Betrayal and Forgiveness Part II

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Part II

Harry sighed in contentment as he woke up, snuggling into the soft covers of the bed he was in.

Almost eight months had passed since he had revealed who he truly was to Draco, yet he was still surprised every time he woke up to find that it wasn't a dream.

The silver-white streaked, raven haired young man grinned as he tugged the covers up higher a groan of protest emitting from his bedmate.

"Drac...time to wake up." Harry said softly, pressing a kiss onto his 'pillow's' shoulder.

"Mmmm...too'ep m're..." The blond groaned in protest, tightening his grip on Harry, making him stifle laughter. He really never was one for waking up in the morning. Blaise had told him while the two were still in Hogwart's Draco hexed his housemates for getting him up earlier than he had to. Said housemates ended up becoming very good at dodging hexes and curses very quickly apparently.

"Draco, you have the meeting with the Minister today and several business deals you're closing. Come on! I have to get my club ready for that private twenty-first birthday party. We need to get up." Harry said, pulling back the covers and getting out of bed.

He, well, he and Tom had moved in with Draco only a month ago, which considering it was both Tom and Draco pressuring him to move to the Malfoy's mansion-like-castle, was pretty good in his record book.

Rolling his eyes as he walked the still half-asleep silver eyed young man grope for the covers he had pulled of the bed, he walked into the bathroom, starting up the shower. Showering quickly he dried and dressed himself before Draco managed to finally roll out of the bed.

Walking downstairs to the dining room he ate a quick brunch, watching Draco glide into the room and get his morning pick-me-up cup of tea. "All right, I'm off." He said as he finished, giving his lover a chaste kiss and gathering his belongings so he could get going to the club.

"Harry, your contacts." Draco said hurriedly as Harry started to step out the door. Pausing and blinking in surprise, he stepped back inside.

"Thanks. Can't forget those." He said with a weak smile, kissing Draco again before leaving for work.

Almost a half hour later the post owl came by with the Daily Prophet cluched in it's talons. The paper unfurled and the headline for the day stared out at a shocked Draco's face.

Savior Found! Beamed up at his face with a muggle picture of Harry and Draco together at dinner in France last Friday. He had convinced Harry to go without the makeup and colored contacts for once, to celebrate their first month anniversary of living together.

"Crap. He's never going to let me forget this..." Draco groaned as he threw on his suit jacket and apparating away to the alley near Harry's club. Hopefully no one's connected all the dots yet... He thought as he rushed over to Harry's car and shoving him back inside the vehicle.

"Draco?" Harry questioned, watching in confusion as the Malfoy Lord hurried around the car and got inside.

"Back to the house hurry." His lover ordered, making the last Potter react to the worry in his voice. A 'pop' of apparation was heard as the two peeled out of the parking lot.

The blond finally started to relax as Harry drove back to the house. "The Prophet published an interesting article this morning..." Draco said, grimacing at what was going to come.

The green eyed man blinked and replied with, "Okay...? And...?" Puzzlement coloring his words.

"They somehow got a picture of us last Friday in France. I'm sorry Harry! I thought France would be far enough away and no one would recognize you..." He started in, guilt lacing his words as well as self-blame. He should have listened to his lover when he said it wasn't safe.

"Draco. Draco!" Harry called, getting his Malfoy's attention. "Don't worry. We - I - knew this was a possibility and I decided that it was worth the loss of the secret of my true identity to spend time with you in public. Right now, we need to plan for reporters to be coming to your house and my ex-friends as well." Harry replied, frowning as he thought out new plans and threw out several older ones. He was well aware of the sudden interest the Wizarding Community would be displaying for his personal life now that they had discovered him again. He wasn't sure if he would care for it, but as long as his lover was there, he was sure he could handle it adequately.

Draco breathed deeply and then let it out in a frustrated sound. "I know I just...I didn't want this to happen to you Orion." Draco replied, reverting to Harry's 'public' name as the two got out of the car and headed back inside Draco's mansion.

"Listen. We'll schedule an interview with The Quibbler and Witch Weekly. Then add in a few Ministry meetings here or at Gringott's so we don't have to deal with the three Weasel's, okay? The Prophet won't get any interviews because they decided to print that story and they'll lose sale because I won't give them rights to print it later." Harry said calmly. He had already thought through a lot of these topics before, in case something like this happened he'd already have a plan.

"Okay. That sounds like a good idea. Since the Prophet was the paper to announce the news without notifying us in advance, we'll make sure they can't run the story." Draco added in with a smirk, calming down quickly enough.

The duo quickly adjusted the wards to their full strength, added an owl-mail repelling charm and blocked the floo while they planned out how the interviews would go. The only people who could get in were the ones they trusted enough to allow in.

"DRACO!" Blaise shouted as he threw open the front door a few hours later.

"In here Blaise!" Draco called from the study. Harry had convinced him to let him do the Quibbler interview by himself, so he was wearing a hole in front of the fireplace now.

"Are you serious? Orion is Potter?" The Italian managed to stutter out, once he shut the door to the warm room.

Draco turned and raised an eyebrow at this. "Serious? Deadly. I knew Orion was Harry eight months ago. Just because I chose to keep the information from you doesn't mean we weren't going to reveal it to you. In fact, we were planning on revealing it to you during Yule next week." Draco said in a dry tone, sipping his whiskey as he watched his friend.

Blaise paused and blinked before leaning back and sighing. "Damn it. I can't even be mad now..." He grumbled shooting the blonde a glare as he poured himself a glass of 'his' brandy. "So what have you planned out? And where's Ori-Harry?" Blaise asked before settling down on the chaise.

"I'm right here Blaise. Thanks Draco." Harry said, he had flooed in right as the Zabini Lord had asked his last question. Draco helped him up and spelled away the soot on him with a weary smirk.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the man of the day." The dark eyed male said with a smirk, amusement crawling across his features.

"Don't remind me. I love that I can go out without a disguise now, but those reporters are like Harpies." Harry replied with a shudder.

"Hm...I think the Harpies are worse. After all, Ms. Weaslette is one of them after all. Still single and the number of men who have realized it is rising by the month." Blaise tsked, making Draco and Harry hold back their laughter, even as sniggers escaped their throats.

Harry cleared his throat, his voice holding proof of his amusement, "You know what I mean. I don't think I'll ever be able to bartend now..." He said with a small sigh. He had enjoyed the job and was sad that he couldn't continue it.

"Hm...speaking of which, shouldn't we figure out what's going to happen tonight?" Draco asked with a frown.

"Oh, I didn't tell you? While you were in the shower I called the Kelli, Paige, Vann and the bouncers told them they had tonight off, but were still being paid." Harry replied, focusing on swirling his drink.

"What? Why spend the money?" Blaise asked, raising an eyebrow. He hadn't really talked to Orion before about his business so he was surprised at the comment. Draco smirked and hid his amusement, waiting for Harry's reply.

"Because Kelli is working so she can go to college while she's on her own, Paige has a twelve-year-old and is a divorced mother, and the bouncers need the money more than I do. I help my workers out when I have to close the shop during their hours. They need the little breaks in life." Harry replied hotly with a scowl.

"Okay! Geez..." Blaise murmured, kind of knowing where Harry was coming from, but not really. " do you think Pansy's going to take this Draco? From what I heard a few months ago she was going on about dating you soon and weddings and such." He said, glancing over at Draco, who was leaning up against the desk behind him.

"Gods that woman... We were working on a business deal together for the clothing line we started up back when we had first gotten out of Hogwarts. A couple of French boutiques had wanted to add our clothing lines to their sales racks and we had to take a trip there for a week about three months back, remember Harry?" The silver eyed man said, rolling his eyes and sighing. Great, another issue to deal with.

"Yeah, she was going crazy because she saw us in bed the third night in when she was trying to sneak into bed with you." Harry said, his emerald eyes growing darker with his thoughts about the Parkinson Heiress.

Blaise sighed and rolled his eyes. "I don't think she's ever going to believe you're gay." He murmured, his eyes narrowing at nothing.

"Oh I'm pretty sure she knows it now." Draco replied with a triumphant smirk, as Harry blushed a bright red.

"Don't remind me. I think that incident mentally scarred me for life." The long-haired male murmured, throwing back the rest of his alcohol with the ease of someone who did so often.

Tom joined the trio about an hour later and the four men talked well into the night, trying to figure out every possible outcome of tomorrow's newspapers. Blaise ended up staying the night, wanting to be there for the next day, not that it was unusual for him to spend the night.

The next day the couple entered the dining room to see the other two in a rather...awkward position. Draco immediately burst into gales of laughter, making the other two jump apart from their make-out session on the dining table.

"You owe me now Harry." Draco said when he finally calmed down, a smile on his face while Harry pouted.

"I thought he was into Neville, not Tom!" Harry grumbled in reply, smiling at his friends to show he wasn't really upset.

"What can I say love, I know Blaise." Draco replied with a grin.

The newest couple were either blushing slightly, Blaise, or scowling at the other two, Tom. "What are you going to do today Harry? You can't avoid the trio of trouble forever." He stated plainly, after clearing his throat, knowing immediately what to say to get the topic off his new relationship.

Harry sighed and rubbed the back of his neck with one of his hands. "Well...I'm not sure. It's either I pull this off as publicly as possible or just send them a letter cutting all ties officially and one to the papers with what had happened for the last few years." He replied, frowning down at his breakfast.

Draco silently gripped his lover's hand in comfort. Neither took betrayal easily or even compliantly, Harry was the one who had truly been betrayed, so he deserved to choose how the three Weasel's were punished. "What do you plan to do to them?" Blaise asked, curiously.

"Probably the papers. Less exposure to the...public, if you could call them that." The green eyed man replied softly, slowly eating his breakfast, but mostly just picking at it.

Draco snorted in amusement.

He sighed, "Why can't they just leave us alone?"

Tom glanced at Harry's plate worriedly. "Eat Harry. I'm not going to allow you to get any thinner." He commanded as he finished his own breakfast. Harry nodded, picking up his knife and fork.

"Because they're glory-seeking, back-stabbing, arse-holes with no drive of their own." Blaise replied promptly, a smirk forming on his features.

Draco smirked. "What if we...set up a public confrontation with them?"

"As long as I get to watch the memory but don't have to be there." Harry replied immediately. He had no issues with the trio of trouble getting what was coming to them, but he didn't want to be there for it. If he was, they'd just direct the attention to him and he really didn't want that.

"Are you sure I couldn't...convince you otherwise?" Draco asked, purring the last two words as he leaned closer to his lover.

Harry blushed brightly. "DRACO! I don't want to be there!"

"You don't have to be in sight, but what about your invisibility cloak?" Tom asked, knowing Draco's way of convincing Harry would leave the two useless for the rest of the day, at least, in his opinion they would be.

Harry blinked. "...You think that would really work Tom?"

The former Dark Lord scoffed. "Of course it would. The only person who could 'see' through your cloak was Dumbledore, and we both know that he couldn't actually do that, he had a tracking charm on the cloak so he could tell if you were out with it on.

"Ok then...I suppose…I could go..."

Harry replied, clearly reluctant. Any more protest died on his lips when he saw how happy everyone was that he had agreed to go. He gave them a tiny smile.

"What day should we do it on?" Blaise asked.

"They won't go out today or tomorrow, but they might Monday. It will probably have calmed down slightly by then. But I'd bet that they couldn't walk down Diagon Alley without getting jinxed, hexed and pranked." Draco suggested, having read about a few angry mob's hunting for the three red-heads.

"Then the next question is; where do we want this to take place?" Tom asked.

"Because I can think of one place off the top of me head that would work: Diagon Alley."

"Oh, I like that idea." Blaise said, a smirk flitting over his features before disappearing again.

"Well then, we have a lot of planning to do."

The next two days pasted in a blur as Draco, Tom and Blaise planned out little details to their revenge-for-Harry plan. They debated on different ways everyone would react, if people helped them or the Weasels and if something unexpected happened.

A month later, the day finally came.

Harry, Draco, Blaise and Tom were out for lunch in the Alleys. They'd just finished a wonderful meal overlooking Diagon Alley from a second story outdoor deck. They were just leaving the Alleys, ignoring the staring and whispers as they walked, when Molly, Ron, Hermione and Ginny Weasley came in from the Leaky Cauldron's alleyway entrance.

Draco smirked. "Right on time..."

"Shall we go Orion?"

"I told you I didn't want to be here for this..." Harry grumbled out as he tightened his grip on his now fiancé's arm.

"So? You will be glad you were here for this later." Draco reassured him. "Besides, I won't let them hurt you, I promise."

"Like I need you to protect myself." Harry teased back smiling warmly in thanks to what the blond had said. Not that he couldn't protect himself, but that Draco cared enough to protect him, something that wasn't to be taken lightly.

He followed Draco down into the ally.

Draco was right, this was going to be fun.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the Amazing Bouncing Ferret and his ever present side-kicks." Ron 'greeted' the quartet.

Harry eyed him warily.

"Weasels." Draco sneered back, "still trying to fit in with the higher class?" He asked, raising an eyebrow and the slightly worn, but clearly expensive outfits they wore. Harry acted as if Ron hadn't said anything, as if he wasn't there actually.

Hermione huffed and crossed her arms over her chest in indignation, not voicing her complaints, but drawing the Lord Malfoy's attention to her specifically. "Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Weasel, I didn't know you wanted attention. How's it feel to be a former Unspeakable. You know, when the Minister told me that you were fired for borrowing important information and 'forgetting' to return it, I can't say I was surprised." The blond said, a smug smirk adorning his lips from the gaping look of horrified shock the brunette was now wearing on her features.

When Draco saw Ron look at Harry he immediately took another verbal hit at him. "So Weasel, I heard the Ministry let you go. Rumor's really can be quite a pest, don't you agree?" Draco said in a sadistic voice. Everyone knew Draco had spilled the beans of several…delicate…subjects that Ron was involved in, to the Head Auror who had in turn kicked Ron off the Auror team he had been on.

"Don't say such lies!" Ginny hissed, her hand gripping her wand tightly as she glared at the four male's opposing her.

"What lies? The Minister told me himself. Kingsley apparently was very upset over the rumor's he had heard." The Malfoy Lord replied hiding most of the smugness in his voice, but not all of it.

"But what about you and your Team Gin-gin?" Blaise asked. "I've heard some bad things there too..."

"Oh yes. From first off the ground, to third...never going to see a play now. And with how little it pays, you're going to have to get a second job from what I hear." Tom added a smirk in his voice, but not on his face. Harry tried valiently not to laugh.

Blaise rounded on Mrs. Weasley and grinned brightly, a very deceiving look for him. "By the way, my condolences to your up and coming divorce. Well, at least to you. I'll have to make sure your husband goes out soon. I'm sure he'll find a more...loyal...wife in the future." He said in an almost cheerful voice while he insulted her Hogwart's house, her heritage and questioned her loyalty to her marriage all at the same time.

Harry slapped a hand over his mouth to smother his laughter, picking up on the Slytherin's sly humor had made his life quite cheerful.

By now the four Weasley's were red with embarrassment and speechless with anger. The whispers throughout Diagon Alley were louder than ever now. Draco smirked, catching sight of Rita Skeeter and several other reporters in the crowd. "Well, I would say it has been pleasant speaking with you again, but then I wouldn't be feeling sick to my stomach by just being in your presence, especially after I found out everything that you had betrayed his trust in." The silver eyed man sneered before giving them the cut direct and leaving the Alley, Harry clinging tightly to his arm as he tried his utmost not to laugh.

"We are so putting this in a pensive and watching it again!" Harry declared after they had left.

"Of course." Blaise agreed while Tom sniggered over the expressions on the Weasley's faces, having yet to regain control of his mirth.

"We will use this to cheer up from now on."

"It is definitely a Patronus Charm worthy memory." Draco agreed, smirking in triumph.

"So, Now what Harry?" Blaise asked.

"Dumbledore." Harry said simply, in way or reply.

"He will pay." Draco assured them darkly, his eyes flashing with sudden malice reserved for only the most hated people.

Harry gave him a cheerful smile. "How?"

"I'm not sure yet, but he will suffer." The blond promised quietly, nuzzling Harry's hair and breathing in his scent.

Harry blushed. "You have ideas at least?"

"Oh. Several, but none that will come into effect right away." He said, smiling as he drew Harry closer to him.

"Tell me more..." Harry purred.

"Nope. It's supposed to be a surprise." Draco replied, smirking and claiming Harry's lips in a kiss.

Harry pouted when he pulled away. "Tell me!"

"Mmmm...maybe." Draco replied, teasing his lover was one of the funniest things he did in his life.

The next morning Rita Skeeter had a full front page article on the news Draco had revealed as well as peoples reactions, the Weasley's responses to the claims, the Ministry's responses, as well as the conversation word for word by courtesy of a Quick-Quote's Dicto Quill. The four men immediately agreed to frame the article and put it up in their den. This was their revenge for Harry's treatment.

With all the manipulations coming to light, it wasn't surprising, for Harry at least, to see the next big news three days later. Harry found out what Draco had planned the day before that, which had made him especially curious, considering his lover had disappeared for several hours without saying anything to anyone and not revealing what he had done after he got back.

Albus Dumbledore dead from Lemon Drops! Was printed in bold across the front of every newspaper that chilly third morning, making Harry snicker at the poetic justice of the sudden announcement.

As he read further into the article it became apparent as to what it was. Draco had given the reporters several juicy bits of information about the old Headmaster's past to look up which were included with most articles. One thing was for sure, no one would be looking too deeply into if Dumbledore's death was foul play or not.

"Draco, have I told you how much I love you today?" Harry asked as he slipped onto Draco's lap.

"Hmm...yes." Draco replied, quite content to stay exactly where he was.

"Then let me say so again!" The brunet said before he kissed him, hard. The blond hummed in appreciation as the kiss deepened.

"Oh-kay, we probably should get the house elves to clean that room before we use it again." Blaise said after Tom bumped into his back and asked why he suddenly stopped. Snapping the doors shut he turned away from the room where moans started to increase in loudness and frequency.

Tom nodded. "Let's go somewhere else..."

"I second that thought." Blaise agreed, lacing his fingers through Tom's and leading him up to their bedroom at the manor…

The war was finally over. The other Weasleys, Neville and Luna were still there for him, but not so much anymore. Ron and Hermione had broken his trust, ripped out his heart and bled it dry with their treachery. Tom had helped him live again, to rebuild his life and get past everything that had happened. Draco however, mended his heart. He'd been the one to save him, not the other way around as the Malfoy insisted it was because of the Fiendfire incident in seventh year. The public may have thought that the war was over as soon as Voldemort had 'died,' but only a few knew different. Harry had been betrayed, and betrayal was always an act of war, this one just seemed to continue from the last. Forgiveness wasn't always ready to hand out to others, but to those who were worth it, to those who deserved it, he would try again. After all, Draco was there to help him continue living even if they tried to hurt him like that, they could never do that to him again. They would be able to handle anything that happened, especially if they had each other.

The End.


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