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"Annie? ANNIE? Just hold on, kiddo, they're almost there. Keep talking to me, Annie!"

She heard Auggie's order, but it was so hard. She was so cold, cold and tired.

"Annie? Say something, sweetheart, anything, please. Talk to me, Annie!" Auggie's voice was desperate, and Annie's heart ached.

"Auggie," she whispered, and she heard his relieved sigh in her ear. "So…cold…"

"I know, Annie, I know you're cold, just hang in there, ok? They're right outside, they'll be with you in two seconds. Just hold on for me, alright?"

"O…k…" the two letters were carried out on her exhaling breath. He listened to the harsh rasp as she breathed in again, his heart relaxing just slightly at the sound.

He could hear the extraction team now, and nodded in Joan's general direction when she asked if they were there yet.

"Annie? Annie, the team's there now. You're going to be alright. I'll be with you soon, ok? You just hold on, Annie. Hold on." He heard the crackles and rustling that signified the ear bud being removed. A moment later, someone else spoke through it.

"We've got her, Auggie. She'll be at Memorial Hospital within fifteen minutes." Jai's voice, calm and collected, came down the line. "The medics are taking care of her."

"Tell her I'll meet her there," Auggie ordered. "Then get the son of a bitch." He pulled his headphones off and set them on the desk, already fishing in his bag for his 'public', non-technological, cane.

"I've called a car around," Joan told him, even as he heard her lift his headphones. "Jai?"

He walked out of the office before he could hear anything more, heading straight for the front door as fast as he could afford to go – he was determined not to have an accident and delay himself in reaching her. He checked out of the building, unclipping his security ID and tucking it away. The driver hailed him as he came out the door, and he was soon ensconced in the passenger seat of the Suburban the Agency had courier him around.

The drive, which he knew for a fact was only five minutes, felt like it took hours. The last moments before this whole nightmare began were playing on a loop through his head, over and over again. It had been a basic brush pass, right here in Washington, and he was getting the feeling that they needed to take the 'basic' out of the name, at least as long as Annie was involved.

"I've got the package, on my way back," Annie reported, sotto voice. "I'd almost say this went too well…" Auggie was about to teasingly chastise her for jinxing it when he heard the crack of gunfire and the surprised sound Annie made as the air was driven from her lungs and she fell to the ground.

"Annie? ANNIE? Are you alright?" Receiving no response, he immediately snapped over bandwidths, "This is Anderson, I need an emergency extraction on Walker, medical attendance required," he ordered, waited to hear confirmation and the address, then went back to Annie, who was now moaning. "Annie, help's on the way. I need you to talk to me, tell me what happened," he ordered, keeping his voice calm, soothing.

"Wasn't…the contact. Someone else…didn't see face. Took the package. Shot me…in the back. I can't…I can't feel my legs," she admitted, her voice trembling with fear, and Auggie felt his heart break a little inside at that confession.

"It's going to be alright, Annie. Just stay with me, the team's on the way, they'll take care of you, and I'll be with you soon, alright? I'll bring you home, Annie Walker, I promise. Annie? Talk to me, Annie!"

"Told you…this was going too well," she slurred out, and he chuckled painfully. "Next time…hear the words 'simple…brush pass', I…may hurt…someone," she added. Her voice was fading towards the end.

"Annie? ANNIE? Just hold on, kiddo, they're almost there. Keep talking to me, Annie!"