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The gates of heaven were unapproachable by demons, just getting near them was enough to burn them alive and send them back to hell as nothing but ashes. Whatever demon would survive would be deaf, blind and mute for all eternity. For heaven was more tempting and succulent than anything a demon could offer. Any demon would feel fulfilled after seeing it.

That's how sinful and tempting heaven was for demons. That is why there was nothing more overpowering than the wish to destroy it.

But Arthur was no demon. He could easily go to heaven, earth and hell. He was allowed to move through the realms of the earth freely. The sandy blond, was after all, an archangel. But he was punished and became a guardian angel. It was because of his jealousy. He was jealous of humans, the love they would receive, the forgiveness they would acquire and the way God would look at them. Angels were the higher beings, they were pure, lovable and wanted nothing but to serve their creator. The humans were nothing but an accident, imperfect beings that for some reason, their God appreciated so much, enough to punish him for wanting to end them.

He, the angel that fought next to Michael to send Lucifer to hell. He, who delivered every single message without doubt. He, who found the woman that was going to bear God's son. He was punished because he wanted to fulfill his duty, to bring the end to earth and the disgusting race that now plagued it. For Arthur was the only one that could open the gates of heaven and begin the end of the world.

But now, he was not alone. Not now, not ever and it was so ironic that the person that he loved and the person that was willing to give his all for him...was a demon. A little thing he picked up and that grew to be so beautiful.

Arthur wasn't sure why he was so bewitched by the demon. Maybe it had been the small light of hope that he had been searching for all of these years, although, how? How could a demon bring him hope? He couldn't understand. It was unexplainable to him but this demon had risked his life all of these years just to find him and bring him back and he was letting him do as he pleased.

The angel closed his eyes, his body leaning back against the confessional. A pair of rich, purple drapes were hiding what the demon was doing to the angel. It was human for the demon to want to do this to him but Arthur couldn't deny him anything. It was a way for the demon to feel accomplished, something that he had been waiting for all of those years that he had been searching for him.

Alfred was above him, his fangs showing as he leaned down to kiss Arthur's cheek, nose and his lips. The show of affection was making the angel feel awkward and out of place, even though he had already agreed to something more scandalous than this. The demon was not only kissing him but he was inside of him, moving against him and pulling him towards him as he groaned and leaned against him.

It was...different. Arthur had never done anything like this. Angels did not show affection by touching each other, or even getting near each other. Angels would just look at you and you could feel the love in their bodies, the passion and the appreciation. They were not created to show this kind of 'affection' their whole being was meant to be love itself. Even though, that love could sometimes turn into nothing but destruction and obsession.

It was sinful for Arthur to allow a demon to do this to his being. It was a way for humans to commit sin, show love and even sometimes have fun but Angels were above humans, and demons were as well. But demons knew how to enjoy themselves more than anything. It was what they loved doing the most, which is why they were not bound by any laws, or structures. They did as they pleased.

The angel closed his eyes when Alfred leaned over to kiss his ear, whispering things that Arthur was sure that demons were not supposed to feel but Alfred...he was an exception, he had always been. He was no normal demon in Arthur's eyes. He wasn't. Which was why he was letting him do this in the confessional, in the church in the purgatory, where no one could see. Not God, not Lucifer, no angel or demon. It was just the two of them in this little room.

The demon was holding onto his waist, leaning against him and moving at a rough phase. He was groaning and clinging to him, not letting him go for one second and if Arthur moved, Alfred moved with him. It was a need that Alfred had and the only way he could feel full and content was when he was near the angel. He needed Arthur just as much as he needed the darkness in humans to survive. He had waited for him for so long, so many years...and now, now that the angel was letting him hold him. Letting him play with him and letting him do as he wished, Alfred couldn't believe it.

The time they spent together was maybe minutes, or hours or maybe even days. There was no time in the purgatory. Just a never ending existence.

Arthur opened his eyes and stared at the demon, and then he knew it was time. He kissed Alfred's forehead and gently ran his hands through his hair. He walked out of the confessional and stared at the marvelous cathedral that was his friend's never ending prison. All the sacrifices that angels had to do for humans were soon going to end.

The archangel looked up at the ceiling, his green eyes following the lost souls that were floating and carelessly navigating themselves. Ivan was once again showing his true self. The never ending sea of eyes that were blinking could see everything. He was everywhere and nowhere, he was the angel of death after all. He had to be present each and every time a human died. The wings spread out, showing that he was not present at the moment. He couldn't see what was going on in his own home. He was too busy taking care of humans, as his duty demanded.

"It would be so put him out of his misery. He wouldn't even know what happened." The demon whispered behind the angel, his long arms slipping around Arthur's waist, holding him close.

"No, I want him to see this. It would be as delightful for him as it will be for me. He can't do anything to stop me. If he steps foot outside the purgatory, he will turn into nothing but ashes..." Arthur glanced back at Alfred, his hand gently resting on top of the demon's. "He has less freedom than a soul in hell."

The demon simply nodded, not saying anything else. He turned around, not facing the tortured angel anymore and instead headed for the door. It was time to leave.

"The gates of heaven, you can't reach them." Arthur quietly said.

"You are wrong. I might not be able to go inside but I can reach them. I am no normal demon, Arthur. I was created out of the hate and misery of an angel. And not just any angel but you..." The demon chuckled quietly and lazily held out his hand. "Come on, its time to make your dream come true."

Arthur reached for the hand that was being offered to him. He smiled at the demon and the two of them left the church.

Heaven was in the sky. It was a glorious kingdom that no human was able to see, only demons and angels. It was invisible to the human eye but was there, it had always been there. It covered the whole world and expanded beyond that. The gates could be reached from anywhere on the planet but in the end it was always the same gate. The golden gate.

Heaven held no complicated fortress to defend itself. The kingdom was wide open and everyone that was able to see it could see it from anywhere on earth. But even if you tried to get near it, you could never approach it. No, not until you step food inside through the gates.

The gates were made out of nothing but crystal, they shone and glowed beautifully at night. The golden color was always the same and it looked like gold itself, but no, they were made of one delicate, solid crystal.

The gate was not unguarded though, not at the moment. Not when they knew that one angel was coming to destroy it.

Arthur stopped his wings from moving any further when he noticed the five angels that were standing right in front of the gate. It was the same angels that killed Arthur so many years ago. The angel smiled at his brothers as he walked towards them, floating in mid air and with his wings tucked behind his back.

"Why am I not surprised that you are all here?" Arthur asked quietly.

"We where summoned again to stop you. You cannot destroy earth Arthur, it is not its time." It was Baglis the one that answered him. He wasn't looking at him as he spoke, he was staring down at the earth beneath him.

"I am not destroying earth." The archangel chuckled, slowly walking closer to the group. "I am merely destroying the plague that infests it."

"You cannot think of yourself above humans, that is not the will of God!" Ezekiel spoke next, his ax resting on the invisible floor beneath him. He was ready to attack at any minute.

"But I do and you murder me for it. You filthy halved angels, killed me while I was trying to protect the only thing that gave me hope in this miserable age." Arthur's voice became violent, it was almost like the angel in the purgatory. More than once voice could be heart and at some point it was almost demonic but no, it couldn't be, for he was an angel.

"You knew I wouldn't dare to fight you, because I would put him at risk. Fighting you would be dangerous, you all were created to destroy angels and nothing else. You can only fight angels, you can only harm angels but you cannot defeat evil, you cannot take a human life..." The archangel chuckled and then tilted his head against his shoulder. The amused smile on his lips spreading wider and wider until he was laughing. "So how unfortunate it would be for you all, if a demon was to reach these gates."

The five angels stared in confusion at the angel before showing a hint of disgust. The angel that had been so proud and lovable seemed like nothing but a corrupted being. The envy and darkness were slowly enveloping his heart and there was no salvation for him now. None, he was going to have to die and this time there will be no forgiveness. Risking having Arthur become a fallen one was a big deal, an angel so strong and powerful would be nothing but an aid to the forces in hell. He needed to die, he was going to die and with that thought the five angels picked up their weapons.

Until one of them fell to the floor with his head rolling down. Amitiel lay dead on the floating sky, his headless corpse was slowly turning a white color and soon it turned into a dark gray until it slowly started to crumble and ashes flew away with the wind.

The rest of the angels didn't have time to react at all. Everything happened too quickly. A demon, no, not just a demon. Arthur's demon had been standing behind them the whole time. His long and sharp claws had snapped the angel's head off and now his long fangs were digging against the flesh on Douma's neck. He tore the flesh there but no blood came out, no, angels did not bleed. Instead light shone through the open wound.

Arthur did not stay still either. A silver sword was slowly being formed in his hand. The melted material was taking form in his fist, showing a beautiful white and silver sword. It looked fragile but long and thick.

The archangel did not waste any time. He joined the demon that was now fighting against Ezekiel, the angel swinging his ax at the demon, trying to cut through his tainted body but the demon was too quick. It was so different from before. He was stronger and looked twisted, his demented eyes mocking him until something pierced through his chest. A silver sword.

Arthur moved his sword side ways as it pierced through the angel's body. In a smooth swing, he cut the body in half and the body was soon nothing but ashes that were flying with the wind.

That left two angels, Baglis and Munkir. The two of them were not going to be able to defeat them, not when these angels were not created to fight demons, just against angels themselves. They couldn't harm a demon, they were powerless against them.

Arthur chuckled quietly as the two angels quickly ran towards the gates of haven. He stopped Alfred from following them and instead held onto his face, pulling him closer with a small smile and a kiss. "Don't chase after them. I want them to watch their failure."

The demon stared at his angel and then just grinned. The long sharp fangs showing as the demon took back his more human form. The claws on his feet and hands were gone, the long sharp wings became tinnier and easier to manage and the long horns and tail became shorter.

"You are so cruel Arthur..." The demon whispered against his ear. "Are all angels this cruel?"

"We are not cruel, Alfred. We cannot be, remember? We are beings of love." Arthur smiled and kissed his demon's lips once again before stepping closer and closer to the gate. As he did a silver liquid slowly enveloped his body and took shape around it, leaving a white armor on top of his usual robes. The sword was now resting on his hip and a long red cape dragged behind him. A white crown made out of thorns now rested on his head, the same crown that his God's son wore when he was killed.

The archangel stood in front of the gate, he gently touched it and then turned around with his back facing the gates. He looked at Alfred one more time before closing his eyes and opening his mouth.

Alfred heard that the end of the world would come when the angels in heaven sang with the trumpets but this was far from what he heard. The moment Arthur opened his mouth a vicious and horrendous scream crawled out from within his throat. Not even the scream of a banshee on its death bed could compare. The scream was long and never ending and Alfred could hear more than Arthur's voice. He could hear multiple people screaming at the same time, just like the way Ivan would speak when angered.

The demon could feel the earth trembling underneath. He glanced down and watched as the humans confusingly glanced around. They had no idea of what was happening, an earthquake? That was the most logical answer for them, but no. Alfred glanced back at Arthur and watched as his green eyes began to glow. The angel was still screaming but it didn't look like he was putting any effort into it. The horrible scream was coming out from his mouth like if he was nothing but a speaker and the noises belonged to something else.

Alfred's eyes widened as the angel stretched out his arms and six wings sprung out of his back. The perfectly white wings twitched before spreading out and as they did the day turn into night, not only in the heavens but everywhere around the world. The night sky fell but there was no moon to brighten it up, and no stars. The whole world was swallowed by darkness as the bloody scream kept going. The earth shook furiously and Alfred could hear buildings collapsing and the earth breaking apart underneath human feet. He heard them screaming and running but the angel... It seemed like he was gone.

Arthur was glowing, the bright light emitting from his body was even blinding but Alfred never looked away. Not even once. He kept staring as the angel seem to change shapes again, he had short hair but then it grew longer and longer just to change back to the same shape. His face was changing as well, but not only that. He was a woman sometimes and sometimes he was a man. The never ending changes did not come to stop, showing the many faces the angel had once taken.

It was then that Alfred witnessed as the golden gates shattered, they broke into thousands of pieces. Only then did the angel stop screaming. His mouth shut closed and then Arthur's green eyes stared at the demon, a small smile spreading over his lips as the gates behind him grew in size. A dark hole took their place and the once shinning and glowing gate was gone.

Angels walked through the dark hole. They were wearing a similar armor to Arthur's but they were also wearing a mask, a mask that was covering their entire face, with no holes for their eyes, mouth or nose. The silver masks made every single angel look the same and as they stepped foot outside the dark hole they flew down to earth.

Arthur stepped closer to Alfred then and took his hand. He let him see what he could see. He was going to let him see what they had accomplished.

Down on earth the once guardian angels were now visible to humans. The silent guardians could be seen and their beautiful faces seemed to keep the humans at rest. They were calm and astonished, not believing what was happening. Yet, the angels said nothing, instead the same silver liquid that had once moved around Arthur's body was now crawling over their faces until a mask was hiding their face. The same mask as before. The simple robes were replaced with an elegant armor and a weapon was now in their hands. They said nothing and then one of them was the first one to deliver the first blow. The angels were killing the humans themselves. It was no demon the one that was harming them, but the guardians that he prayed for every night and their defenders.

The gates of hell snapped open then and the earth shook with anger as demons slowly crawled from with in the ground. Their gruesome form changed into one similar to an angel. Their faces were beautiful and their black wings spread out with pride as they stepped foot on earth. The black armor made a nasty contrast with the white knights that were now murdering the humans. Yet the demons did nothing. They stood there watching as the humans were slowly killed. Their time to fight was yet to come and it would only start when an specific angel rose to earth.

Arthur pulled away from Alfred when four horses rode out from within the dark hole. The riders were wearing nothing but dark robes that covered their whole form and a sword was tightly being held in their right hand. They rode down to earth and were easily murdering and destroying anything on their path, one of them didn't even have to use his sword, his mere presence was enough to turn humans into nothing but ashes and make the buildings around him collapse like sand.

"Do you enjoy the view?" Arthur whispered against Alfred's ear, his hand gently holding on his chin.

"This is how it was always going to end? With angels delivering the final blow to humanity?" Alfred was just surprised. He wasn't told much about the end of the world, in fact no demon knew how things were going to end, all they knew was that once it happened they were going to be able to hear the call.

"Yes..." Arthur said as his head leaned against the demon's shoulder. "It was always meant to end this way. We gave them life, we protected them and we are the only ones allowed to end them." The angel laughed quietly and pulled away from the demon before his six wings spread out.

"Now Alfred, do you want to join me while I have my fun as well?" The archangel smiled and held his hand for the demon.

Alfred glanced at the angel and couldn't look away. The green eyes seemed poisonous and dangerous. The pale skin was too pale, it almost resembled white marble. No imperfections, no roughness just a soft touch that held malice and a death wish behind it. For Alfred it was almost flawless. Arthur was flawless and he felt his insides jumping as he reached for the others hand but he felt to urge to pull him in then and lock lips with him. He kissed him as he was able to hear the pain filled screams from the earth underneath him. The blood bath was not important as he held the angel close to himself and kissed those cold lips. He never closed his eyes, he never looked away, and neither did Arthur. He kept staring at him as the demon kissed him and he kissed back with a raw passion Alfred never felt within the angel before.

The dark hole behind them grew bigger and more angels and vile beasts that shouldn't belong to heaven crawled out. The hell hole was also growing, letting out demons and three headed dogs. They ran through the earth but did not attack, they took place as spectators. Just watching, waiting as the angels got rid of humanity.

The earth trembled once again and this time the purgatory itself came out from within the shadows. The crumbling church appeared in between heaven and earth and the lost souls kept floating, not knowing where to good. The doors open and Azreal came out, the gray haired angel smiled at the angels and the demons and then for the first time after thousands of years he was able to step out of the purgatory and then, just then...hell broke loose, so to speak.

The souls of the people that were being killed became visible and the demons hungrily moved towards them, except they were still fighting the angels for them. The battle between heaven and hell began. It was the end and the last day angels and demons could collect humans souls and they were fighting for them. The angels wanted to offer them shelter in heaven while the demons wanted to devour them. It did not matter if the soul was good or evil if a demon won the battle then they were taken and eaten.

"Is this what you imagined?" Alfred asked. The two where now sitting on one of the tall buildings, watching the fight from afar.

"Even better..." The angel chuckle, his eyes staring at the dark sky as the demons fought against the angels. "My kind is not even suffering for doing this. They can't hear, they can't see or speak. I made sure of that, so they wouldn't regret or feel pity upon their enemies."

"How can they fight demons so well then?" The demon frowned, nudging the angel as the other leaned his head against his shoulder.

"We are holy beings, Alfred. Nothing is impossible for us. I created the omen, I created you. How can you believe that we wouldn't be able to fight like this?" Arthur smiled and looked up at the other, his hand holding tightly onto his as he leaned closer to him.

"Once this ends...are we going to be safe? You did this against the will of God. Once he is able to interfere, once he can once again have powers over his own kind... What will happen?" Alfred watched as an angel easily decapitated one of the demons. He let his hold on Arthur's hand tighten a little bit.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll be killed. Maybe I won't. I did what I had to do. I did what had to be done and now I'm at peace... I'm happy, I truly am."

The angel started laughing, he laughed against Alfred's shoulders. The soft laugh was twisted and Alfred could hear the chorus of multiple voices from Arthur's throat again. He held him tight and then he watched as the once white feathers slowly flew off and turned into nothing but ashes. The bare bones of the wings twitched and spread out as the white color seem to be melting and dripping down. The angel was shaking in Alfred's arms and he never let go. He watched as the black goo turned into dark feathers, sharp dark feathers that looked like hundreds of knives. Arthur's white wings had been replaced by dark ones. Not only that but the armor, the silver armor was slowly turning into a nasty, rusty color. The rust slowly peeled away, and the armor turned ebony black. The silver sword was now red, with small claws keeping it together. Arthur's blond hair turned a pale blond color, a very opaque shade in comparison to his old, wheat like colored hair.

Alfred knew what was happening, and he held the, the former angel as he screamed and arched. Arthur screamed loudly and his twisted voice was back. The hundreds of people screaming made Alfred feel like if his ears were going to blow up. Arthur's crystal, green eyes were now a toxic green, glowing with darkness hidden behind them. His hands twitched and morphed until claws slowly held tight onto Alfred. With another pain filled scream, a pair of twisted horns appeared on each side of his head. He took a deep breathe and now sharp fangs could be seen.

The angel had fallen. The light had been turned away from him and now darkness was slowly wrapping around his soul and claiming him. Once God had turned its back on an angel, they became the fallen ones. They were not demons, they were something strong and darker, yet pure and beautiful, just like the ruler of hell, Lucifer. It was unexplainable and they were more desirable in hell than any angel and now Alfred had one in his arms, panting and clinging to his form. One of the ones that held unimaginable darkness and hatred, yet something pure and beautiful to their beings. He held him tight, and Arthur began to cry.

Arthur had known this was going to happen, and just like any other fallen angel, they could feel nothing but sadness and sorrow now that the person that had created them and loved them so much was shunning them away from his form. He was never again going to be able to step foot near heaven. He was never going to be able to see him and feel him near him...yet, he didn't feel as bad as he thought he would. He felt a kind of freedom he had never felt before and most importantly, he did not feel alone. Not at all.

The fallen angel looked at the demon that was holding him and he just leaned in to kiss him once more, his fangs rubbing against Alfred's as he desperately clung to him. Alfred, his little omen. The demon child that he found so many years ago. He was the only support he had at the moment. He was the only one that never left him or betrayed him. With that in mind, he broke away from the kiss and held Alfred's hand again. He watched as the end of the world kept happening right in front of his eyes. Demons were eating away souls and angels were fighting against them, the beasts and monsters were destroying everything on their path and lastly the human souls were wandering around aimlessly, waiting for their fate to be decided by a demon or an angel.

"I won't let them find you..." Alfred said quietly, watching as a child tried to run away from the angel that was chasing him. "I'll drag you to the deepest hole in hell to keep you safe, but I will not let them touch you."

Arthur chuckled quietly and closed his eyes, his body leaning back to lay down on the roof. "I don't want to go to hell, I lived in a human hell for years. I don't want to see it again."

Alfred frowned and looked away from the angel. "It will be the only way."

"It might be but I would rather spend one year here than live through hell for thousands..." The angel nodded his head slowly and then turned to curl himself up against the demon. "Even if I die, I'm sure that you'll find me."

"If you are to die, I'll kill God himself in order to find you." The demon's voice was dark and filled with anger. The mere idea of finding his beloved Arthur dead again was enough to make his blood boil through his veins.

"I trust you will." The angel smiled and then slowly sat up to kiss Alfred's cheek. "My little omen."

Alfred smiled quietly to himself, his eyes turning back to the collapsing buildings in front of him. The never ending dark sky and the loud screams of dying people was almost soothing for him. He reached for Arthur's hand again and gently squeezed it, reassuring him of his words in this way. If it came down to it... If the angels killed Arthur, then he was going to go through heaven and hell to bring him back. One way or another. He was going to find him again. The demon closed his eyes, feeling the warm hand holding his own.

It could have been hours or days, but they just sat there, admiring the dark sky and enjoying being near each other. That was until Alfred blinked once and then a group of angels surrounded them...yeah, he would go through hell and heaven. One day. Once again, he would search for him, and again he would keep his promise.

He squeezed Arthur's hand as the angels charged at them.

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