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Taylor Earhardt-Myers was many things, but sentimental was not one of them. At least, not until she pulled down the long unused attic staircase, carefully climbed up (because after years of remaining shut the damn thing was probably an ambulance ride waiting to happen) and found the dust covered chest. It was relatively new compared to the rest of the junk lining the walls; the sofa her grandfather had sat on every time she came to visit, the lamp that she was pretty sure was older then the house itself, and a white bird cage, now rusted and grey, were all just fragments of the memories the attic now stored. But of those memories, the only ones that held any true value were in that brown chest.

"Its ugly!"
"Its classic!"

Gently, she lifted the lid and stared down at the treasures in front of her. Within seconds her face lit up as she pulled out a silver pocket watch, forever stuck at 2:57. It was followed by the removal of color squares, varying from shades of blue, pink, and of course, yellows, reds, and everything in between. As she set them to the side, her eyes caught the compass and map; the compass looked almost new, while the map had obviously seen better days, and she couldn't help the laugh that escaped at the memory. Three blankets came next, covered with the unmistakable images of the Ninja Turtles, Tiger, or Batman respectively. Taylor had almost forgotten about the medium sized trophy which had somehow retained its brilliant shine, and for the life of her, she couldn't figure out why handle pieces from a pair of crutches were in the chest as well. Then she saw it, the reason she had made the traitorous journey up the stairs.

"That one."

"It's huge, why do we need one that's so big?"

A shrug. "Maybe we'll have something good to put in it"

The photo album, simple and black, and yet, at the sight of something so common and plain, Taylor couldn't stop the tears of joy that glistened in her eyes. She opened the first two pages, which displayed the photos taken at the Time Force/Wild Force team up picnic. In milliseconds, her eyes found him, her book held firmly out of reach as she jumped in a fruitless effort to get it back as the rest of the team smiled happily at the camera. His smirk was unmistakable. Throughout the following photos and pages the smirk changed slowly and awkwardly until finally, on date #14 (She had to label it, it was a momentous occasion), a full fledged, honest to God smile emerged. Incidentally, that was the date where Murphy's Law of 'everything that can go wrong, will go wrong' had been proven in full force. In retaliation for the labeling, he marked the photo in which Taylor's own real smile had shown through on date #11. Then she flipped the page and an unexpected tear escaped her, but was quickly caught by a callused hand.

"That dress looked beautiful on you."

She smiled and leaned up to kiss him. "You looked quiet dashing yourself Mister Myers."

Eric let out a small grin before wrapping his wife in a hug, turning the page, and pointing at the first picture that followed those of a white gown, yellow dressed, black tuxedoes, and red ties. "That was the most amazing moment of my life."

Taylor nodded. "The first of three." She leaned back, further into his embrace.

They continued the journey, recapturing memories that had somehow escaped them and revitalizing those that never would. Her eyes lingered on the trip to the carnival, while his shone in unsuppressed delight at the first time they went to the shooting range as a family. Birthday cakes and smiling faces led into graduations, each one bookmarked with a tassel, and wedding photos that somehow meant more then their own were introduced with perfect white invitations.

"I can't believe it." She whispered as they reached the last page, still empty after all those years. Her hand slid across the unoccupied plastic sheets before being caught by his.

"We'll put something new in tomorrow." Eric replied gently in a voice which still held the gruff undercurrent that would always be a part of him.

Her smile shone brighter. "50 years."

He held her closer, his once jet black hair now more grey and white touching her golden locks turned silver blond and cut short into a bob. The hand that wasn't holding his wife's moved to close the simple black leather binding, and as he shut the album of their lives, which housed memories that pre-dated its own purchase, he turned to her with a playful grin.

"We're going to need a bigger one."

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