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"Belgium's Bored Days"

"Gah! Its so boring, my brother is out with Antonio and Romano.

I bet they are currently fighting over something." An obviously bored girl with a blonde wavy hair said.

Bella is left in the house alone, because of a war currently happening between Spain and Netherlands.

" Why do they need to fight for nothing but freedom and honor, are they imitating that Alfred. I guess, they want to be Hero too. Baka Baka Baka. It seems that they are not coming back for a while.

What should I do?" Belgium paused for a while and…

"Right! Why not make a diary about these boring times, so that if one day I get bored, I can read my boredom diary and will not get bored…

Oh! Plus I will make short stories of the stupidity of those 3. Since I can't think properly whenever they are around, I will take this opportunity!"

Belgium said with an evil face

After few minutes…

*scribbles scribbles scribbles*

" Finally! Done… Maybe this is enough for today! I wish tomorrow, those Triple Baka will still be not here! So that I can continue my brilliant masterpiece!" Bella said while making an evil laugh

(This is what Bella wrote)

Dear Boredom Diary,

This is my first entry. Obviously you know I'm bored. Uhm. I'm currently eating chocolates and the triple bakas are in a war right now.

So I'm alone here, I never thought that I can be this bored. Anyway, It seems that it is just you and me here.

That's why I'm gonna tell you a secret.

America is a Cosplayer! Yeah so yeah that's it. I know you are craving for details so here it is…

While I was walking along the corridor, I saw Alfred entering a classroom. Then, I got curious. So then, I followed him. I saw a closet full of Hero costumes. From marvel, DC, anime, cartoon Heroes.

All sorts of heroes. Then, Alfred pulled something out of his bag. Its so gross. That thing is long, icky and smells really bad. I can't watch anymore. But I gathered all of my remaining courage and look once more. I saw him wearing THAT thing. Terrified, I ran away! Keep the secret okay!

Oh and that thing is his stupid cape. Maybe he never… ever bring that poor thing to the laundry shop. So sad, for his cape.

So diary, do you like my story. Tomorrow, I will make an entry again! I wonder who will be my next victim. Hihihi.

My first fanfic! So sorry if there are a lot of errors. And I made this out of boredom like Belgium. I had fun while making this, so please don't bash my work! Wah!

Hahaha. Belgium is really evil here. I hope you continue reading my story! Please. I will put more effort on my next one… since the next entry of The boredom diary of Belgium is Japan! HAHA.

Oh and I mostly used their human names here.

About the "TRIPLE BAKA": They are Antonio (Spain), Romano, and Netherlands.

Triple Baka is a vocaloid song, you should watch it! It inspired me so much. Even if its idiotic, maybe it's a song for idiots like me.