Okay, so I don't understand the point of the whole...anon shit, never have never will. So uh, prologue of a fill I'm doing in the kink meme...yay. Like always, expect a shit load of mistakes, specially grammar mistakes. Enjoy.

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Warnings: Blasphemy and violence.

First God made heaven & earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.

One angel for each human was created. One heavenly creature for every single human being. One flawless creature to keep them safe in the earth and in their dreams, to protect them from the darkness and the emptiness in their own souls. One creature to watch over them and make sure they wouldn't step into the darkness. How boring.

When God created the world only angels were allowed to walk among the earth. Each one of them worked in the beautiful land, making sure every single corner of the world was pure and perfect, but perfect was so boring for some of the angels. The angels began to seek for more, more power, more land, more everything. They stepped into what they were separated from and became corrupted. God saw this and banished their leader into hell, the land that he separated his beloved earth from. Little by little more angels began to fill hell, slowly filling it up until the earth was in between two different worlds.

How awful, how very egotistic and shameful for someone to create another being in such a world. To make a new toy to play with so the toy could be stuck in the middle, being pulled to the right and then the left, to land and to be taken into the air, to walk and to crawl. To be in between. But God created the humans and so they lived in the earth, with angels looking at them from above and demons looking at them from underneath the earth.

Humans, what a beautiful play thing. Their darkness created demons and their faith created angels, both beings feeding off of the weaker one. Parasites, what else could angels and demons be? Two sides of the same coin.

Games, wonderful games. Everything was about playing a game. Who would get more angels? Who would get more demons? Who would be able to keep the humans for longer periods of times? Did it matter, did it truly matter?

"How boring…" Soft lips mumble out as the figure dragged his feet along the street. The angel looked up from the ground, his green eyes falling on the back of a brunette. How sinful was this woman? Not very, she cheated on her husband. She stole money from her grandmother and she would sometimes slap her children but asides from that she was nothing but a normal human. Demons were probably not interested on her and who would be? She was so boring.

The sandy blond glanced around, his eyes scanning the scene in front of him. Humans were walking among the streets, each one of them worrying about their own little world and their own business, unaware of the figures that were following close behind. The angels that made sure nothing bad would happen to them, until angels of death would come and pick up the souls. Azreal was probably the one with the best job in the planet.

The angel sighed softly, tilting his head against his shoulder. How long before this human would die? So he could find a new one, maybe the next one would be more amusing, maybe even a demon would fight him off for her or him, that would be so fun. Or maybe he was damned to be stuck with this woman until she grew old and died from old age. God, have mercy that would be horrible, kill her off already.

Arthur stopped moving when a shiver ran down his back. The angel narrowed his eyes and snapped his fingers, making a small bright light appear behind the woman while he moved away to take a couple of steps back. He stared at the alley in front of him, his wings tugging behind his back as his white robe dragged across the filthy ground. The sandy blond crossed his arms over his chest, his feet taking him deeper inside the alley until he found what he was looking for, there, near the corner of the ally where the brick wall was blocking the path was a disgusting creature.

The thing looked nothing but like mud that was smashed together and different things were shoved inside. The creature was wiggling, moving and squirming almost in fear. It was trying to bury itself against the wall and the angel just knelt down in front of the thing, one of his hands reaching over to touch the mud like substance. The thing jerked and squirmed even more until what looked like a small hand crawled out. The chubby limb groped around, waving itself until it reached for the angel's fingers. The hand took a tight hold on the blonds' fingers, but it was a desperate grip, not hurtful or dangerous…just lost.

The creature moved again and an eyeball crawled out from within the mud like substance. The sphere rolled around until it reached the ground. Azure eyes met emerald eyes and the angel had to chuckle. How odd and how weird to be in the presence of the birth of a demon. The heavenly creature could easily and at any second destroy the demonic thing but he could do it after it was born too, so why not wait? Why not get a bit more amusement out of it.

Arthur loved children and he loved them for one reason and one reason alone. Children were the perfect combination in between good and evil. They could be as evil as any demon but still preserve the pureness of an angel, because they had no priorities, because they had no rules, no stupid idealistic thoughts and most of all no knowledge of what was good and what was evil, they did everything by instinct and instinct alone. That was until their parents would twist them into what they wanted. Disgusting.

The thing squirmed again and this time the mud began to crack, like dry mud in the dessert. The mud fell apart, leaving a bloody mess of organs, meat and flesh. The mess began to wiggle until it was clinging to all of its body parts but the hand was still holding on Arthur's fingers, not letting go for even a second. The figure began to take form. In a flash of a dark and purple light a child appeared. The small being was no older than six and his blond hair was gently falling over his face. The skin was a light tan but just a shade darker than the angel's. The blue eyes were as bright as the sky itself and now they were staring at Arthur again. The small demon tilted his head, his hand now letting go of the fingers.

Arthur stared down at the demon, at the blue eyes that were reflecting the sky he so loved. The heaven above that was meant to be called home. What a mockery, for a demon to have eyes like these. How more blasphemous could the demons get? Always laughing at them, always doing whatever they could to crush them, to slap their laws in their faces. Even this little new born was doing it just by looking like this. How easy would it be for this thing to start to seduce humans? To corrupt them and to drag them to hell. It would probably be easy. But now, now he was nothing but like a human child, nothing but a newborn. How did he end up here? How? An accident? That was very unlikely; demons were not as easily created as angels so they always made sure to take care of newborn.

"How long would you last? How long can I make you stay like a child?" The angel asked to the demon that just stared back at him, blinking in confusion.

"It would be interesting to see. How much can I bend the rules, what would be the consequences?" Arthur kept asking, his eyes now staring at night sky above him. "Maybe a demon like you can be more interesting than humans; maybe you can be less disgusting because in the end you would stay true to your nature." Slowly green eyes smiled and then two arms wrapped around the demon, lifting it up from the ground and into a warm chest. "It would be our secret, little demon."

The scream of humans and a car made the angel turn his attention away from the child. With raised brow the blond walked out of the alley and stared at the car accident just down the street. Arthur sighed and rolled his eyes, on the ground on a puddle of her own blood was the human that he was supposed to be taking care of. Really? Were these creatures so stupid that they would die as soon as an angel left them? The pure creature walked down the street until he was standing next to the woman, his unimpressed green eyes showing no emotion whatsoever for the woman he once watched over.

"How boring…"

And the demon in his arms giggled.

How to keep a secret that was so dark and sinful? How to make it so nobody would know about it? It was almost impossible, so impossible with angels wandering all over the world, watching each other's backs and making sure that each and every single of them follows the laws of God. But how could they follow the laws when God Himself wouldn't follow his own rules. Whenever a human did something wrong, He was ready to welcome them back in heaven if they felt guilt, if they asked for forgiveness. Why? Why do something like that when humans didn't care about Him; didn't care about who He truly was.

Humans were spoiled.

Arthur was a smart angel; he wasn't an Archangel for nothing. He was not on earth fighting against demons just for show. No, he was smart, strong and most of all other angels trusted him. How to keep a secret then? Simple, to make it obvious. Arthur selected the next 'human' he would watch over. A kid with blue eyes and sunshine hair, a poor little orphan that was found on the streets and was taken by humans. How tragic, how dramatic and how wonderfully convenient.

The sandy blond angel smiled softly as he stared at the kid. The child was sitting in a sand box and all of the other children were avoiding him. He was alone, his small hands playing with the sand. Arthur was sitting next to him, his green eyes amusedly staring at the small castle the demon was making. It was odd, after two months of watching over the kid nothing much had changed. The child was still unable to speak or say a word but he was capable of making himself visible in the real world which was completely common for demons to do, since that's the way they would mostly corrupt humans.

The pure creature first thought that maybe Alfred was not a very strong demon and that was the reason why was unable to show any other kind of strength. That alone wouldn't be surprising either, since the demon was a newborn, not a fallen one. He was born out of the darkness of humans not an angel that fell from heaven; so maybe, just maybe his powers were limited at an early age. Angels didn't know much about demons growth, just like demons didn't know about angels that were born from human's faith instead of God's hand.

It was also convenient for the angel; for the demon to appear like nothing but a human, a simple innocent child so other angels wouldn't bother him or ask him why he was not killing the demon. Truth to be told Arthur wouldn't be able to kill this demon, not when he was sure the child was capturing his attention in every way possible. The little demon was acting like nothing but a human and even though he couldn't even say one word he could easily manipulate the other kids and the adults. It was thrilling to see something like this, humans, they were nothing compared to angels and demons.

Oh, God, when was the end going to come? When was the world going to come to an end? So they could stop watching over these humans, so they could raise their swords and crush them until they were all gone, until they were all dead and they wouldn't cause Him anymore pain and suffering. Why withstand the behavior of beings like these when angels were ready to crawl on the ground and lick His feet. Why?

A small noise snapped Arthur out of his thoughts. The demon was tugging on his robe and his blue eyes were staring at him.

"You should stay visible for humans at all times, if other angels notice that humans can't see you they are going to suspect me." The angel huffed softly crossing his arms over his chest before just rolling his eyes with a smile. He glanced around and then motioned for the child to follow him. Once the pair were behind the playground, the sandy blond ruffled the sunny locks and picked up the demon.

"You are warm." Arthur mumbled out softly against the silky hair, his eyes closing with a sigh. How could he hate humans so much, yet be so captivated by this little demon? Maybe it was because in the end humans were created after them, so they were basically a flawed version of themselves. Did that mean they were a flawed version of God? No, he couldn't think like that, one angel did before and thought that he could become like God and now he is burning in hell, forever trapped in there until the end of the world comes.

Arthur was pure, he was pure because God made him and told him that he was an angel. He was pure because God said so, because God said that light was pure and flawless and Arthur was light. The little demon was tainted and dirty; he was filthy because God said that he was. Because he was born a demon and darkness and evil was not pure, and therefore it was bad…and therefore it was Arthur's enemy.

The angel however couldn't think about this logic anymore, not when clear blue eyes were smiling at him and a little body would cuddle against his chest and hum softly against him. Arthur loved this boy because he was not human, because he was everything but what Arthur truly hated. Evil…what was truly evil to begin with? How could he possibly just point at someone and call them evil just because they were born as something different. Killing, destroying, raping, murdering, all of that humans did even without a demon's influence. Yet God would accept them back in heaven, so what if this demon didn't harm anyone, what if he didn't do anything wrong? Would he be accepted in heaven as well? No, of course not.

Make the world end, make humans end.

"May all your dreams bloom like daisies in the sun." The angel sang, tilting his head to whisper the words against the demon's ear. "May you always have stars in your eyes. May you not stop running on until your race is won. May you always have blue skies." He sat on the grass with the kid on his lap, his chin resting on top of the sunny mop. "Now you can share a laugh with any stranger on the street. And you can share your money with a beggar on the street. But you can only share your dream when love set it free, so please, won't you share yours with me?"

The demon squirmed on Arthur's lap and closed his eyes, his head tilting back against the angel's chest. He sighed softly, both of his hands holding on the angel's robe. The sunny blond hummed along with Arthur's singing, his voice soft and just above the level of a whisper.

"If the world was to end tomorrow, may you stay in the good side of the Lord so you are not lost. Won't you stay by my side?" The angel giggled softly at his own question, but what surprised him the most was when the demon nodded his head and spun around to face the angel. Azure eyes stared black at Arthur and he could feel his breath being caught in the two pools that were slowly changing colors…and the boy was changing too. The demon's body was slowly growing, just enough to make it annoyingly noticeable. The child looked now around the age of ten and he was smiling at Arthur before he wrapped his arms around the angel's neck and hugged him.

"Alfred." The boy whispered in Arthur's ear and the angel was able to see them then. Behind the child a pair of dark black wings were standing tall and proud. Long bat like wings that were almost the same size as Arthur were swinging back and forth. The child grinned, showing his fangs. The hands that were once soft were now rough and sharp claws were holding on Arthur's form gently, making sure not to hurt him.

The angel chuckled softly and then laughed. He shook his head back and forth while both of his arms wrapped around the boy to hug him close to his chest. One of Arthur's hands gently reached for the wings and touched them. The wings were hot, hot enough to easily burn a human alive but for the angel they were nothing but a soft, dull warmness. Demons, why could demons be so much like them? Both were born like nothing but like humans, and in a couple of months they were fully grown. How could they be so alike and so different, and why? Why would they be so different? Why were they at war…because of humans, because of another creation of God. Them. In the end it was their entire fault, all their fault, dirty yet pure creatures, damned to be in hell or heaven and in the end neither was much different.

How many humans was Arthur able to save over the years? Millions, maybe even billions, each and every single one of them. He used to be so cheerful, so alive and so helpful. He used to love humans and would see them as the children of God. How could he not? He was young, naïve, maybe even stupid. But things changed over the years, he became opaque. Humans, they would do horrible things, kill in such a horrible way, they would torture each other, tear each other apart until blood was everywhere and feelings were splashed all through the walls and the ground. None of them was pure, none of them could be pure, yet Arthur would cling to that hope, he would trust and believe in humans. He would do everything in his power to keep them away from hell, everything, no matter what. Just to save a human he almost died a thousand times…just so they would disappoint him? Just so they would be back to their filthy ways? No matter how much he tried, humans were never meant to be pure, so now Arthur would just keep them from dying and he would slap their hands like a kid when they were about to do something horrible…but there was no faith in humans, no real happiness.

Now, now this demon; this child that he didn't expect anything from that he didn't have any faith in was making him happy again. How? Because this creature was meant to be so dark, so destructive yet he was so naïve, so cute and so…pure? There could be light in darkness and this demon was showing him. There could be a small light in between the darkness because they were not humans, because they were something different. All of sudden, demons became so interesting.

"So Alfred, shall we go get ice-cream then?" The sandy blond asked with a chuckle and a smile.

"Yes, that would be awesome." The demon answered a smile on his face and his fangs lightly poked out from within his lips.

"Why are you taking care of me?" Azure eyes questioned and turned to met bright emerald eyes.

"Because you are the person I must take care of." Arthur answered quietly, his eyes staring at the stars on the dark sky. "That's why."

The small demon shifted on his bed so he could kneel down on top of his pillow and stare at the window behind his bed. The angel was standing next to his bed, staring out at the sky through the same window, so Alfred did the same. He stared at the night sky, counting the beautiful stars that were shinning upon them.

"No, I know you shouldn't be taking care of me. I know what I am and I know what you are. So why?" The sunny blond asked again, not tearing his eyes away from the night sky.

Arthur didn't answer right away this time, instead he sighed softly and closed his eyes. How could he answer to this question? What kind of decent and rational answer could he give?

None. Because the answer was simple; he wanted to take care of the demon because he needed the demon. Alfred was making him have hope again, faith and happiness. Even angels were mentioning how different he was acting and how cheerful he was now days. It was the truth, Arthur wasn't around humans anymore but just a small dark child that was brighter than any other being he had met before.

"Because…because you are my light." The angel finally answered with a smile and turned his head so he was facing the little demon.

Alfred blinked and snapped his head to the side, meeting Arthur's eyes once again. The demon's eyes were wide and he opened his mouth to say something before closing it and smiling. "But I'm a demon, you know I'm darkness, you know I'm evil and everything that harms. So why would you say something like that? You are mean."

Arthur laughed softly and moved to sit on Alfred's bed. He let one of his hands gently reach to rub the boy's back. "You are, you are indeed. That is all you are, yet I cannot see that. Maybe I'm blind, maybe you are corrupting me but in the end I cannot help myself. One day I'm going to pay and the day that I'm gone, I hope you don't cry, and I hope you forget me as soon as you can."

The demon moved on the bed to sit next to Arthur, both of his arms wrapping around the angel's torso. "I should hate you right now. It is in my nature and maybe I am going to hurt you. But I can't, maybe instead of me corrupting you, you are purifying me. Isn't that bad? Isn't that a crime? I can't think about hurting you…but I can think about hurting everyone else."

"I don't know how but logically it is. The laws make it so, because you are meant to be evil. Even though I see no evil, you are evil itself." Arthur sighed softly, his head falling on top of Alfred's as he wrapped one of his arms around the boy's shoulders.

"You say I'm your light…that means I give you hope, happiness and faith. So, you are my darkness, because you...you make me wish not to harm. Not to harm angels, but humans, I feel such a thirst."The demon said quietly, his voice hardly above a whisper. "You see no evil because I don't mean to harm you, but with everyone else. I just wish to hurt them. Does that mean that a being like us can be evil and good? A contradiction then? It isn't supposed to be like that with us, we are meant to be evil or good. And does that mean I am good but bad to some other people?"

The angel gently pet the sunny blond hair. "I guess that's the way it is. With us, with you and me. Maybe we are the exception, because when I'm with you I forget about my dark thoughts." Arthur nodded his head slowly.

"When I'm with you I forget about how much I hate the light." The demon nodded his head slowly and frowned, his hug tightening around the angel. "I don't want them to find out."

"They won't."

"Liars go to hell."

How did they find out? Arthur wasn't sure, and right now he couldn't stop to think about it. Not now and maybe he was never going to have the chance to do it. The angel was running, and it felt so odd to do something so common and normal, but it wasn't like he had an option. Not at the moment.

Arthur was bleeding, one of his wings was missing and the other one was torn to pieces. The hole on his back from the missing wing was pouring out blood, leaving a bloody path behind him as he moved through the woods. It hurt, oh God it hurt so badly. The pain was making his legs feel like jelly and his whole body was trembling but he couldn't stop running. No, he couldn't!

Arthur choked on a painful noise that was trying to tear its way through his throat and instead he closed his eyes. He let the mud coat his clean feet as he kept running; ignoring the heavy rain that was falling on top of him and the form that he was clenching close to his chest. 'I won't let them get you, not you.' The angel thought and opened his eyes.

The heavenly creature could feel his body slowly starting to give up and his robes felt so heavy with the water making the pieces of clothing cling to his form. If only he could fly, if only he could move his wings he would be able to get away.

The angel gasped loudly and let out a loud scream when an arrow pierced through his leg. He quickly turned to fall on his side and not on top of the little demon that he was hugging close to his chest. He was panting heavily and his face was twisted in one that was full of pain. With a soft whimper the angel reached down to pull the arrow out of his leg but it was too late.

Five different angels gathered around Arthur, one of them was holding a bow and was pointing another arrow at the sandy blond. The angel smiled and let the arrow fly straight to its target, easily piercing Arthur's left shoulder this time.

The sandy blond let out a small scream and curled against the mud, hiding the demon and not letting go of him for even a second, not even when the angle was harming his shoulder even further because of the position.

"How sad Arthur, for you to go through this pain just because you couldn't follow the rules." The angel that was the tallest said.

"But a punishment has been set for you and that demon…that disgusting creature would die and you won't even remember he existed, so don't worry, everything would be okay. You would be pure again, you would be loved again." Another angel said his voice a bit lighter and almost enchanting.

"No, no, no, no." Arthur shook his head, his body trembling at the idea of losing the child that was clinging to his chest. "I won't let you," The sandy blond nodded his head slowly and then with what was left of his strength he summoned a bright light on his hand that was soon shooting in all directions hitting the angels around him and throwing them against the dark woods. The wounded angel rapidly reacted and with a hissing noise he stood up before quickly running deeper inside the woods until he was sure the angels couldn't see him.

The angel swallowed heavily and let go of the child. "Alfred, Alfred listen. I-I know you are tired and wounded but listen." Arthur gently took a hold of the boy's face, his thumb wiping off the blood on the demon's brow. "I need you to hide, I need you to hide and not to come out. Hide and don't come out until they are all gone." He swallowed heavily kissing the boy's forehead before pushing him towards the woods.

"B-but Arthur." The demon whimpered, holding on his wounded side and not caring about the blood that was running down his stomach and his head. "I-I can't leave you here!"

"Go now! Or I swear I am going to kill you myself!" The angel hissed loudly and glared at the boy, not noticing the hurt look the child gave in return. "GO!"

Alfred stared at the wounded angel and closed his eyes before turning around and running down the path ahead of him. But he didn't obey, no. the small demon ran just enough to be out of sight and then he ended up hiding behind some bushes and trees. He needed to see this, he needed to know that Arthur was going to be okay, that nothing bad was going to happen to him. He was an angel, Arthur was an angel, there was no way other angels would hurt him, right? Right?

The angels were once again surrounding Arthur, although this time each and every one of them was pointing their weapons at the bloody angel. Spears, swords, bows and sharp daggers were dangerously getting closer to the angel that was now just standing there with a small smile on his face.

"I can't believe you would do something like this Arthur, I still can't, even going as far as to harm us, your own kind." This angel's voice was monotone, almost non-existing because of how neutral it was.

"But your punishment was selected and now you can follow it through." The second tallest angel said and he sighed. "Arthur Kirkland, Archangel from heaven and beloved messenger of God himself." The angels moved closer, four wings moving behind their backs and spreading. "You chose a demon over your own kind and the children of God. Your hatred towards humans and your sinful wishes are a strike against God and your own believes. There for we have decided that you would spend a life time as one of the beings that you so much hate and despise."

Arthur just stared, his eyes wide and his form shaking. He shook his head, his lips rubbing together before he took a step back just to bump into one of the angels. "No, not that. No, no, no, no! Not that! Not a human, everything but that. I would rather spend my life going through the seven hells than being a human!" The angel chocked softly, his breathing becoming heavy as he wrapped his arms around his own body. A pathetic noise escaped his mouth and he fell on his knees and quickly used his hands to support himself.

"Please, God, everything but that! God NO!" The sandy blond screamed his screaming breaking through the steady silence of the forest and even making a couple of innocent birds escape their safety to fly away. "Please, please…" And the angel was crying and hiding his face with both of his hands. More blood was pouring out from his wounds and now his hands were digging against the mud, clawing at the dirty in a mere act of desperation.

Alfred covered his mouth with both of his hands, his eyes not tearing away from the scene in front of him. They couldn't do this, no, they couldn't punish Arthur like that. They knew, they knew how much Arthur hated humans and how much he would break around them and now they were throwing him into the human world, making him nothing more than what he hated and wished to end. They couldn't be this cruel; they couldn't punish an angel just for helping…just for helping him!

The angels didn't show pity, not even one of them flinched at the scene of the broken angel in front of them.

"You will live like a human, live among humans and be nothing more than a mere human, until it is time to collect your soul. Until we believe it is time for you to be forgiven." This time the angel that spoke had a chilly voice, it was soft and numbing but the coldness behind it was hard to hide.

"And now, you would come from dust and return as dust. Ashes to ashes dear Arthur." The tall angel said with a smiling voice and was the first one to pierce his spear through the angel's chest. It was a sign, because as soon as the spear pierced through the sandy blond the other angels attacked as well, stabbing the angel on different parts of his body until blood was covered the angel almost from head to toes.

Arthur coughed up blood, his eyes now unable to focus on something and looking glossy and lost. He fell against the hard ground, his fingers twitching just a little bit. The angel tried to say something but nothing came out, instead more blood spat out of his mouth before his eyes went a dark, dull green color and the body stopped moving.

The five angels looked at each other, completely ignoring the gory scene in front of them, like if it was something normal, like if it didn't matter that the five committed murder.

"The demon is not here."

"He probably hid him."

"Separate and look for him."

And the angels were gone in the blink of an eye, not leaving any trails.

Alfred waited for a couple of minutes before glancing to his right and then to his left. Slowly and carefully he walked out from within the bushes and trees. The small demon stared down at the body of the dead angel before kneeling down and touching the pale face. He could hear himself sobbing and crying but he was not going to admit to himself that he was. No, it was impossible, demons didn't cry, that was unheard of and absurd. Demons were strong, heartless and beasts that would destroy and kill…like those angels that did this to Arthur. Just like those angels.

The small demon sobbed loudly and the sobbing soon turned into a growling noise as a dark light appeared to be crawling out from within the boy's body. A dark fog was slowly crawling around the child and eating him up until nothing else could be seen but the thick mist. After what seem like forever and slowly and almost in slow motion the dark fog disappeared, leaving the body of a man, no, a demon. The demon was tall and with an athletic build, the muscles were defined on his body and even on the claw like hands that he owned. Sharp long fangs were now showing on his mouth and a pair of ram like horns was on the sides of his head, a little above his now long, pointy ears.

The adult demon slowly picked up the body of the angel, hugging it close to his chest and running his long claws through the soft hair. "I'm going to find you and take you away, before they can get to you. I promise" He whispered softly and let his index finger rub against the soft skin on the angel's face. The skin slowly began dry out and little by little the color changed to a rusty gray color. The angel was now nothing but a figured made out of ashes and soon enough those ashes blew away with the wind, leaving the demon alone.

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