The Invasion of Buffyverse

Chapter Seven

*Just a warning, guys.... this is gonna be really short. I just had to introduce this on it's own cause I think it's cute! :)*

"Hello, I'm looking for Madame Pince?" Giles squinted at the woman behind the desk at the library, who was thin and had the face of an ageing vulture.

"That is I," the woman stood and extended a bony hand. She smiled at him. He tried his hardest not to cringe.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said suddenly, "Do you mind if I change?"

"Change?" Giles repeated. What did she mean by *change*?

"Well, I've been working at Hogwarts only seven years and this entire time Dumbledore has had me under disguise. When other adults are around I like to take my own form again. Do you mind?"

"Oh, no. Not at all." Giles smiled at her.

If this was her disguise, how bad did she *really* look?

"Switeria," muttered Madame Pince, pointing her wand at her heart.

There was a quick 'pop', and Giles took off his glasses and began to clean them, sure he was delusional. But, when he put them back on, he realized that his eyes, in fact, had not been deceiving him.

Blonde, curvy and sophisticated.

"There," she said quietly, and quicky adjusted her wire rimmed glasses, "That's better. Now, I am Sierra. You must be Mr Giles."

"Uh, yes, Mr Giles. You, er, may call me Rupert...that is, if you, uh, wish." he choked, and she smiled a pearly smile at him.

"So you're a librarian, Rupert?"

"Yes, uh, I am. For a few years now, actually."

"What sort of book are you familiar with?"

"Well, it used to be only the normal ones with the occasional volume of Which Witch is Which, but I own a magic shop in California now, so I am quite used to the many scary and even more dusty."

Madame Pince laughed, and Giles chuckled at his own charm.

Does she think I'm funny, a voice asked inside his head as she smiled at him again.

*I know, it's supershort. But I'll have more up soon, I just needed to get that out. Distribution is welcome, as long as it comes in a question in the form of a review. *smiles* The main storyline will be back soon, but I don't have time right now. I have some basic ideas, though. :)*