Chapter one, redone and completed.


I was bored. I was so horribly bored, having nothing to do while Sasori was away. He was at work, and while we work at the same place, I got the day off while he didn't. Not exactly fair, I say. I would much rather have the day off with him, or even be at work right now just to be with him. I'd rather be with him than by myself.

So, here I am, sitting on the soft, black couch placed in our living room, my head dangling off the edge, feet propped up on the top of the couch, hanging off the top. I could feel the blood running to my head, and it made me dizzy. Sitting up, I tried to think of something, anything, that would keep me occupied. I am a fairly easy person to please, after all. I now sat on the couch the proper way, a slight frown on my face. I started going over the things I could do. I could go out, walk around town, go out for lunch. That wasn't such a bad idea. I stood, making my way to the master bedroom.

I had moved in with Sasori not to long ago. When I had, he told me to decorate the room however he wanted. The house was brand new, so of course I chose the biggest room for us. I wanted him to help, since the room was after all, going to be our room. We had planned out the entire room. The finished project looked amazing. Even now, as I'm standing in that same room, it all still looks just as it did when we finished decorating it the first time.

The walls were a dark gray, red, outlined with white, clouds painted on them. The window was covered by black curtains. We have a balcony on one side of the room, the curtains for that black, trimmed with red. Our king sized bed had white pillows, white sheets, charcoal black, silk, blankets with a red comforter. We had a desk, the old, oak wood worn and scratched. Atop it lay Sasori's materials for his puppets, with a small pen holder on the top left corner. The closet wasn't as big as I would like it be, but it works all the same. It was filled with mine and Sasori's clothes. The floor was a white carpet, with a rug in the center. The black rug had a bird and a scorpion placed in the middle; Mine and Sasori's symbols. Overall, it's a pretty badass room.

I pulled my shirt over my head, wanting to change. I dropped it to the floor, making a mental note to pick it up later. I walked to the closet, pulling out a black T shirt, not really wanting to dress up for anything. I slipped it on, walking over to the dresser beside the bed. I pulled my brush, a hair tie, and a wrist band off the top, and sat down on the bed. I looked across from me, a full length mirror sitting against the wall. I brushed my hair out, finding it without tangles. I pulled half my hair up into a messy pony tail, the rest cascading down my back. Giving a small, pleased smile, I pulled on my black wrist band, and examined myself in the mirror more closely. I turned in a small circle, making sure my pants weren't to saggy. Skinny jeans always seemed to have that effect. I pulled out a pair of black socks from my dresser, and slipped them on with a worn pair of converse. Examining myself once more, I decided that I looked fine, and I grabbed my wallet, my phone, shoved them both into my back pocket, and left my bedroom.

I walked swiftly down the stairs, ready to be out in the sun. I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter, and walked to the door, twisting the golden handle. Walking outside, the sun immediately warmed me up. I locked the door, the keys dangling together. I hooked them onto the belt loop of my jeans.

When I had first moved in with Sasori, I kept loosing my keys, or locking myself outside the house, he had made me a chain to put the keys on. He had looped the keys onto the chain, then made a lock for the chain so the keys don't fall off. The lock could attach to anything that fit, such as my jeans, so now I can't forget them or lock myself outside the car with the keys on the inside.

I walked down the sidewalk, going wherever I end up at. I never really have a destination, I just follow wherever the wind takes me. Even if the wind was only a slight breeze. I looked up to the sky, smiling. Blue was my favorite color, though you might not be able to tell just from looking at me. People say my eyes are extremely blue, reminding them of the sky, or the ocean. They say they sparkle or twinkle. I always smiled in return. I liked my eyes. But that was before the accident. Before I totally ruined my left eye forever.

"Could you help me?" I looked up from my desk, facing my art teacher. She was carrying a box, filled with something unknown, but it didn't look to be that heavy.

"Sure, un." I stood up, placing my pencil down beside my drawing. I took the box from her, and found that it was actually a little heavy. "Where to, un?" I asked, as she picked up another box.

"To the storage room on the first floor," she replied. Our school was big. Three stories of classes, studios, and gyms. Art class was on the top floor, so I honestly didn't know why she would want this on the first floor.

"Why the first floor?" She glanced at me from the side, still walking beside me.

"The art room is moving. We have so few students, so we're getting a smaller room. I think they told us that they're changing it to a dance studio for a new elective," she told me. I nodded, and slowly made my way down the stairs, coming down to the second floor. "But to me, art is more important than some dance moves!" I laughed lightly, agreeing with her.

We stayed silent, walking, our footsteps echoing the quiet halls. When we finally made it to the storage room, we sat the boxes down on the floor. I saw there were already boxes in here, each on labeled "ART" in capital letters. She thanked me, but asked if I could help with more thing. I agreed, and we made our way back to the art room.

"Alright, Deidara, could you help me with this painting? It's extremely heavy, and I don't think I can lift it by myself." I helped her, picking up on side of the painting, grabbing hold of the frame. We were doing good until we got to the stairs.

"I'll go down first, un," I said. She nodded, and I walked down the stairs backward, watching my feet. Watching my feet, however, was not what I should have been doing. Before I knew it, the weight of the painting became incredibly hard to keep up. My arms gave out, and I fell. There was a scream, a loud crash, and pain. The pain erupted in my back and in my left eye. I let out a blood curling, stomach churning scream, before the darkness took me, and the pain.


The darkness was with me for a long time. It was like being asleep, only you remember every little bit. Almost like being within yourself. I was kinda lonely, and felt warmth in my left eye. A dangerous warmth. But in my hand, I felt something soft and comforting. I looked down at my hand, and saw nothing. How strange. I walked for a while, finding nothing but black. It was starting to worry me, this darkness. Why was I here, how did I get here, and whose voice is that?

Out of nowhere, there was a voice. I couldn't make out the words, but the voice sounded familiar. I wonder whose it was? I decided to try and find the voice, hoping it would strip me of this dark waste land.


Ow, was the first thing I thought when I came to. The walls of wherever I was were blindly white. The held a sparkling clean look to them, but it still hurt my eyes. Speaking of pain, my back hurts a little bit. But other than that I feel fine. I wonder why I 'm here? I looked down at myself, and saw more white, though this time, it was the white sheets and the white gown I'm wearing. As soon as I though that, I realized I was in the hospital. I quickly sat up, forgetting the pain in my back, and saw a flash of red to the side of me. I looked over, finding a passed out Sasori holding my hand. Ah, that must have the warmth in my hand.

Getting back to what I'm doing here, I tried to remember what had happened but couldn't. I sighed, and lied back down. How frustrating, not being able to remember why I'm in the hospital! My movement and sigh must have wakened Sasori, because his brown eyes snapped open, and quickly found my own blue pair.

"Deidara?" He sounded weak, and tired, like he had been here for a while and hadn't slept.

"Hi, Danna, un," I said, smiling. His face lit up, and he let go of my hand only to crawl into the bed beside me, bringing me into a light hug.

"Dear God, Deidara! I thought you wouldn't wake up, you brat!" He said, closing his eyes.

"Danna, un, what happened?" I asked, glancing down at my arms. They were covered In needles, and had bandages wrapped around them, making me stay put, not being able to hug him back.

"You don't remember?" He asked, sitting up. The bed creaked, and shook my head. He gave a sigh, and pushed my bangs back behind my ear. "You fell when you were holding the painting. I was told the art teacher had slipped and dropped the painting, causing you to take all the weight and falling. The painting had a sharp frame and when you fell, the painting came down with you," he told me.

"That doesn't explain much, un," hen sighed again, something he does a lot. Though this time, it sounded horribly sad.

"When you fell, the sharp edge of the frame came through your eye, damaging it severely. They were able to repair your eye, but you'll be blind in it," Sasori said, his eyes sad. I frowned, my eyebrows arched. I closed my right eye, leaving the left on open. Darkness, no color, no anything. Just black.

"Oh, God, un." It was true, I was blind in one eye. I reopened my eye, lifting my hand to my blinded eye. I felt tears sting my eyes, but I blinked them back. I couldn't cry. I wouldn't. I bit my lip, and sighed. "Sasori, when can we go home?" I asked. "You know how I hate hospitals, un," I said quietly. He kissed my cheek softly and stood up off the bed.

"Let me go tell them we leaving," he said, walking out of the room. That's when I allowed myself to cry. I let the tears fall and hoped they would stop before Sasori came back. He hated it when I cried. He once said that only the weak cried. I wouldn't want to be weak in front him, only as strong as I can be.

I remember that day so clearly. I was so upset. I didn't know how bad seeing the world as half black would be. I was running into walls, waking up screaming with nightmares. It was all a pretty bad experience. But even to this day, I still don't remember what had exactly happened.