I'll Be Your Superman

Summary: AU- Stella is prone to danger everytime she gets in it a mysterious man saves her. She starts to fall for him. SMacked friendship and romance

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A/N: Story does a summary of how Stella meets Mac and then gets into the good romance and friendship part, she's not going to be seen in much danger

It was a rainy night in the middle of November, it wasn't cold enough for snow. A Greek woman was trying to get a cab. A guy came up and pulled her by the arm.

"You better back away from the cab, this one is mine lady."

She turns around and grunts at the man, and she tries to get in, but he pulls her back.

"If you don't get out of this cab I am going to kill you," he snarls, gripping her arm.

Another man came running over. "Is there a problem over here?" he asks.

"Not at all. But next time she tries to take my cab, I won't have a problem with killing her."

"If I see you around her again, I will have you arrested for harrassing an officer."

"I hate you damn police," he curses and then left.

"Are you alright?" he asked, and the woman nodded. It was the third time she had seen him that week. Strong arms and blue eyes. He was handsome.

"You want a ride," the woman asked, "Because it's raining and I don't want to catch a cold."

"Sure," he nods, and she allows him in the cab first. She gives the driver her address which was thirty minutes away.

"This is the third time you saved me. I never got to ask you for your name."

"It's Mac Taylor," he nods.

"How did you know I was an officer?"

"You dropped your badge," he smirks. "So, you have a name Miss?"

"Stella Bonasera."

"Nice to finally meet you."

"How have you been showing up lately everywhere I went?"

He shrugs, "I don't know, you just sparked my interest," he admits, even though he is really reserved, but it's Stella.

"I'm stronger than you think I am. Just because I don't have my own house or family, I can be tough."

"Your in the NYPD, I don't have any doubt."

"Good because I could kick your ass if you did."

"So what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Well I have off, so I'll probably just stay at my friend's place and hang with them."

"I live alone too," Mac admits.

"So your some kind of crazy poor man?"

Mac laughs at her comment. "Not at all. I live with my friend Don Flack, he's in the NYPD."

"Yeah, he's my partner. He kind of has a thing for me."

"Who wouldn't," Mac blurts out recieving a look from Stella.

"I'll let that go, because you helped me out three times."

"So since you have off maybe you and me can go get some coffee or something?"

"I'll think about it," she smiles when her stop came up. "Nice meeting you Mr. Taylor. Maybe I'll see you around sometime," she paid the cab driver and left.

Mac Taylor watched her enter her building and then gave the driver his address. He would be sure to ask Don some questions about this Stella woman.

Once Stella enters she is greeted by a three year old.

"Stelly!" the girl shouts, then her parents come up.

"You have a good night?" Lindsay Messer asked.

"Look likes she stood out in the rain too long," Danny, Lindsay's husband answered.

"I ran into that guy again."

"Him! What happened today?" Lindsay asked excited.

"A dick was trying to take the cab I was getting in so he came up. And I offered him to ride in the cab so we wouldn't stay out in the rain too long."


"We just talked about stuff, and apparently he's living with my partner Don Flack because he has no where else to go."

"Aww, well glad you had a conversation with him."

"Me too," Stella smiles, "But I am going to change and then head to bed, so I'll see you guys tomorrow," she nods and headed into her room. She was slowly smiling as she looked at her police badge. I hope I will see him tomorrow, she said to herself.

It was about twenty minutes later when Mac came up to his place. He paid the cab driver and then headed inside.

Don was watching tv, when Mac joined him on the couch.

"Did you walk home in the rain?" he asked, not looking at Mac.

"No. I was helping a lady get her cab back, and she let me ride. We had a nice conversation."

"She finally ask about you yet. Might be creepy a stranger following a girl."

"Yeah we we're talking and she knows you."

"She does," Don frowns, looking at his friend. "Was it Emily? Our break up was harsh."

"No it was Stella Bonasera."

"You mean my partner Stella?" he asked, with a slight smile.

"Yeah," Mac smiles. "She's nice."

"Um... she is amazing."

"I know why your so fond of her."

"I like her a lot Mac."

"Then why aren't you dating her?"

"I never asked her yet, but I was going to tomorrow, but she has off. And now your getting in the way," he frowns.

"I'm sorry buddy, I'll back down."

"I wouldn't feel right letting you do that Mac. I can find someone else. She'll probably just end up saying she'll only like me as a friend, or brother."

"Sorry Don."

"I'll be okay," he shrugs.

"So what else can you tell me about Stella?" Mac asks, and Don started explaining the life of Stella Bonasera.

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