Hey this is K. C. Ellison with a new fanfic! This is what happens when Timmy and the other characters of "The Fairly Oddparents" create a public chatroom. First, here are the replies from the introduction.

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(Author's Note: Chapter updated on 9/9/2010. Same old session, now with emotes!)

"Random Fairly Oddparents Chatroom"

One: Trixie Knows

Sunday, September 5, 2010

10:26 am

[TheChosenOne, Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty, I luv Timmy, Smartguy100, MuncherLad01 have signed in]

Timmy: Hey guys! :)

Chester: Hey Timmy.

A. J.: Good Morning, Timmy.

Tootie: *heart* Hello, boyfriend... *heart*

Timmy: *sigh* {How many time do I have to tell her that I'M NOT HER BOYFRIEND!} Hey, Trixie.

Trixie: Huh? :?

Tootie: Timmy, why do you always go after Trixie? After all, she is...

Timmy: She's what?

Tootie: An EVIL, UGLY, B****!

Trixie: That's not true... :(

Tootie: You calling me a liar?

[Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty has signed off. Time: 11:08 am.]

Tootie: Good riddance to bad rubbish! :D

Everyone but Tootie: ... -_-;

Tootie: WHAT?

Chester: Tootie, I can't believe you said that!

Tootie: What are you talking about?

A. J.: We're talking about you calling Trixie "an evil, ugly dog."

Tootie: Well, she IS!

Timmy: Tootie, you should apologize to Trixie right now!

Tootie: X( NEVER!

Timmy: X( Fine, be that way! But until you do, I never want to see you again!

[I luv Timmy has signed out. Time: 11:16 am.]

Timmy: Guys, I have to check on Trixie. I'll see you later.

Chester and A. J.: Okay. Bye, Timmy.

[TheChosenOne has signed out. Time: 11:18 am.]

(Meanwhile, in the park, Trixie is sitting on a bench, saddend over what Tootie had said about her.)

Trixie: {What if Tootie's right? What if I'm nothing but a dog?}

Timmy: Trixie?

Trixie: Timmy? Is that you?

Timmy: Yeah, it's me. Can I sit with you?

Trixie: Sure, if you don't mind sitting with an ugly dog.

Timmy: Trixie, you're NOT an ugly dog. You're a wonderful person. Too bad Tootie doesn't see it that way.

Trixie: You're standing up for me? Even after all the times I've been mean to you?

Timmy: Of course. I'll always be there for you. (Timmy kisses Trixie on the lips.)

Tootie: Aww, isn't it sweet that a jerk like you to stand up for an ugly dog! Too bad that there's no one to be there for you!

Timmy: I thought I told you to never come near me again!

Tootie: You did, but I came to an understanding...(she pulls out a knife) that if I can't have you, then no one can!

(Trixie gets in between Timmy and Tootie and takes a near fatal stab wound to the chest.)

Timmy: TRIXIE!

Tootie: Now that that dog is out of the way, it's time for you to say good-bye!


(Suddenly, Cosmo and Wanda, along with Poof, appear.)

Cosmo and Wanda: Hi Timmy!

Timmy: Quick! I wish Tootie was gone!

Wanda: You got it!

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof wave their wands and Tootie starts to dissapear.)


Timmy: Thanks guys!

Cosmo: Need anything else?

(Trixie is writhing in pain)

Timmy: Trixie! I wish Trixie's wound was healed!

(They wave their wands again, and Trixie's wound starts to heal completely.)

Trixie: Timmy?

Timmy: You feeling alright?

Trixie: Never better! (she spots Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof) Who are they?

Timmy: They saved your life. Their names are Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof...and they are my fairy godparents.

Jorgen's Voice: TURNER!

(Jorgen von Strange, the world's toughest fairy, appears.)

Timmy: Jorgen, are you here to take my fairies away?

Jorgen: No. I saw what you did to save this girl's life and I'm grateful for it. Because of this, I was thinking that you need a friend that knows that you have fairies, and what better person than the girl you just saved.

Timmy: You mean, Trixie will know?

Jorgen: Yes, but if you or Trixie ever reveal your fairies (unless it is an emergency), I will take them away, verstehen sie*? (* German for "Do you understand?")

Timmy and Trixie: Sir, yes sir!

Jorgen: I'll be checking on you through your chatroom now and then. Until then have fun! (He poofs out.)

Cosmo: We'll also be on your chatroom too.

Wanda: And if you two ever need us, we'll be there!

Poof: Poof-Poof! (Me three!)

Timmy: Thanks! You're the best friends an eleven-year-old kid could have!

(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof out.)

Timmy: Do you want to head back to the chatroom?

Trixie: Of course, boyfriend! (Trixie kisses him on the lips.)

-End Session One-

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