs that she used to get when something terrible happened.

But nothing was more terrible than realizing she'd always be alone.


At the sound of her name, she jumped.

Slowly she turned her head to find Jerry standing next to her. He reached over and turned on the light, causing her to squint.

When their eyes locked, he rushed to the sofa and sat down beside her.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

In a gesture that shocked her, he brushed a lock of hair from her face...

Just like Michael had done to Allison in the movie.

"Why are you crying?" He asked again in the most soothing voice she'd ever heard.

She shook her head and sniffled.

"Come on..." He urged. "You can tell me. Is it work?"

She shook her head again.


"So what is it?"

"I'm pathetic." She sighed.

"No you're not. Well, no more than the rest of us."

Jerry's remark made her laugh (as usual.).

"Well I'm the queen of pathetic."

"Trust me, Lainey. You're not. Now Newman... he's another story. One I'd gladly leave in the library. In fact, that story should be banned."

Again she laughed, wondering if he had any idea how grateful she was for his humor.

"Then Newman and I would make the perfect couple, wouldn't we?"

Jerry cringed. "How could you say such a thing?"

"It's true. I'm a loser. I'm pathetic and I'll be alone for the rest of my life."

"Who told you that?"

As quickly as her good mood came, it left. Her eyes filled with tears.

"Um... D-David." She said; her voice breaking again.

To her surprise, Jerry's expression changed.

He looked... angry.

"David Puddy?"

She nodded as another tear streamed down her cheek. Before it reached her chin, Jerry reached over with his thumb and brushed it away.

"That son of a-."

"It's okay. He-he's right." She shrugged.

Jerry's eyes widened. "When did this happen?"

She sighed. "Right before I went over to your place. We had a fight and I-I just couldn't stay here a minute longer. I forgot my raincoat, and then the damn cab driver splashed water all over me! Ruined my new suede jacket!"

"Yeah, I don't get that about suede." Jerry mused. "Cows are in the rain all the time and-"

Suddenly he stopped, as though remembering why they were having this conversation.


Elaine smiled. "It's okay."

"Is that why you were soaking wet when you got to my place?"

She nodded.

Jerry sighed. "Lainey, I'm sorry."

"No. I'm the one who's sorry. I mean, I'm the one who came barging over to your apartment without so much as a phone call and-."

"But you always barge over!" Jerry pointed out, bringing another smile to her face.

"Well, now I'll have plenty of time to come over, since I'm destined to be alone forever. David was right. I am path-."

Before she could finish, Jerry slid his hand around the back of her neck; his fingers splaying through her long wavy hair. Slowly he leaned toward her until their mouths met in a searing kiss.

The sensation of his lips on hers was both new and familiar at the same time.

It had been so long...

Much too long...

When they parted she stared at him in disbelief.

"I love you."

As soon as the words tumbled out of her mouth, she knew she'd scared him away.

"I-I'm sorry. That... That wasn't right. I-I meant..."

Jerry smiled. "It sounded right to me."

Elaine was floored.


He brushed another lock of hair from her forehead.

"I love you, too." He said as he kissed her again.