might or might not have been forever and a day since I last posted. I blame school, because it is a life draining fiend. Despite that, please enjoy what is, although not the longest of chapters, one I still fervently hope you like.

She's like a match. She has a way of igniting at just the slightest hint of friction; a wrong word at an inopportune moment, or on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, at the lightest of touches. She'll burn you if you're not careful, with a look or a snarky remark. Her flame is bright, and it can be so illuminating in his darkest times. She is, and pardon the cliché, the light of his life. He needs his match for all that she is; for the burns and the warmth she provides. But she's also fragile, although she'd never show it. Never admit it. Not in the physical sense of course, she could hold her own against nearly any foe. But once she believed in you...put faith in you…she was so easy to break. A simple snap was all it took. A heated accusation muttered at the end of a bad day. But she would remain sturdy. She'd still burn, for one end of a match can still ignite, even when splintered in half. It wasn't until he'd blown away the smoke that he'd see the side of her he'd broken.