Dean blinked a few times before opening his eyes and sighed happily and content. He stretched causing his back to crack and he sighed heavily in satisfaction as he put his hands underneath his head. He turned his head to see Veronica not there but he heard her feet hitting the hardwood floor in the hallway.

He looked towards the door and grinned at her as she had a mug of coffee in her hand. She was only wearing a long white buttoned up shirt with white hip huggers.

"Oh look who decided to join the land of the living," she said laughing as she put the mug on the end table by the bed.

"What time is it?"

She looked at her watch. "Almost 11."

He sighed again as she sat next to him on the edge of the bed. His hand went up to her back and began to rub it.

"Haven't slept like that in a long time," he muttered.

"Oh yeah?"

He nodded while biting his bottom lip. His hand left her back and moved towards her waist pulling her on top of him. "Well you deserved it after yesterday and last night."

His hands moved into her hair tangling his hands into it and pulling her down and kissing him tenderly. He silently moaned into her mouth.

She let go of his lips and hummed in small satisfaction. "What do you want for breakfast?"

He smirked, "I'm looking at it."

She hit his chest lightly causing him to laugh. "I mean it."

"Whatever you feel like making babe." He kissed her lightly not getting enough of her lips.

She smiled. "Alright, well after my shower I'll make it. You relax drink some of your coffee I brought up."

He opened his mouth but she spoke first, "Black, I remember." She kissed his lips and got off him.

He smiled to himself as he watched her walk to her bathroom in her bedroom and shut the door. He sat up and looked around him.

She did alright for herself. His smile turned into a frown when he looked back at the bathroom door. She deserves so much better than me. I should just get up and leave. I shouldn't be putting her through this. I shouldn't have came. I'm only thinking of myself.

He sighed frustrated with himself. What am I thinking? I have less than a month and I'm spending a week with one of the most gorgeous women I know. Get a grip Winchester, you deserve this. You deserve to feel normal for once. Even if that normal is a week of great sex.

Veronica turned her radio on then took off her shirt. She let it fall to the ground behind her as she took off her panties. She saw a few light bruises on her waist from Dean and smiled slightly.

She got into the shower and closed the curtain. She let the warmth of the spray warm her skin. She combed her fingers through her hair making sure it was all wet before she would apply the shampoo.

She went to turn around when she was forced to stay put by Dean's hands on her hips. She felt her back against his toned chest and his dick already beginning to harden against her ass. She bit her bottom lip as he tilted her head to the side giving him access to her neck leaving hot wet kisses on it then nibbling on it.

"Dean…" she moaned. His hands cupped her breast as he grinded into her back.

His left hand left her breast and moved to her clit. He pinched it and she let out a small cry tilting her head down. He smiled and bit her shoulder. She hissed in pain and pleasure. His left hand moved farther down and he entered two fingers into her.

"Oh God," she moaned as she moved her left hand around to the back of his neck. She dug her nails into the back of his neck.

Dean looked up at her shower head and saw that it was a detachable one. He pulled his fingers out from her and she whimpered. He smiled a little and leaned close to her ear, "Don't worry I'll fix it babe."

He took her chin in his hand and kissed her. He sucked on her bottom lip before trailing his tongue over them. She opened her mouth inviting him in to battle with her tongue. Dean reached up to the shower head and grabbed it pulling it down. He nibbled on her bottom lip and let go, his lips close to hers and his eyes staring into her hooded ones, "Follow my lead."

She nodded slightly as she felt him move behind her and sit in the bathtub. She wondered what he was going to do seeing the shower head in his hand. She bit her lip as he smiled at her, the smile that would make her do anything for him. With his free hand he grabbed her hip moving her down on him. As she sat down on him, he entered her. They both moaned on impact.

Dean slowly moved his hip thrusting in and out of her. His chest was to her back as he kissed her upper back and neck moving within her. She closed her eyes, loving the feel of him inside her and his lips touching her skin. His right arm pulled her closer to his body as the shower head in his left hand moved towards her womanhood.

She felt the sprinkled of the water getting closer to her clit and she moaned slightly as Dean bit her ear.

Her breath hitched when Dean turned it to massage and the water began to come out hard. Spitting the water out harder onto her clit.

"Oh, God," she gasped. Her right hand held the edge of the tub.

"You like that baby?" he asked in her ear.

She closed her eyes, it was almost too much for her to handle. Her knuckles had turned from holding onto the edge of the tub too hard.

Dean pumped harder inside her feeling her walls tightening ever so fast around him. He closed his eyes in pleasure biting his bottom lip hard.

Veronica opened her eyes wide and moaned his name as she came but Dean wasn't done. He turned the shower head back to spray as he slowed down his pace. He pulled her hand from the edge of the tub and with his on the shower head.

"Play with yourself baby," he whispered in a husky tone. His tongue basically slid into her ear. "I want you to cum harder this time." He kissed down to her shoulder then bit it causing her to whimper a bit.

Veronica took the shower head from his hand. She moved it to her clit and bit her bottom lip. The pleasure was just suspenseful. Something she hadn't felt before. It was like a combo of Dean's hard cock hitting her in the right spot and the spray of the shower head playing with her clit.

She began to move her hips in a circular motion on Dean. His hands gripped her hips tightly moving her up and down with that circular motion.

"Shit…" said Dean closing his eyes once more, "Veronica…oh God…"

His hands moved to her soaken wet breast and cupped them in his large hands. She arched her back towards him.

"Oh God Dean…oh, I'm close…" She moaned moving faster with him.

Dean's forefinger and thumb played with her nipples, pinching and soothing them.

Veronica couldn't think. The pleasurable sensations were overwhelming her brain and she couldn't concentrate on anything but what was happening at that very moment.

She felt Dean's hot mouth on her back and neck. Teeth grazing at her skin then his tongue soothing the sore spots.

He was close; he could feel the orgasm burning in his groin, his balls tightening with every thrust he made inside her.

Veronica felt her orgasm growing knowing it was about to break soon, "Oh…Oh…Oh God! DEAN!" She screamed his name louder than she had ever screamed before as her orgasm burst. She shook and bit her bottom lip hard as Dean came deep inside her, his hands squeezing her breast hard and his teeth biting down on her shoulder leaving a mark of his teeth. They rode both their orgasms till there was nothing left.

Veronica dropped the shower head and leaned back. Dean's arms wrapping around her holding her tightly against him. His lips never left her neck as he sat there, the tub filling up with warm water.

"God Dean…that was…" Veronica had no comments, no words to describe what had just happened in her bathtub…she just knew she would never look at this tub the same again.

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