Author Notes: If anyone notices or wonders why I give Zoro rice/fish a lot to eat when he's getting special treatment - Oda-sensei says that is Zoro's favorite foods *nods head*

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Day/Theme: Sept 12 - "say not soft things"


The Bet


Day 4


The next day, Zoro spent the entire time in the gym playing lookout volunteering the position for the day and night. Usopp came in at one point to ask a question, but Zoro's grouchiness easily scared him off. Chopper came in shortly thereafter to complain about it because apparently he had scared Usopp so bad the long nosed boy had fallen right off the ladder and broken a bone in his leg. Zoro grunted an apology to Chopper but cared little for Usopp, claiming the sharpshooting liar had brought it on himself.

After that, no one bothered coming to visit. Not even Luffy.

At least, until Sanji chose to mount an invasion.

Zoro was in the middle of practicing his katas when the trap door crashed open. He felt his body tense at the intrusion, startled by the loud noise, and he dropped the weights and spun around, preparing to lash out at whoever had decided to bother him now. The smell of food - and subsequent growl of his stomach - should have warned him.

He watched with wide eyes as Sanji climbed up holding a plate of hot food, which he placed on the floor. The cook met his eyes once and then looked away, pretending to need his eyesight to close the door, sit down, and pull out a cigarette.

Nothing was said between them as Zoro continued to stare, suddenly and strangely very aware of his bare chest and sweaty body.

Sanji puffed smoke out once before breaking the uncomfortable silence. "Stop brooding, marimo."

Zoro clenched his teeth. "I'm not brooding."

"Then why didn't you come down for lunch - or dinner - or anything at all really?"

Zoro shrugged and took the invitation for what it was, sitting down in front of the plate of food, feeling his mouth water at the sight and smell of fried rice and fresh fish. "Lost track of time," he muttered, which was mostly true; his stomach had growled at him once or twice before he started to ignore it completely.

Sanji scoffed. "I'd bet that's only half true, but I don't feel much like betting anymore."

Strangely enough, the comment made Zoro frown and he worked to cover it up by shoveling food in his mouth. It was the perfect opening to bring up the latest events between the two, but he didn't want to start something now. Not if Sanji was trying to bait him into revealing a truth he'd rather keep secret.

Unlike Sanji, he had figured out why his body wanted more and of course he knew why he reacted the way he was right now. But he wasn't going to tell the cook, or at least, he didn't want to tell Sanji. He felt that the cook would have to decipher it for himself or nothing would come of it. And for some unknown reason he wanted something to come out of it. Well, not so much unknown because he knew the reason. He just...

Gah, even my thoughts are running in circles right now.

Puffing out another cloud of smoke, Sanji broke the silence first. "Right. Well then, I'll just cut to the chase instead of trying to make small talk."

Inside, Zoro could feel his heart start beating faster. He brought the plate of food up to his mouth and glanced over at the cook, nodding his head forward to indicate he was listening. If Sanji wanted to talk, he had no problem letting him. The air was tense enough to set him on edge anyway.

"The way I see it, we have two options," Sanji said. "We can keep going, since I'm sure we both agree the sex was great." Zoro felt his throat constrict and swallowed quickly to keep from choking. "Or we can just ignore it and act as if nothing ever happened."

There was silence beside the sound of utensils hitting a mostly empty plate and Zoro realized the cook was waiting for his opinion. Damn it, how do I say this without sounding... He lowered the now empty plate, swallowed the rest of his food, and took a breath.

"I already said we can't ignore it." He hoped his voice did not sound as breathy and quiet as he thought it did.

But by Sanji's smirk he didn't think there would be any such luck. "I thought you'd say that."

Zoro glanced away, hand strumming on his leg. "Keh, of course, I said it earlier."

When he looked back, Sanji had crawled to sit right in front of him, grinning like a fool. "Yeah, well, I didn't expect the blush."

Zoro felt the heat spread across his face, centering around his cheeks at Sanji's close proximity. He leaned back, his hands moving to rest on the floor behind him, but Sanji crawled forward even more, placing his own arms on either side of Zoro. He felt his eyes widen as Sanji's lips descended, the cigarette having been removed when he wasn't looking.


The complaint was ignored as Sanji leaned in and forced their lips together. Sanji's tongue entered his mouth and Zoro immediately felt his defenses start to activate. At first, he moaned, still with pleasure, his arms trembling slightly as the warmth assaulted his body. He quickly retaliated, his tongue battling back for dominance, but Sanji was already in control and already forcing his way in more.

Zoro shivered and moaned as one of Sanji's hands ran across his bare chest, making his arms weak at the mere touch. The cook's tongue stroked the roof of his mouth and he felt himself losing it even more, giving up on the dominance and working more on staying upright. Then, Sanji's hands dipped into Zoro's pants and grabbed hold of his erection, quickly releasing it from its confinement.

That was when he fell back and lost all sense of control.


Sanji released Zoro's lips when the marimo fell to the floor. He smirked and looked down at his green haired nakama, basking in the sight of a Zoro gone weak for him. Sanji let his fingers slide up and down the other man's length, admiring the little reactions. Zoro's arms shifted up, putting the bottom of his palms over his closed eyes as he shivered and moaned lightly, teeth biting at his lips in a last ditch attempt to cover the weak sounds.

But Sanji was enjoying it. The flushed face. The panting breathes. The lack of control. He felt like he had won something. The marimo was so fucking sensitive it was almost ridiculous. He would have never guessed, never imagined, that Zoro, Mr. "always in control of my body" would have so little control when it came to sex.

He toyed with the marimo a little more before he dropped the man's hard member, leaving him to fight the air for breath. He waited for the other man's arms to drop to his side, and just as the eyes opened, Sanji let himself lay next to the bare chested, smell-of-sweat swordsman, taking one arm and wrapping around it. He felt the marimo tense beside him, and he moved another step by laying his chin on the man's chest before stretching up a little to nibble his neck.

"What the ah... What the hell are you doing?" Zoro growled, his voice quiet and yet thick with emotion.

Sanji smirked and lifted his head to meet Zoro's eyes. "Teasing you is a hell of a lot of fun."

He watched the eyes narrow. Watched the look in those dark eyes change from those of a confused, trapped a hard glare of an attacker. The mouth split and answered the cook's smirk with a much more feral grin.


Sanji blinked, knowing he was about to regret - or secretly love - what Zoro was about to do. He tried to prepare for it, sitting up, but he had set himself up by lying next to the man. Zoro rolled around until he was hovering above Sanji, trapping the cook beneath him. Sanji stared up at the marimo and glared.

"Oi, I thought we decided I was -"

Zoro snorted. "We never decided anything. We never do."

And then he was attacking the clothes. Sanji tried a bit of a protest, but Zoro ignored it, latching his lips onto the cook's neck, making him release a traitorous moan of pleasure. Zoro lifted up and those eyes met his again, triumphant, as if to say 'I can do it too.'

The jacket came off, then the shirt, being surprisingly gently set to the side instead of being thrown like he had expected. But, just because the marimo was being considerate and thoughtful for once, it didn't mean that Sanji was going to let the prick dominate him. He had won something that first night, and he was pretty sure he was better at controlling his sexual reactions than Zoro. So he just had to sit and be patient.

While enjoying every fucking minute of Zoro's suddenly talented tongue. As the marimo worked at removing their pants, he made sure to lick and suck at sensitive parts of Sanji's body that Sanji hadn't even known existed. The cook soon found himself shivering under the swordsman's touch, not sure whether to hate it for being Zoro or love it for feeling so amazing.

A hand touched his member and a moan escaped into the mouth around his lips before he could hold it back. And then Zoro began to toy and tease right back. Running his fingers ever so slowly, poking at the tip, playing with him. Sanji growled and grabbed the swordsman's hair, a little surprised to see the man wince when he pulled him back roughly.

But he ignored it and twisted his legs with Zoro's, not satisfied until he linked around them and was able to get the leverage to roll. He didn't even wince when the marimo's head banged against the floor, but his fingers ran over the green hair, smoothing it down almost subconsciously. Zoro glared at him for a moment, and then Sanji squeezed the marimo's member, earning a wince and a once again flushed face. He pumped a few times before squeezing again, getting a groan out of the swordsman. Still not satisfied, he ran his fingers up slowly and let his thumb run circles around the tip before pumping again.


There it is.

He smirked. And stopped.

Zoro's eyes snapped open, met his, and then hands came up and grabbed his shoulders. There was a pause, a moment of silence between them. Then he thought he heard Zoro mutter the word, "Fine," before the marimo ran his fingers down Sanji's arm, ending at his hand, holding it at the palm and lifting the first two fingers as he moved it toward his mouth.

Sanji blinked when his fingers were suddenly in Zoro's mouth and being sucked on. He twitched. "What the hell are you doing?"

Zoro's eyes rolled and he dropped the fingers. "If you're so insistent on being on top, the least you could do is not be an asshole about it."

Sanji growled and tore his hand from Zoro's grip. He sat back and stared at his fingers, as if he wasn't sure what to do with them, coated in the marimo's saliva. He gulped, his brain finally catching up, finally realizing what was happening, what had happened.

"Oh. Shit."

Zoro stared at him for a moment, then made a face and reached around to start pumping himself. "Uhn, I wish you would make up your fucking mind."

Sanji watched him for a minute or two - or really just a few long seconds - before he growled and slapped at Zoro's hand, pulling it away and forcing it to the ground. Zoro grunted and reached around with the other hand, only for Sanji to catch him and hold it down too. Which caused Zoro to snap.

"What the fuck do you want?"

Straddling him, forcing his arms to the ground beside him, Sanji felt so superior. He wanted to tease some more; he wanted to drive the marimo insane; he wanted to make him moan and writhe and beg. Things weren't any fun if it happened too quickly, if he just fell in to Zoro's pace.

He wanted things done his way, if they were going to do this at all. Zoro was already trembling underneath him, warm, hot, face flushed red, chest heaving with each panting breath. Sanji licked his lips and he could have sworn Zoro tensed.

"Oi, cook, what the -"

Without a word or a warning, Sanji captured those lips again, forcing his tongue through, claiming every little inch that he could. He felt completely in charge, and then Zoro lightly sucked on his tongue, and Sanji pulled back, glad to see the marimo's face even redder, eyes closed, and breath repeating twice as fast. Before Zoro could reorient, Sanji dove again, attacking an ear, nibbling at the lobe, breathing on the earrings to make them jingle. Zoro's hands grasped at air and Sanji pressed harder on the wrists where he was holding him down; he dug his fingernails across the skin on accident and made another discovery.

"Gehh..." Zoro moaned, as if the pain had been a turn on itself.

Sanji processed the information and stored it, calling it a fluke and he was just imagining things. Zoro couldn't really love pain that much, couldn't possibly come back from every fight bloody as hell because he thought pain felt good.

His lips and teeth continued to move, tracing a line from neck to nipple, finding the well known scar and following it like a street on a map. Zoro twitched and cried out, his hands clenching into fists. Sanji moved down and took the swordsman's length fully into his mouth, only to come up immediately, tongue running up the hard erection as he did so.

Then he took another moment to sit back and admire the soft side of the swordsman. He could feel his own member leaking precum, getting off just at the sight of the first mate moaning and trembling at his touch, pinned down - though he was sure Zoro could force his way if he really wanted to.

Zoro's eyes opened, glared up at Sanji. "" The eyes closed again as Sanji's let one hand free to move again, pressing his still somewhat wet fingers into Zoro's opening.

He did all the normal preparations, slowly, ever so slowly adding another finger. Zoro's hands started to claw at the floor beneath him. Scissoring. Twisting. Everything he could think of. And then he pulled the fingers out, braced himself, and shoved forward, enveloping himself in the sweet tightness.

Zoro arched back, screamed something unintelligible. Sanji pulled out and thrust again, leaning down to lick Zoro's lips, which opened and moaned. He set a pace, lost himself in the powerful bliss, losing his vision for split seconds only for it come back, making him wonder if he was imagining it.

He knew Zoro was muttering things, names - his name? -, biting his lip and moaning to keep it quiet. A voice left his own mouth and he realized he was whispering things, too. He was about to try deciphering his own words when a warm substance squirted against his stomach and he looked down to see that Zoro had come already.

He grimaced, muttered some insult about the swordsman's stamina, before his brain caught up and he growled, "You were first." Just as he came himself, losing it and falling forward in a tangled mess of limbs and sweat.

Between the pants, he heard Zoro growl something back at him. "Yeah, first to admit the fucking truth."

Sanji closed his eyes and pulled out so he could roll away from the sweaty swordsman. He didn't even want to think about those words right now, didn't even want to decipher their meaning. He just wanted to keep it at sex and think of nothing else. That was all he could handle. That was all he wanted to handle.

And screw the marimo for daring to think of more.