It's the third session of "The Random Fairly Oddparents Chatroom"! Here are my replies from Session Two.

OddAuthor: Thanks for the review! Yeah, the Box Ghost is like Rodney Dangerfield: He gets no respect! I'm glad that you liked the Timmy/Trixie moment. I'm trying to, but sort of reminds me of Tootie: The guy's ANNOYING! In fact, the first part of this session, the gang encounters and takes care of a person just like him. I hope to hear from you again!

Luiz4200: Thanks for the review and for the idea (I'm making the next session a two-parter. The first part is your idea of the Poltergeeks hunting down Danny when Timmy and Trixie arrive to save the day, and the second part is...well, you going to wait and see it. One thing is for sure: Timmy's life will never be the same!). I'm glad that you like the dialogue between Sheen and the Box Ghost. As about Calamitous' comment: It was taken out of "Fairly Odd Baby," and the rest never let him finish because they knew it was dumb. I hope to hear from you again!

Prettydog200: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the little flame war between the Syndicate members. I hope to hear from you again.

timmy: Your opinion.

Solaris Knight 30: Thanks for the review. I'll add emotes during the chatroom, but I always text how I write. I hope to hear from you again.

"Random Fairly Oddparents Chatroom"

Three: A Troll and a Party

New Characters and Usernames

Kellen Ellison: commandercharon2

Micheal Riddle: StarryWarrior777

Mana Riddle: MullatoGardener

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10:53 am

[Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty and i_h8_trixie have signed in.]

Trixie: Hello? Is anyone here? :?

?: U SUCK! }:)

Trixie: O.O Excuse me, but who the heck are you?

?: Is there anyone else besides this witch?

Trixie: Shut up!

?: I'm goin 2 kill u! Hehehe...

Trixie: Is that a THREAT?

?: No, it's a PROMISE!

Trixie: O.o

[Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty has left the chatroom. Time: 11:11 am.]

?: R u dead, because then ur so-called boyfriend will go with Tootie!

(Meanwhile, Trixie is on the phone with Timmy.)

Trixie: Timmy, could you come to the chat room for a few minutes? I've got a problem...

Timmy: Sure. By the way, three more people are coming into chatroom along with me. Take care! (Timmy hangs up.)

(Back in the chatroom)

[TheChosenOne, Tell_Me_I'm_Pretty, commandercharon2, StarryWarrior777, and MullatoGardener have signed in. Time: 11:21 am]

?: Oh good! The witch is back!

Trixie: That's him, Timmy. There's my problem.

Timmy: A troll?


Kellen: This guy reminds me of a troll that's been writing flaming reviews on my story!

Mana: Like what, Kellen?

Kellen: Just basically that "Trixie's an evil shallow witch and deserves to die."

Micheal: What an idiot!

Troll: I SAW THAT! X(


Trixie: How are we going to stop this troll?

Kellen: Let us take care of the troll.

Micheal: If anyone wants to get to you, Trixie, then they'll have to go through us!

(Micheal and Mana trace the troll's IP address and then Kellen types in a code on his laptop.)

Kellen: Hey Timmy and Trixie! Want to see me kill a troll? :)

Timmy and Trixie: YES!

Kellen: Okay! Here goes!

(Kellen presses the enter key on his laptop.)

Troll: TRIXIE TANG SU...HEY! What's going...AAAAAHHHHH!

[i_h8_trixie has been disconnected. Time: 11:50 am.]


Timmy: So the troll is gone?

Micheal: Yes.

Trixie: How?

Mana: Care to explain, Kellen?

Kellen: I had Mike and Mana trace the troll's IP address, while I typed in a code that hacks any computer I want! As soon as I pressed the Enter key, the troll's computer got pasted with an YTPMV that only I can remove.

Timmy and Trixie: A YTPMV of what?

Kellen: Oh...nothing.

(Meanwhile, in the troll's room)


(The troll's computer shows a YTPMV of Timmy and Trixie's kiss from "Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part" while the audio continuously loops their dialogue.)

"Trixie": Timmy! How's my hair?

"Timmy": Perfect!

Kellen: Now that troll won't be bothering us anytime soon.

Trixie: Hey, Micheal, how's the search for Remy coming?

Micheal: Nothing yet.

Mana: We'll call you if we find anything.

Timmy and Trixie: Okay!

[StarryWarrior777 and MullatoGardener have signed off. Time: 11:59 am.]

Kellen: I've got to go, too. I've got stories to write. See ya later!

[commandercharon2 has signed off. Time: 12:00 pm.]

[Toughguy, Kozmo, not_a_nag, and Poof-Poof have signed on. Time: 12:02 pm.]

Timmy and Trixie: Hi guys!

Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof: Hi Timmy and Trixie!

Jorgen: Puny Tang, I understand that yesterday, you and your new friends defeated Crocker and the Syndicate?

Trixie: Yes.

Jorgen: I see, but I must warn you about that man. You must NEVER let him get his hands on a fairy!

Trixie: How come?

Timmy: Because he will use it to take over the world. I've seen it happen before; it nearly cost me Cosmo and Wanda. However, as long as he doesn't capture one, he's a crockpot!

Trixie: I see. Jorgen, you can count on us!

Jorgen: Very well, then. I will take your word for it!

[Toughguy has signed off. Time: 12:12 pm]

Timmy: Hey Trixie?

Trixie: Yeah, Timmy?

Timmy: You remember Danny from yesterday, right?

Trixie: Of course.

Timmy: Well I forgot to tell you something...

Trixie: What's that?

Timmy: He's my cousin.

Trixie: O.O WHAT? Danny Phantom is your cousin? That's so cool!

Timmy: Well, my parents are going to Amity Park to visit him and his family this weekend, and I was wondering...

Trixie: Yeah?

Timmy: I was wondering if you would like to come along with us? :D

Trixie: Hold on for a minute.

Timmy: Okay.

(A few minutes later...)

Trixie: I'm back, and I had a talk with my dad about going with you.

Timmy: What did he say?

Trixie: He said "Yes," but...

Timmy: "But" what?

Trixie: He wants you to attend his party with me. He said that it was only fair. It starts around 6:00.

Timmy: Sure. Hold on a second.

Trixie: I'll be here waiting.

Timmy: Mom...Dad, Trixie invited me to a party in her manison, will you take me?

Mrs. Turner: Sorry, sweetie. Your father and I have some late-night business to attend to.

Timmy: Oh...

Mr. Turner: Don't fret, we've already phoned Vicky to babysit you!

Timmy: Great...I'll just head back to my room and get ready for bed.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Bye, Timmy!

Trixie: So what did they say?

Timmy: They said they couldn't take me. To add insult to injury, they asked Vicky to babysit me! :(

Trixie: Can't you just ask Cosmo and Wanda to poof you to the party? :)

Timmy: Trixie, you're a genius! Cosmo...Wanda, I wish I was at Trixie's mansion!

[TheChosenOne, Kozmo, not_a_nag, Poof-Poof have been disconnected.]

(Trixie's mansion. 6:05 pm. Timmy and his godparents-dressed as Timmy's formal attire-poof in at Trixie's front door. Timmy rings the doorbell and Trixie answers.)

Timmy: Hey, Trixie.

Trixie: Timmy, I'm glad that you came! Come on in!

(Timmy and Trixie go into the ballroom where the guests are mingling.)

Timmy: Trixie, I'm nervous. What if everyone doesn't like me? What if I mess it up like during your costume party?

(Trixie kisses him on the cheek.)

Trixie: Relax. Look, there's my dad and his friends. Why don't you lighten up to him with a joke?

Timmy: Okay...

(A minute later...)

Timmy: So then, Mr. Crocker asks my dad, "May I offer you a chair?" My dad replies, "Certainly! May I offer you a fish?" He accidentaly drops the fish and Mr. Crocker steps on it!

(Mr. Tang and friends laugh uncontrollably.)

Timmy: Wait, there's more! Crocker slides backwards and lands in the same chair he offered my dad, and it turns out to be a makeshift electric chair! Poor guy got zapped with thousands of volts of electricity. The fish, that landed on his lap, got cooked into fishsticks, which my dad gladly partook in. Crocker then got up and walked away, saying, "I'll be right back...after I chip off the dead skin."

(Mr. Tang and his friends laugh even harder.)

Mr. Tang: My boy, you're all right! I'm glad my daughter found the right person in you!

Timmy: Really? Thanks, Mr. Tang!

Mr. Tang: No problem.

(Several hours later, the party ended and Timmy and Trixie were saying their goodbyes.)

Timmy: That was a great party.

Trixie: So I'll be seeing you Friday afternoon?

Timmy: Of course, Trixie. See you!

(Timmy leaves for his house. Trixie heads back to her house where Mr. Tang was standing at the door.)

Trixie: Dad, what's wrong?

Mr. Tang: It's about Timmy...

Trixie: What about him?

Mr. Tang: It's about his parents. You already told me that his parents aren't always there for him, and yet he's still happy. Why is that?

Trixie: Well, Timmy just has a magical feeling around him.

(Trixie winks to the fourth wall.)

-End Session Three-

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