Deceit and Protocol
by Kyizi

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Chapter one: Deceit was originally one big chapter, but I've decided to post it in parts…mostly because it's easier to upload (my computer freaks easily!) but also because I want to give myself time to work on Chapter 2: Protocol!

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Chapter 1: Deceit

Part 1


Sam sighed as she sat in her chair, the effects of the day finally coming to a head. She took a deep breath as a sob caught in her throat. Covering her ashen face with her hands, she wept. She cried until there were no more tears, leaving her a bare hollow shell of her former self. Alive with no emotion, breathing with nothing left to live for.

The silence of the house enveloped her, smothered her until she became a part of it. The rooms filled with empty memories, with the seeds of a lie. The laughter echoed around her, taunting her with deceitful happiness. It was all a lie. Everything she had lived for, everything she had dreamed for.

A soft knock at the door rattled aimlessly through the quiet room, but she remained as she was. The low voice that followed did not stir her from the emptiness that had consumed her. Not even the click of the turning lock registered.

"Samantha?" He moved slowly towards her, resting a warm hand on her shoulder as she sat rigidly in her chair. "Samantha, we must go to the base." She did not move. Kneeling in front of her, Teal'c looked up at her hollow eyes, the blank look on her face almost enough to stir the emotion within him again. "We will find out the truth."


The klaxons rang out as they entered the control room. Sam walked with a steady, hardened pace, filled only with the purpose of her mission. The General met her with a stiff nod and she returned the gesture before turning to the window. Gazing out, she forced herself to remain calm as the chevrons locked in place. Setting her jaw, she watched as the gush of the wormhole filled the room, basking it in an aquamarine light.

Turning to the stairs, she did not even wait for the figures to emerge. She walked, knowing the others were following her, and entered the gate room. There were three of them walking down the ramp as she reached the bottom, standing at attention. The haggard appearance of the men before her did nothing to her, she stood stock still, the embodiment of military.

As they neared the end of the ramp, they slowed until only one man continued to meet her. He looked the eldest of them all. Whether by age or by ware, his eyes held the most pain, his appearance the most wan. He stopped at the end of the ramp and sighed.

"Hello, Sam."

Her eyes flashed and all the emotion flooded through her, everything that had happened hit her, so she hit him. As his body hit the floor, a solitary tear slid from her eye. "Hello, Daniel."


He blinked as the light flooded into his vision, the harsh beams making reality wander in and out of his eyes in a myriad of colour. He turned his head to the side and tried to focus the two figures beside his bed. Groaning he placed a hand to his head and gently rubbed his temples before picking up his bent glasses from the nightstand.

"God, this feels familiar." He squinted as the medical room finally came into view. "I had hoped not to find myself here, ever again. No offence, Doc." He smiled as Janet stood at his other side, fiddling with the monitor.

"None taken, Dr. Jackson." She turned to look at the two people at the other side of Daniel's bed and nodded. "He's fine. Sam packs quite a punch but it was mostly dehydration and sunstroke."

"Thank you, Doctor." The General nodded.

As Janet moved away, he sat up but would not look at them. "So..."

"Would you care to explain why you're back so soon, Doctor?"

"General, we..."

"How about you explain why the hell you were away in the first place!"

Daniel flinched at the anger in her voice and turned to her with a little trepidation, "Sam, it's complicated..."

"So complicated that you couldn't even tell your own wife?"

"It's not that simple, Sam."

"No, Daniel, it never is."


Sam fidgeted in her chair as they awaited the start of the meeting. She had hardly spoken to Daniel since his return, but she was too angry. He had lied to her, they all had. And she had to wonder what else they had kept from her. Who else was still alive?

She quashed that thought down as soon as it surfaced. She would not allow herself to dream that way again. Would not allow herself to be fooled by the romantic notion that everything could work out and she'd finally live happily ever after. She had done that to herself before and it had taken too long to get everything back together again. Too much time and too much pain.

She was stirred from her reverie as the door opened. The others took their seats as Daniel and the General entered. Daniel sat next to her, in the seat that had been his in that time that seemed so long ago it was like it had all been a dream. She stiffened and refused to look at him, noting that across the table, Anna's eyes were downcast, the woman forcing herself to keep her eyes from his. Graham was staring at the ceiling and even Teal'c was ignoring his old friend.

"I think that there are a few things that need explained before we begin," the General began as Sam clenched her jaw. "The best thing to do would be to hand over to Daniel, he can explain this better than I can."

"Well," Daniel cleared his throat. "About a year ago, we visited a planet called Thoras..."

"P5X-749?" Anna asked quietly, frowning.

"Yes," Daniel replied, holding her gaze for a few precious seconds before she tore her eyes away. Daniel closed his eyes and took a deep breath before continuing, "We met a race called the Thorians, who shared their bodies with symbiants that were descendants of the Goa'uld. They were an advanced culture..."

"Daniel, we know all this!" Sam cried, turning to face him, "Now, why don't you tell us what we don't know? Why don't you tell us why you ran out on your marriage and let everyone think you were dead?"

"Colonel, I think you'd best let Daniel explain." The General interrupted, breaking the strained silence. Sam sat back in her chair as he motioned for Daniel to continue.

Daniel paused for a moment, not sure how to react to Sam's anger. Her outburst, although expected, made it difficult to concentrate on anything besides the fact that he had hurt and lied to every person in the room, besides the General. He had lied to each of his friends, and he couldn't blame them for being angry with him. His cheek began to tingle with pain again and he winced slightly, but did not complain…he deserved Sam's anger.

"Well," he began, "about a month after our trip, they contacted us for help. They would speak only with Jack..."

"No doubt something to do with Arinna." Sam muttered.

"They wanted our help with their new weapon system, as strange as it sounds, they needed our technology. The projectile wasn't something they had thought of, too simple I guess. They agreed to share all that was created by our working together." He paused momentarily, "They wanted to create a new super weapon, using our style of weaponry with their own. General Hammond ordered that only a handful of people should have any knowledge of the operation, and he instructed myself, Lieutenant Andrews, Colonel Makepeace, Lieutenant Feretti and...Jack to leave...and tell no one anything about it...not even the people we loved."

Sam's mind was reeling with the information that Daniel had just given them. Her mind whirred on overdrive as the small inkling of hope began to blossom again.

"Daniel, why did you came back?" Anna asked quietly.

"Because the Goa'uld found out about the weapon. They took us by surprise and they captured some of our people. We've been in hiding ever since. We split into small groups, gated to separate planets, all prearranged, each of us taking some of the prototypes and instructions for making the weapon. That way, no matter if anyone were captured, everything taken would be useless without the rest. My group was supposed to be the one to make contact with Earth in the event that the Goa'uld discovered us." He turned to the General. "We need reinforcements. The weapon is nearly complete...but my job is to prepare a rescue mission."

"Daniel, who was captured?" Sam asked, finally turning to face him again. When he didn't answer, she asked again with more force.

"They got three of the Thorian technicians, Feretti...and Jack." Daniel finished with his eyes downcast as a silence took over the room. After a few minutes, Daniel turned to the General.

"General Yoshi, I need only a minimum of people to form an infiltration. I need to contact the Tok'Ra, they said they'd help..."

"My dad knew about this?"

"He couldn't tell you Sammy. No more than Jack or I could. It was a matter of National Security." He took a deep breath, turning away from her burning gaze. "I ask only for a little co-operation, General."

Yoshi nodded, "I'll get on the phone to the White House as soon as possible."

"Thank you." Daniel turned to the small group around the table as the General left the room for his office. He gazed at them one by one, noting the small differences. Sam's longer hair, Teal'c's strange bleached goatee, Graham's older appearance and Anna's dimples, accented more by her much thinner frame.

"I'm sorry I had to lie to you all, but I don't have to tell you what could happen if the Goa'uld get hold of this weapon. Jack and I argued with General Hammond for hours to let us tell you all, but he couldn't do anything." He sighed. "I'm not asking you to forget what's happened here, but Jack and the others need our help. And there are no people I trust in this Universe more that the four of you."

The room was silent.

"When do we leave DanielJackson?"



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