(A/N): Wow, guys. It's been ages and once again I find myself awake after the hour of 4 am. Having just watched...Gilmore Girls. (Again, not a Gilmore Girls story.) Lot's of thoughts. Lot's of things happened/ing. I find myself being able to compare my life to Sam's relationships. Odd right? I hope you guys enjoy. Just a few more lines. Kind of a sequel to, "All About A Man". Pretty much.
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Disclaimers: I don't own the characters. The wording in which I use them are mine though. ;P

Spoilers: No major storyline spoilers. Personal story-lines will be spoiled if read...kinda. Season 7.

She'd been with a man.
Thought, perhaps...this is the one.
Spent time with him and cared for him, maybe even loved him.

Convinced herself that she loved him.
Is that really love? Or just some last attempt to try and be...happy?

It wind up ending...horribly.
To say the least.
Circumstances and situations. That both weren't ready for.
For the best really.

So here she winds up sitting, early hours in the morning. Thinking about...love.

Only one man comes to mind.

He is a man.
Seen trials, troubles; became stronger for them.
Learned to deal.

Now, she hopes.
That the one man that has been there, right under her nose the whole time, can be hers.
That their love...? Can withstand...everything.


She's terrified.
Needing those to build the foundation to her happily ever after.

With hope, mercy and any luck a little bit of Grace. She prays that things won't be as they have in the past.

Can she do it?

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