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Deidara POV


As I walked down the streets of the city once more, I dig my phone out of my pocket, and check the time. Almost one thirty, which meant Sasori should be home soon. I smiled to myself, glad our job starts at five, ending at two. It would probably be around that time I got home, seeing as how I'm a slow walker and get lost easily. I brushed past people, occasionally running straight into someone. I'd apologize and keep going, walking around them as best as I could.

Finally, after some time, I made it home, finding the car parked in the drive way. I walked a little faster, reaching the front door in no time. I pulled out my keys, and shoved one into the key hole (Lol!) and walked inside, shutting the door behind me.

"Danna! I'm home, un," I called into the quiet house. I heard small, but fast, footsteps, and looked up to the staircase to see Sasori coming down, his hair looking lightly damp. I dumped the contents of my pockets onto the kitchen table, and turned to face my boyfriend.

"Where did you go?" He asked, his arms making their way around my waist.

"Just out, un. I was bored," I replied, my own arms resting on his shoulders. He leaned down, his chocolate eyes half lidded. His lips pressed softly onto my own, and kissed back, slow and lovingly. Closing my eyes, and pressing slightly harder, I pushed myself onto him more, bringing his head down closer to mine to deepen the kiss. My wish was granted, and he kissed back with more force, his tongue lightly running itself over my bottom lip.

Granting him access to my mouth, he took the entrance and slid his thick organ into my mouth. Moaning at feeing of his tongue intertwined with mine, I held on tighter to him, gripping his shirt slightly. I felt his hands move at my sides, down my back, and to my ass. He lifted me up with ease, once again, I'm not that heavy, and set me down on the kitchen table, breaking the kiss, which I'm glad he did, for I didn't realize I needed to breathe once more.

"Dei Chan, let me take you out to dinner tonight," he said, playing with the hem of my jeans.

"S-sure, un," I said, panting lightly. He then pushed my shirt up, feeling my slightly muscled stomach. His other hand, making invisible circles on my thigh, trailed higher, suddenly gripping the bulge in my pants. I blushed as he undid my pants with his teeth, the sight a huge turn on. He licked at the fabric of my black boxers, earning a loud moan. He pushed my jeans down until they were down to my ankles, and then dragged his hands to my thighs once more. I felt him smirk, his tongue poking and licking my clothed erection. He then pushed my boxers down to ankles as well, freeing my heated flesh.

"Excited, hm?" He looked up at me, grinning. I, in return, bent down, bringing him into a hard kiss, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He let me for a moment, then pushed both of us back into my own mouth, tongues clashing for dominance. I finally surrendered, wanting him to hurry, as my erection was starting to get painful.

"Just hurry, un!" I bucked my hips a little, and saw him shake his head, though a smile on his lips.

"Impatient brat," he said before taking me into his mouth. I covered my own mouth, letting out a loud moan. I threw my head back, my hair falling down my back and touching the table top. He licked the top, his tongue flicking out every so often to collect pre cum. I felt his hand grab the base of my cock, stroking lightly, every so often squeezing softly. He took the head into his mouth once more, sucking and licking the slit. Moaning loudly again, I shoved my hands into his crimson hair, and moaned again, the feeling absolutely amazing.

I was panting, now, and knew I couldn't last for much longer. I especially noticed this when Sasori decided to deep throat me, his head bobbing up and down. I cried out, the pleasure getting to be too much. As I came, I screamed my lovers name, my fluids going into and down Sasori's throat. He always said I tasted good, but I honestly didn't want to know.

I let my hands fall from his hair, and rest on the table, my breathing still irregular. His head came up, licking his red lips. He kissed the inside of my thigh, helped me down from the table. I was always a little light headed and shaky afterwards, so I held onto his waist, trying to see straight again. Once I was sure I was okay again, excluding my breathing, I pulled my boxers and pants on.

"Sweet," he said, licking his lips once more. I blushed, knowing he was referring to my cum. I saw him smirk, as usual, that damned look always on his face. I slowly walked into the living room, sitting down on the couch. I was always tired after sex or intercourse, so I wanted a nap. I watched as Sasori sat down with me, laying me on top of him, my head resting on his chest.

"Nighty night, Danna, un," I said, slowly falling asleep. Stroking my hair, he said,

"Good Night, brat." I then fell into a peaceful sleep, still feeling the small shock of warmth from under me.


6 P.M.

(That was not the lemon, just F.Y.I)


"Deidara, wake up." I felt someone shaking my shoulder gently, the voice soft and gentle. I opened my eyes, and slowly blinked. Sasori then came into view, and I sat up, noticing he was no longer under me.

"Why'd ya wake me up, un?" I groaned, laying back down. I heard him chuckle, and then felt his hand trailing down my back.

"You said you'd let me take you out to dinner, did you not, brat?" I thought back, blushing at the thought of what we did on the table. I will need to clean that before eat there again.

"Yes, I remember, un."

"Good. Then get up, get dressed, and lets go," he said, smacking my ass. I yelped, and sat up, glaring at the smirking redhead. He disappeared up the stairs, his soft footsteps quietly fading. I followed after him, wanting to change into something else since these pants most likely smelled of sex.

I found Sasori on the bed, pulling on a black T shirt. I stripped of my clothes, not caring if he saw me or not, he's seen me all (lol),and grabbed a clean set of boxers, pulling them on. Then walking to our closet, I pulled out a black shirt with random neon colored splatters of paint as a print, and tossed it on over my head. I then dug out black fitting jeans, pulling them on and holding them in place with a black and white studded belt. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I picked up my brush and ran it through my hair, getting out any tangles.

Once fully dressed, we left the house, going to wherever Sasori was taking me for dinner. As I buckled up, the seat belt snapping shut, Sasori leaned over and quickly pecked me on the cheek.

"What was that for, un?" He looked at me, his eyes having a small joyful glint in them.

"Am I not allowed to kiss you?" He asked, starting the car. I rolled my eyes, and returned the kiss on his pale cheek. I saw him smile a bit, then we drove off, the car speeding down the streets.

When we finally pulled up to wherever it was he was taking me, we got out of the car, and I looked up at the big restaurant. The building was painted navy blue, the sign at the top painted black with gold lettering. Velvet was the name. There were no windows, just two double doors painted a dark purple.

"Is this a strip club, un?" I asked. Sasori laughed lightly, and shook his head no.

"Of course not, brat. It's a restaurant, baka," he said, leading me inside. He pushed the heavy doors open, and we stepped inside. The room smelt of roses with a small dose of food, seeing as how it was a restaurant and not a strip club. The walls were the same dark purple as the door, the carpet black. The lights were dimmed, not helping my sight problem. I grabbed Sasori's hand, not wanting to accidentally run into a wall or something. Giving me hand a small squeeze, we walked to the podium at the front of the room, the woman standing there holding two menus already.

"Table for two?" She said, her voice sounding bored. We both nodded, and she led us into a back room, this one a little bit lighter in colors. The walls were dark green, carpet once again black, tables and booths set up around the large room. Their was soft music playing in the background, with soft murmurs from the people eating here, as well as us. She walked us to a table for two in the middle of the room, setting our menus down on either side of her. "What can I get you to drink?"

"Water," Sasori said, sitting down.

"Coke, un," I said, always in the mood for caffeine. I thought I saw Sasori roll his eyes, but ignored it, and sat down across from him. The lady left, her long black hair trailing after her.

"What do you think?" Sasori asked, looking around the building.

"It's dark, un," I told him. "It's quiet, and it smells good."

"Is that good?"

"Yes, un." He smiled, and picked up the menu.

"Good." I also picked up a menu, searching through the contents. Not paying attention to anything but the food, I was hungry again, looking for something that sounded good. I looked through the seafood section, and found all different kinds of fish. Lobster, crab, oysters, shrimp, scallops, cat fish, and plenty more. One that caught my eye though, was the Shrimp Scampi. I read the description, finding that it sounded pretty good. I then, though, happened to look at the price.

"Holly shit, un!" I said, glancing at all of the prices. It ranged anywhere from twenty dollars to, the highest I saw, sixty-nine dollars.

"What's wrong?" Sasori said, putting his own menu down.

"This is expensive, un!"

"I know that, brat," he said.

"But, can you pay for this?" He nodded, reassuring me that he had more than enough to pay for it. I felt almost bad for making him spend over forty dollars on me, but since he insisted, I suppose I'll have to take it. The lady came back, giving us our drinks.

"What can I get you to eat?" She now asked, tossing her hair behind her shoulder.

"The Chef's Salad," Sasori said, closing the menu.

"Shrimp Scampi, hm." I did the same, handing her the menu. She nodded, and took the menus, leaving our table once more. I looked around once more, finding the room attractive in a creepy-can't-see-where-I'm-going-kind-of-way. The ceiling was high, small lights coming from the top, though it was still dark. The kitchen looked to be behind another purple door, a sign saying Employee's Only in big, fancy gold letters.

I turned back to my boyfriend, his eyes, on the table. He looked thoughtful, his eyes half open. He must have felt me watching him because he then looked up at me, his brown eyes blinking a bit.

"What is it?" I shook my head, and smiled at him. He always did look cute when he was spacing out, or when he just woke up from sleeping. It was a sight I always looked forward to see if I could.

"Nothing. Whatcha thinking about, un?" I asked, resting my elbow on the table, my head in my hand.

"Nothing, it's not important at the moment," he said, flickering his eyes past my shoulder. I turned, and saw the same bored looking lady as before. She placed our dishes down in front of us, and walked away, not saying anything.

"I don't like her, un. She looks more bored than you do," I joked. He cracked a smile, and reached for his silverware, undoing the blood red napkin and placing it in his lap. I did the same, the color reminding me of Sasori's hair. We dug in, speaking a few words, but mostly enjoying the quietness and peacefulness between us. I tasted the shrimp, the flavor exploding in my mouth. It was really very good, and ate some more, enjoying the taste. I took a small drink of Coke, the liquid burning down my throat.

"Is is good?" Sasori asked. I nodded, and stabbed the small shrimp with my fork, holding it up to his mouth.

"Say 'Aah', Danna, un!" I said. He blushed a little, even in the dark room I could see it, and he took it into his mouth. He chewed a moment, then swallowed.

"It is good," he said. I nodded, smiling a bit, and continued eating. I glanced down at Sasori's salad, seeing as only one fourth of it was gone. He took a small bite, then a drink of water.

"What of yours, un? Is it good?" I asked. He nodded, and held some up to me.

"Your turn, Dei Chan. 'Aaah,'" he said, smirking at me. His hand found my thigh from underneath the table, and started to stroke it. I slapped his hand away, blushing furiously.

"Not in here, un!" I said, making him chuckle. I took a bite of the salad, finding that it was indeed fairly good. "Hm, it is good." He brought his hand back up from my leg, taking once more some water. After we ate, the bored woman came back placing our ticket on the table. She then grabbed our plates and took them behind the big purple door.

When she left, the music got a little louder, and as I looked around the room, I saw a few couples standing together, dancing slowly to the slow song filling the room. I looked back at Sasori who was starting to stand as well. I blushed when he walked up to me, sticking his hand out.

"Can I have this dance?" He asked, smiling softly. I took his hand in mine, and stood up, following him to an empty place near our table. A few others were dancing there, but enough to bump into each other every time we moved.

He slid his hands down my sides to my hips, as I wrapped mine around his neck, bringing us closer. In the song, I could make out violins, though nothing else. It was a truly beautiful song. I rested my head on Sasori's shoulder, closing my eyes as we swayed back and forth to the wonderful song. I felt his slowly massage my hips, slipping two fingers into my pants, though not enough to make me think he was going to take me in the middle of public. Though, I must say, he has tried before.

I felt his breath on my neck, then small kisses placed there. I opened my eyes briefly, looking at the other couples, seeing a few kissing, others simply dancing like Sasori and I. After a few more minutes of dancing, the song ended, and Sasori pulled away, but didn't walk back to our table. I gave him a questioning look, but he simply smiled. He reached for my hands, taking each one into his own. What...?

"Deidara." He whispered my name, kissed me softly on the lips, and continued. "I have known you for my whole life. We were the best of friends, inseparable. Then, on that day, under the Sakura tree, we finally showed the other how we really felt." Oh, God. Is this...? "That was the happiest day of my life, and it has been filled with your love ever since. I don't want that love between us to end, ever." He let go of one of my hands, and reached into his pocket. Kneeling down on one knee, he opened a small, black velvet box, containing a ring. "Deidara, will you marry me?"

I felt everything in the room disappear, just Sasori and I remaining. He wants to marry me. To live forever with him, and never leave him. To give my full dedication to him, never leaving him behind for a minute. How I would love him forever, see the world with him. Together. I felt tears sting my eyes, and I covered my mouth, trying to hold in all these emotions. I blinked a little, then,

"Yes, Un!" I said, loudly. I saw Sasori stand up, grinning, which is a first for him, and he hugged me tight, removing my hands from my mouth, then claiming it his own. The tears, however, fell anyways, and as we kissed, my arms flying around his neck. He picked me up, our lips connected, and spun me around a few times before putting me back down. I wiped my eyes, and grinned at him, the smile never leaving for a second. He slipped the shining ring onto my finger, the stone looking like diamond, the band silver and sparkling.


Back at the house


He picked me up, for the second time that day, and as I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pinned me to the wall just beside the front door, which he gladly kicked shut. Kissing me deeply, he fumbled a moment, trying to lock the door. When we heard the click, his arm came back to my waist, holding me up, as my own arms went to his neck, holding on tightly, though I knew he wouldn't drop me.

Our lips molded together, rolling, gathering tastes. When I felt a tongue slid against my lips, I opened up, letting him inside my mouth to do as he pleased. He took that offer, sliding in, tasting the, probably, minted breath. He mapped out my entire mouth, though he most likely knew it like the back of his hand. When he finally found my tongue, we engaged into a battle of dominance, seeing who would win, however we both knew the winner before hand.

Tightening his grip on me, he led me away from the wall, letting me go for a brief second to take my legs away from his waist and bring them into his arms as he carried me to the bedroom upstairs. Still kissing, though the need of air is buzzing in the back of my mind, and lungs, he kicked open the door, setting me down on the bed before closing the door. I took the chance to breath, while Sasori pulled his belt off, tossing it to the ground, the buckle jingling as it connected to the floor.

He walked over to me, with a sexy smirk and lustful glint in eye, I took out the hair tie holding my hair up in the messy pony tail, and felt the curtains of hair cascade down my back and around my face. Licking his lips, Sasori keeled on the bed. I crawled over to him, grabbing his arms and pulling him down on top of the bed with me. Catching himself before me fell completely on me, he straddled my hips, leaning down to kiss my neck. Moaning lightly, I fisted my hands in his shirt, the soft fabric comforting in a way. Then, biting down on a certain place, I moaned louder, tilting my head to the side to let him have better access.

Breathing slightly irregular, I moaned again once I felt his hand trail down my stomach and to my crotch, his fingers slightly massaging at the clothed erection. He kissed his way down my neck, licking and sucking at everywhere available. That is, until my shirt got in the way. He sat up, helped pull the shirt off, then continued with his journey. Taking one of my buds into his mouth and sucking lightly, I shut my eyes tight. I opened my mouth in a quiet gasp as he rubbed once more at the tent in my pants, which, in my opinion, were getting to tight for my likings.

"Dei Chan~" he said, smirking and rubbing harder. Taking his mouth and free hand away from my chest, he quickly gave me a peck, then took his shirt off, giving me a second to catch my breath once again. As soon as his shirt was off, he no sooner was flipping us over, me in his lap, himself against the headboard. Kissing me all over again, though this time softer, he undid the button on my pants. When he grabbed me through my boxers, however, I gasped, moaned his name, and flung my arms around his neck, bringing us closer. I opened my mouth, wanting his tongue touching mine, and he did so, slipping it in.

I realized that I was the only one really half naked, so I reached down, grabbed his pants, and pulled down the zipper, also unbuttoning it. I felt him laugh a little against my lips, and I pulled away a second, my cheeks more than likely red.

"W-What, un?" I asked, pushing my pants down to my knees, then kicking them off until on the carpeted floor.

"Eager?" He asked, trailing his fingers ever-so-softly up my thighs. I felt my face heat up, not actually wanting to tell him to fuck me now. He chuckled, and pushed my hair out of my face for a moment, looking into my blind eye. It was strange, though, seeing the one I love through blackness. "Such a brat," he said, kissing my bruised lips once, them pushed me off of him and on to the bed. Pulling his pants and boxers down, he climbed on the bed next to me, a look on his face telling me to suck.

And suck I did. I turned over, getting on my knees, butt high in the air, just how he liked it. Face flushed, I licked the tip, then stuck the head into my mouth, looking down at his huge erection. How, I wondered, could he be this big, and fit in me? I asked myself this question a lot, actually. I sucked, watching his face. His beautiful brown eyes were closed, face showing ecstasy and pleasure. Swirling my tongue around his head once, I took him into my mouth, taking most of it in. The small amount I could not get I wrapped a hand around, and slowly moved my hand up and down. He bucked his hips once, and groaned when I licked the under side of him. I now bobbed my head up and down, liking the small groans he would make. Though when he sat up and softly lifted my chin, I stopped, knowing any longer and he would have came.

Pushing me onto my bottom, he lifted my legs, taking the boxers off. I winced at the cold air, our house was always cold, hitting me square in the ass and cock. Sasori sat me in his lap, kissing me softly before leaning over to dresser next to us, popping open a wooden drawer. He took out a bottle of lube, squirting the liquid on to his hands before snapping the lid shut with a click. Rubbing his cock down with the cold liquid. Once he thought he was drowned enough in the stuff, he lifted me up, and brought me down on him, hard.

I screamed, the pain really unbearable. We haven't done this in a long while, and while Sasori says I'm always tight, this must really be Heaven to him. I gripped his shoulders, small tears running down my cheeks. He kissed them away, and slowly rocked his hips. I buried my head into the crook of his neck, and sniffed, the pain slowly disappearing. Once he finally got a rhythm going, the pleasure kicked in, and I also started to move, bringing myself up, them down. He groaned, rubbed my back a little, and moved faster. My breathing hitched, and I was really feeling the pleasure now. But that was nothing compared to what it felt like when he struck my prostate, making me see stars.

"Aaaahh!" I screamed, and gripped him tighter, trying to hit that spot again.

"There it is," he said, his breathing hard. He layed us down, and thrusted harder into me. Wrapping my legs around his waist once more, I gave him a bit more access, and felt him hit my sweet spot over and over again. Moaning and panting, I leaned up and kissed him, though it was sloppy, wet, and messy. He reached between us, taking my weeping member in his hands and stroking hard and fast. I cried out, almost at climax. Sasori must have noticed because he sped up, which I don't know how that's even possible, and kissed me deeply, this time a bit more stable.

I screamed my lovers name, cumming all over our chests ans stomachs. Sasori grunted, groaned my name as well, and came inside me, making me shudder and moan again, shaking with pleasure. He slowly pulled out of me, the cum spilling out of me. I fell back onto the bed, closing my eyes. Sasori left a minute, and came back with a wet washcloth. He cleaned us both up, tossed the rag into the pile of clothes, and turned out the lights. He climbed into bed with me, and pulled the blankets up and over us both.

"Thank you, Deidara. I love you," he whispered in my ear, his arms going protectivly around my waist.

"Love you, Danna, un," I said back, smiling at the glistening ring on my finger. This was defiantly a memory to remember forever.

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