Hello everyone who is reading this! Welcome to the first chapter of my most recent story! Scamp is expecting a visit from his cousin whom he had met a few years back. Unfortunately, he's more nervous than excited. It'll start out simple, but more problems will arise. Ok, read! :D

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He's coming… He's coming…the same words played in Scamp's mind as he paced the room, tail twitching in immense anxiety. He had been waiting for that one cat to come and visit him, but now, knowing that this would be the first time that cat would visit the Factory, Scamp started to worry about how to go about introducing it. It should go fine though, considering that he knew the Time Factory from top to bottom. No, it could be a disaster… he never really gave tours before. No, it'll be fine. No, it won't. Gah… now he wished the visit was postponed.

"Scamp, would you please quit moving back and forth? You're making my head spin!" Ace groaned. He rested his head on the table and placed his hands on his head, trying to rid himself of the headache he just received. He fixed his eyes on the still-pacing tomcat, twisting his muzzle in annoyance. "SERIOUSLY! STOP THAT!" he cried out loud. This time, his friend did stop. But not from his cries; rather, from his own thoughts.

"D'you suppose he'll look at it in a good way? I mean, I haven't seen him for quite a while and this being his first visit and all, I gotta make a good first impression," Scamp began pouring his worries in hopes that he could get some advice. He looked expectantly at Ace, who was now groaning to himself. "Not to be rude much, but you should RE-LAX! You make it sound like it's suicide!" Ace managed a reply despite the pounding headache he was having. He slouched lower into his seat, trying hard not to grimace or anything. Scamp still noticed it even with all the efforts Ace was putting in.

"I think you went overboard with the catnip this morning," he remarked.

"No! I-I-I mean, prove it that's causing my headache!" Ace retorted.

Scamp chuckled, removing a pack from his pocket. "I reckon you recognize this? Fresh Russian Catnip says it. And there's some fine print."

"Yeah, that's mine, and I'm not one for the tiny little subscripts, pal."

"Leuphobian Extract. There's Leuphobian in this brand of catnip. Ideas on what Leuphobian is? It's the stuff that reverses headaches, but when eaten alone, it causes the headache. Proof enough?"

(A/N: I made up the word Leuphobian ^^)

Ace got up and snatched the pack from Scamp's hands. He gave a playful glare at Scamp before he swiped a hand to his ear, yanking it down. "Alright, Scamp-a-doodle! I'll get myself patched up. Just don't let those dogs in after me like last time," he hissed and trotted off. Scamp watched him go; quite forgetting about the anxieties he had earlier. He had to owe it to his friends for helping him forget his worries whenever he had any. They always had a way or two to drag him out of the situation. Then, he realized there was a burning sensation and remembered that Ace had yanked his ear down. At least he remembered to trim his claws this time… he thought. There was nothing else to do at the moment, so Scamp decided to head to the locker room.

Scamp hadn't even gotten off the moving floor when someone called him. He turned at the sound of his name, finding himself meeting a familiar face. "Mick," he greeted with a smile. The green tom smiled back and pointed towards the direction of the Factory entrance. "You should see what's going on. There's someone toying around at the entrance," Mick informed. A small shiver went up Scamp's spine as he thought about it. Could it be? ... Oh fish-wash, please spare me for this one…

Blinx was the first Sweeper to approach Scamp when he arrived. "Two things to note. Number one: This guy looks exactly like you. Number two: He's really good at getting on Picaro's nerves," he snickered.

Scamp edged closer to where Picaro was standing with his teeth bared at another tomcat. The tomcat's fur had the same shade of white and blue as Scamp, but there were more white streaks on it than his. Moreover, his eyes were emerald green. The tomcat stared at him for a moment and grinned. "Well, hello cousin. Your friend and I were having… an introduction, as you might say," he said. Picaro barked in irritancy, "WHAT? You were the one-"

"Picaro," Blinx snarled, silencing him.

"Err… Hi Strake, and welcome to the Time Factory. Hey, how'd you get here in the first place?" Scamp asked quizzically. Much to his chagrin, his cousin could only laugh as he revealed something from the jacket he was wearing. "I believe you left this with me some time back. Something about 'Visit soon, please! I'm desperate to show you around my workplace!' hmm?" Strake answered in a teasing voice. Scamp could feel himself blush and the fur on his cheeks beginning to feel unusually hot. This one moment was really embarrassing, taking in the fact that his friends were present AND this was their first meet. He could only force a goofy smile, focusing his eyes on another object; there was a silver item in Strake's trouser pocket and it was reflecting the light into his eyes. His cousin seemed to have noticed his stare, because he quickly shoved it in deeper into his pocket. Scamp's suspicions arose. "What was that?" he pressed gently.

"What was what?" Strake replied, his signature 'hide-everything-so-well' tone in the 'on' position. He shifted his hand away from the pocket.

"The thing sticking out of your pocket; rather, that was sticking out of your pocket"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Scamp."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."





"Don't deny it."

"Who's denying who now?"

"You're denying yourself, that's… ah…"

"Now, who's confusing who, little cousin of mine?"

Scamp grinded his teeth, finding himself at the wrong end of the conversation. He had been tricked and confused by his own words, manipulated by his smart and cunning cousin. He never really knew how his cousin could get so smart and be an unimaginable trickster while being the good-natured person he was. He looked at his friends for a moment, wondering whether he should leave now and save the embarrassment for later. Picaro obviously wanted to rip the fur off of Strake's pelt, while Blinx could only smirk. That did it.

"Ok, we're moving now, no questions asked whatsoever. See you guys in a while!" he said hurriedly as he pushed his cousin through the doors of the Time Factory.

After seeing Scamp's tail vanish behind the doors, Blinx turned to look at Picaro. "He's a little jumpy today, don't you think?" he inquired. Being one of Scamp's closest friends, he knew his friend's behavior pretty well and always knew what could be on Scamp's mind. But today, he couldn't decipher the reason behind Scamp's odd behavior. Picaro huffed, breaking Blinx's thoughts. "Isn't he always like that? I still remember the other day when Rev made it look as if I was the one who broke the CEO's vase!" he replied.

"You meant the time he left you to take care of the Tom Toms at the Time Oil Well world while he travelled to the Sky Castle world? Yeah, I heard," Blinx gave a sly smile. "You're a bad liar"

Picaro groaned. "You win… again."

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