{Hi guys! This is a Seddie one-shot. I hope you like it. Happy reading!}


A year ago, on this very date, I kissed Freddie Benson. I was never able to forget it. I couldn't have forgotten it. Fireworks exploded in my head when it happened. Does that mean you're in love? I have been confused about my feelings for Freddie ever since that night. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do.

I'm sitting in Ms. Brigg's class. She's talking about something I don't really care about. I hate school. I hate it with a strong passion.

"Sam Puckett, you are paired with Freddie Benson. Your topic is polar bears," Ms. Briggs says. I roll my eyes. I have to work with Freddie on a project. That's just great.

Freddie turns around and smiles at me. Is he actually happy about this? Wow.

"You may work with your partner for the rest of the class hour," Ms. Brigg says. I look at Freddie. He turns his chair around to face me.

"Hi partner," he says. I roll my eyes. Sometimes, Freddie is so stupid.

"You're stupid," I say. He shrugs his shoulders.

"Okay, so we have to do a report on polar bears. Do you know anything about them?" he asks me. I shake my head.

"They are white and live near Santa," I say with a smile. He laughs and opens his notebook.

"Come on, Sam. Be serious," he says. I shrug my shoulders. I hate projects. I don't like to work.

"I'll try. Polar bears are dying. I know that much," I say. He nods his head.

"Yeah, but do you really want to turn the project into a global warming debate? I don't think that's very wise. Plus, Ms. Briggs told us last week that she doesn't believe in global warming. She might give us a F if we talk about it in our project," he says. I roll my eyes.

"Your voice annoys me," I say. He stares at me.

"Your face annoys me," he says. I stare at him. Okay, that was good. I look over at Carly. Poor Carly! She has to work with Gibby.

"Carly, what's your topic?" I ask her. She looks at me.

"Elephants," she says with a smile. {A/N: My best friend, Nicole, is obsessed with elephants.}

"That's cool," I say.

"Sam, we need to work on our project," Freddie says. I nod my head and look at his notebook. Wow, he already has a page full of notes about polar bears. He is a nerd!

"I'm sorry. I'm just thinking about something today. It's kind of distracting," I say. He stares at me.

"What are you thinking about?" he asks me. I look up at him. Should I tell him?

"Do you know what today is?" I ask him. He looks at me and nods his head.

"Yeah, I do," he says. I look down at my hands.

"Do you know what happened on this date last year?" I ask him. He clears his throat and nods his head.

"Yeah, I do," he says. I look up at him with happiness. He remembers our kiss?

"You remember our kiss?" I ask him. He nods his head and smiles at me.

"Yeah, I will never forget it. It was a great kiss," he says. I look away and blush. He said it was great.

"Good, now get me some food," I say. He laughs and shakes his head.

"We're in school, Puckett," he says. I shrug my shoulders and point at his backpack.

"I know you have a Fat Cake in there. I can smell it," I say. He laughs, and reaches down into his backpack. He hands me the Fat Cake. Our hands touch. I look up at him. He smiles at me.

"Did you think it was a great kiss?" he asks me. I can't believe he just asked me that. I nod my head.

"Yeah, it was," I say. I open the Fat Cake and begin to eat. I watch Freddie work on our project. I smile at him. He's not so bad after all. He's actually kind of cute…and kind…and dreamy. I think I'm in love.

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