A Dubious Affinity

Pairing: Comashipping (Shinji x Satoshi)

Warning: This story is rated T for the time being. Also, it's a yaoi/slash (i.e. male/male relationship) and it will have Violence and stuff so if you don't like these kind of stories, I'd advise not to read this story.

Summary: Shinji and Satoshi team up and delve into the heart of a malicious plot to rescue Takeshi and Hikari. But soon, this unlikely alliance ignites powerful feelings in the two of them. At first protectiveness and care, but in the end... Love?

Genre: Suspense/Romance

Disclaimer: I could throw a million temper-tantrums in front of Satoshi Taijiri and things would never change. I don't own Pokemon, and I never will. I do however own Neptune and Mercury.

(A/N: Ok, this is my first Comashipping story. Normally, I'm a huge Pearlshipper but I just love Comashipping so I'm gonna write some Comashipping stories as well.

This story takes place right in between the Grand Festival and Satoshi's last gym battle in Nagisa City. I'm also using the Japanese names in this story. I'll have the translations of the bottom of this chapter if anyone's confused about that.

Also, I added in two new Team Galactic executives in this story, Neptune and Mercury. The regular Executives, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are in prison so they don't factor into this story yet but that might change.

Well, without further ado, here's the prologue of A Dubious Affinity. Enjoy..)


I wasn't so sure how this happened and where these guys came from.

One minute, Shinji showed up and started to insult me, like he usually does. Then the next, we're fighting these two new executives from the Galaxy Gang, who came out of nowhere and attacked. They aren't the usual executives that Hikari, Takeshi, and I usually meet whenever we encounter the Galaxy Gang, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars; no these two are different. They call themselves Neptune and Mercury and they seem to be a lot different then the others, they're at the top of their game. This is the first time that I've ever encountered them.

Shinji quickly pushed me behind him and put a hand up in front of me, as if he was trying to protect me from these people. "You're gonna have to go through me to get to him."

Neptune gave Shinji a death glare. "Kid, you're really getting on my last nerve." He totally freaked me out too. This guy was huge, scratch that, huge, not to mention strong too. I really can't help but wonder if he takes steroids, that's how strong he is. He has dark-orange hair, fair skin and amber eyes. He wore a tattered white jumpsuit that had the Galaxy Gang symbol right in the middle.

"That boy is necessary to our plans; we're not leaving here without him. Why don't you just hand him over?" The other one, Mercury, told Shinji. Unlike Neptune, Mercury wasn't exactly very strong. He seems to be the brains of the operation if you ask me. He had dark green hair, cyan eyes, and fair skin. Like Neptune, he also had on a worn white jumpsuit with the Galaxy Gang's symbol right in the middle.

Shinji withdrew a Monster Ball from his belt, "there's no way I'm gonna do that." He said anger evident in his voice. "Booburn, battle standby!" He exclaimed, tossing the Monster Ball. Shinji's own Booburn emerged, ready to fight.

Both Neptune and Mercury withdrew Monster Balls of their own. "You asked for it, kid," Neptune said, tossing his red and white orb.

Mercury gave an annoyed sigh, muttering: "lets get this over with," underneath his breath. He tossed his Monster Ball as well. A Bossgodora and a Hellgar appeared, both ready for a fight. "I'll give you two choices kid; give him over to us and you'll be spared or you can try to protect him and then we'll be forced to take you out!"

"I don't know who you are or what you want with Satoshi," Shinji started off, "but I'm not going to let you take him." I'm completely and utterly confused right now. Why is Shinji trying to protect me now all of a sudden? What's come over him? I could have sworn that he hates me, why is he trying to protect me? This isn't normal for him.

As Shinji stood between me and the Executives, in a protective position, I only grew more confused as to why he was doing this. I peered around a little and glanced questioningly at the side of his face. He seemed to notice me, because his eyes met mine, and then... He flashed me the briefest of reassuring smiles. I was astonished, pulling back and just staring at the back of Shinji's head.

Shinji; who only seemed to savor insulting and rebuking me, was now doing everything he could to protect me.

Both Neptune and Mercury also seemed to notice that Shinji is completely set on protecting me too because Neptune peered at Shinji menacingly. "I can see that you're completely set on protecting him but if you will be shoved aside, if necessary. That boy is an important piece to our plans; we're not going anywhere without him."

Shinji gave them a false smile, "you may think that, but Satoshi is one I will not move aside for someone to harm. Especially thugs like you!"

Now, I'm even more bewildered then I was before. Shinji; a rival of mine who I could have sworn hates my guts and considered me to be a useless waste of his time, was now doing whatever he could do to protect me from these two cold-hearted criminals. What's with the sudden change of heart?

But seeing how far Shinji is willing to go to protect me is kinda making me feel kind of safe now. I never saw this side of him before.

As Shinji turned to face the Executives once again, something... Sparked in me, something I couldn't quite determine. No. I could determine what it was. I just never thought I would feel it when it came to Shinji. It was affection. Simple, pure, unavoidable affection for Shinji which rose within me at that moment.

"Bossgodora, Hammer Arm! Lets go!" Mercury ordered.

Bossgodora took off running towards Shinji, Booburn, and myself as his arm began to glow white before he slammed Booburn with it. The impact of the hit sent Booburn flying, landing right in front of Shinji.

Shinji turned his head towards his side and he gave me a stern look from over his shoulder. "Satoshi, go! Flee! These thugs are here for you; let me hold them off, just get to safety!" Shinji spoke up. I glanced at him with shock and fear. I rarely had ever heard Shinji speak in an uneven voice, let alone which held such urgency and fear in it. Fear... For me, I realized.

"W-What?" I stuttered out in disbelief. Does he really expect me to do that? Does he really me to leave him here? "You can't be serious. You want me to leave? You seriously want me to leave you here?" As the words left my mouth, it was my own tone that startled me; fearful, astonished, and... Concerned. I realized I seemed to be just as concerned about Shinji's safety as he was of mine.

Hesitantly, almost with a bit of fear, I took a few steps over to Shinji, who still defiantly faced the Galaxy Gang Executives. I waited... Then abandoned all caution and touched his arm. He didn't move. So, I gripped, and tugged a little. "Shinji, come with me-" Only after that, did he shove me away. Gently, but with enough force to loosen my grip.

Shinji's eyes met mine, suddenly filled with a kind of warmth. "No, Satoshi. Your safety is more important. Go. Before it's too late!"

I stood up straight, matching Shinji's own defiance with my own. "No way, I'm not leaving you here to fight these two alone." I gulped a little, for what I was about to say might finalize a deeper bond between us. "If... If even one of us fights, then so does the other. We face this together, if at all."

As the battle between Bossgodora and Booburn continued to rage, I noticed a faint movement at the corner of my eye. I turned slightly to see none other than Pochama wandering amongst the trees. He was alone, I realized, so he mustn't have found any help. Looking back at the battle before me for an instant, then back, I waved, calling out, "Pochama, over here!"

Almost immediately, the Penguin Pokemon turned to face me, as well as noticing the battle going on between Shinji and Neptune. I hastened to signal Pochama to come around, so that he wouldn't be caught in the crossfire, since we were on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river - And Shinji and I were constantly being pushed back towards the edge. Thankfully, Pochama seemed to find an adequate route, emerging from a bush just along the cliff edge and racing towards me. I held out my arms to which he jumped in, then climbed on the top of my head, gripping my hat.

That would be handy if I needed to take action later on.

Focusing once more on the battle, I realized that Bossgodora had practically pushed us to the very brink of the cliff.

Then, suddenly the attacks stopped. After the scattering dust from the impact of attacks cleared, I saw that Neptune had a smile on his face. Both Pokemon in battle seemed ready to go on.

But Shinji spoke first. I could tell he was frustrated at how he was being beaten back: "Your power is wasted here, you know. We'll get out of this. We'll win, no matter how long it takes. Together. Your intentions are both evil and pathetically thought out; you'll never succeed. I won't let you. We won't." I was astonished in the fire at his voice. And passion. Far unlike his usual tone.

But, saying this clearly didn't go well with Neptune, who's smile vanished. "You just do not understand... But it matters not. This ends now. Things wouldn't have to be this way if you had decided to cooperate and come with us, but now... Now... You're time is up... Satoshi." It actually took me a full second to register that Neptune had actually spoken my name. After it did, I nearly reeled back in shock. Even Shinji, usually an emotionless person especially when it came to facial expressions, looked back and forth between me and Neptune, his own eyes wide and his mouth slightly open. How?

How could they know my name, of all things?

Faintly, in the back of my mind, I realized how helpless we were leaving ourselves by absorbing the shock of this revelation, but even then I couldn't move nor speak. And Neptune's smile had reappeared. Obviously, he had been satisfied by our reaction. Only then did I remember the gesture Neptune had performed previously. Nothing seemed to have happened though. But then I glanced at Bossgodora, who was in a tensing position, as if gathering power.

Sure enough, I saw that the Pokemon's mouth was wide open, an orange sphere of energy brimming with power. A Destruction Beam, fully charged. And we were helpless.

Instants after I saw the inevitable attack being charged, so did Shinji and he managed to take action: He withdrew his Monster Ball and recalled Booburn, visible urgency in his actions and his expression, particularly his eyes. I couldn't move; I was just too scared to do anything.

Then, several things happened at once: Shinji rushed towards me, Bossgodora fired the Destruction Beam, and Pochama squealed, gripping my head tighter.

The Destruction Beam made contact with the Earth beneath our feet, and the explosion threw me backwards violently, my ears ringing. I could perceive two other things: Pochama still gripping my head and I realized that Shinji had reached me and must have taken most of the explosion himself - he was holding on tight to my shoulders, eyes closed tight.

And at that moment, so many things flashed before my eyes. How I had gotten here, how I had met Shinji, why he seemed to willing to protect me so suddenly; it all flashed before my eyes.

Well, that's it. For now. And if any one's wondering about the Translations, here.

Satoshi: Ash
Hikari: Dawn
Takeshi: Brock
Pochama: Piplup
Shinji: Paul
Bossgodora: Aggron
Hellgar: Houndoom
Booburn: Magmorter
Galaxy Gang: Team Galactic
Destruction Beam: Hyper Beam

If I missed anything, just let me know and I'll add it right away. Forgive me, my brain seems to be fried today but it always is xDD.

Satoshi: Ahh, you just had to end it there, right?

Erin: It's just the prologue.

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Erin: Well, you'll find out later.

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Shinji: Hn..

Erin: Is that all you say seriously?

Shinji: Whatever.

Satoshi: *whispers to me* Why'd you have to pair me with him?