Book No. 2

Emily the Beautiful Tender Engine

Dear Friends,

The Fat Controller's Railway has gotten extermly busy since Great Waterton opened, so he brought a new engine to help. She is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, this engine can be a bit of a bother. Well, don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

The Author

Stories Included:

-Emily Saves the Day

-Doesn't An Engine Learn?

-Ms. Bossy Buffers

-Monster of the Loch

Emily Saves the Day

It was a beautiful sunny day on the Fat Controller's railway, Thomas the Tank Engine was taking Annie and Clarabel back to the coach yards, after a useful day's work. As he pulled into the big station, he got quite a shock.

A new tender engine had just arrived, she had two pairs of wheels in the front, one set of big driving wheels and finally one set of back wheels, she was painted in a dark green paint scheme.

"Thomas," said the Fat Controller, "I would like to introduce you to Emily."

"Hello," said Thomas in a shy voice.

"Hello, there," smiled Emily, she had a cute smile, Thomas couldn't help but blush, his driver and fireman were trying their best not to laugh.

"Emily, please go collect your coaches, you and your driver must learn the route."

"Yes, sir," said Emily sweetly and pulled out of the big station. Thomas was impressed but was lost for words. Later at the coach yards, the only coaches Emily's Driver could find were Annie and Clarabel.

"They're not your sort of coaches," he said, "but I suppose they'll do!"

Annie and Clarabel were affended! "How dare he say we'll do!"

Emily pulled them, along on the main line, the coaches continued to grumble. Emily spotted Thomas coming down the track.

"Hello, Thomas!" she called.

This time, Thomas wasn't blushing, not after he saw Annie and Clarabel behind Emily, "those are my coaches...GIVE THEM BACK!"

Neither Emily nor her crew, heard Thomas so they carried on. As they continued on their trip, they passed by other engines but, none of them whistled or said hello to her. Emily couldn't understand why they were being so unfriendly.

Later at Maithwaite, the Fat Controller was talking to Thomas.

"I need you to go to the docks and collect new coaches."

"New Coaches?" gasped Thomas, "but sir..."

"Useful engines don't argue!" Thomas was crosser still, he didn't want new coaches, he wanted Annie and Clarabel back.

Emily finally pulled back into the yards, Oliver was there and was surprised to see her with the coaches.

"Those coaches belong to Thomas," he said.

"So that's why he looked so cross," gasped Emily.

"He must be thinking that we took the coaches on purpose!" added the Driver.

"We better go find him and say sorry," said Emily, so off they went to find Thomas.

"Don't want new coaches! Don't want new coaches!" grumbled Thomas, he was pulling behind him, two new dark green coaches, he wasn't too happy about this.

Emily and her crew were still looking for Thomas, when they were flagged down by a signalman.

"Oliver, hasn't cleared his signalbox," he told Emily's Driver, "please go see if anything's wrong!"

Something was wrong, Emily found Oliver broken on the cross tracks, then...horrors! She heard Thomas coming by with the new coaches!

"Stop!" cried Emily.

"I can't!" yelled Thomas.

"Help!" shouted Oliver.

Emily took three deep breaths then charged towards Oliver and started to push, Thomas' driver blew the whistle, telling Emily to back off but she didn't. She kept on pushing until at last Oliver was off, now was the moment of truth, if she could get clear of the tracks.

Thomas whistled and shut his eyes, waiting for the horrible crash...but, nothing happened.

"Thanks!" called Oliver.

"No problem!" sighed Emily, she had done it, Oliver was safe!

Later that day, the Fat Controller asked Emily to come by the yards.

"Well done, Emily you certainly were brave by taking a risk like that."

"The braviest!" added Oliver, Emily couldn't help but blush.

"It gives me great plessure to award you with these new coaches, that Thomas brought from the docks."

"Thank you, sir," said Emily, then she turned her attention to Thomas, "I'm sorry I took Annie and Clarabel I didn't know they were you're coaches."

"Well I'm sorry that I got so cross," said Thomas.

"Can we please be friends?"

"Friends," smiled Thomas.

Now Emily is a friend to all the engines of Sodor, and is proud with what she does...well most of the time but, that will have to wait for the next story.

Doesn't An Engine Learn?

It was slow going ever since the day Emily had saved Oliver and Thomas from a nasty accident. Most of the engines still didn't trust her ever since she was seen with Annie and Clarabel.

"I just want to be loved," said Emily to Stanley as she was waiting for her passengers to board.

"Just give them time," he said.

"Easy for you to say, everyone loved you when you came."

The guard's whistle blew, Emily was due to leave, "just give them time!" called Stanley again as she steamed away.

That evening, a raging storm blew across Sodor, causing great damage. Including to a farm.

"I'll need to order some supplies in order to fix this barn," said the farmer, the next morning.

"I'll phone the yards and see if I can't order them for you," said another farmer.

The only engine left unattanded was Emily, who was staying at Knapford sheds. "I need you to deliver some important suppies to the farm," the Fat Controller said to her, "it must get there before nightfall."

"Not to worry sir," said Emily's Driver, "we'll get the loads there in quick timing."

Soon Emily was coupled up to the trucks and steamed away but, she was due to find out that the storm more damage than she thought. Trevor was trying to remove a fallen tree.

"Almost there," he smiled.

"Almost isn't fast enough, hurry up!" She blew off her whistle, Trevor was startled by the whistle, as a result he pulled the tree off the tracks. Emily however didn't even thank Trevor after that, all she said was..."About time!"

Whenever Emily came across workmen clearing the line, she would blow her whistle and wheesh her steam at them, this only made them cross.

"What is she playing at?" they snapped.

Emily's Driver tried talking some sense into her but she wouldn't listen.

Soon she came upon Bear who was trying to pull a heavy water tower off the tracks.

"Hurry Up!" snapped Emily and blew her whistle extra loudly but, Bear didn't answer back, instead he just want back to work. Emily blew her whistle again but, it seemed like the longer she blew her whistle, the slower Bear went.

"I'll never get to the farms at this rate!"

At that moment, Emily saw Stanley pull up with two passenger coaches, he was taking workmen to repair Maithwaite station.

"What's going on, here?" asked Stanley's Driver.

Emily explained of how slow Bear was working, "he won't move any faster, no matter how many times I tell him to!"

"He won't move any faster because he doesn't take orders from you!" snapped Bear's Driver.

"Try asking nicely," sugguested Stanley.

"Alright, I'll do it," sighed Emily, so she swallowed her pride and spoke, "i'm sorry I was so rude to you Bear I was just in a hurry to get to the farms, that's where these supplies are needed. So can you please clear the tracks for me?"

"I'd be glad to," smiled the diesel, he roared back to live and pushed with all his strength until the tower was off the tracks.

"Thank you!" cried Emily, as she steamed away. Along the way Emily spotted a roadway gang clearing the tracks, this time...she waited and said thank you after words.

At last, Emily got to the farm, the supplies were unloaded and before long, the barn was all repaired.

"Thank you, Emily," smiled the Farmer, "we're sure glad you came along and helped us out today."

Emily smiled, she was glad to have helped, learning from today's experience Emily was slowly learning the way everyone treated each other but, she was still going to be bossy, but that's for the next story.

Ms. Bossy Buffers

By mid-November, snow had come but very lightly, the good news though, it wasn't cold enough to freeze the water pipes, as Thomas was telling Emily.

"And so James struggled on, until he couldn't move anymore," he was saying, "later his crew found out that the spilled water over the tender was to blame, it had frozen...even on the inside."

"That had to hurt," said Emily.

"Well James sure was quiet for some time after that," chuckled Thomas, as he pulled out of the big station. Emily thought that Thomas could be doing a better job.

"Here we go again," sighed her Driver, when he saw her expression.

"I'll let him how to do his job better the next time, I see him," she said to herself.

So when she spotted Thomas puffing back to the branch line with his coaches, she called out "Slow down, or you'll bump your passengers!"

"What was that about?" asked the Driver.

"Don't know," said Thomas, feeling a little cross. His spirits however brightened up as he continued to puff along.

Soon Thomas had stopped at Maithwaite, to take on water, he was taking to some school children on the bridge.

"Stop talking to the children," snapped Emily, "you are working and they will make you late!"

"I'm never late!" snapped Thomas back.

"There's always a first time," snickered Emily, and she puffed away.

"Bossy Buffers!" muttered Thomas. Later that same day, as Thomas was dropping his coaches off at the coach yards, he heard Emily yelling again.

"Puff slowly!" Thomas learched backwards and ran Clarabel's buffers into the wall.

That was the last straw for Thomas! The Driver checked on Clarabel, luckily she wasn't harmed in the bumping, but she was cross like Thomas.

"I'm never going to talk to Emily or listen to her, again!"

The next morning, before his first branch line train, a sleepy Thomas left Ffarquhar sheds, to collect some trucks that were needed at the quarry.

The Fat Controller gave out instructions to all the steam engines to have their snowplows fitted.

"Emily, I want you to let Thomas know that I want him to get his snowplow, right away."

"Why is that, sir?" she asked.

"There is a big snow storm coming later this afternoon," he explained.

Soon Emily was fitted with her snowplow, "come on old girl, let's go find Thomas." This made Emily proud, now she tell Thomas on what to do again.

Thomas was stopped outside of Cronk station, taking on more water when he saw Emily puff into view, he knew what was coming...

"She's come to order me about, again," he thought to himself.

"Thomas," called out Emily, "you need to go get your snowplow! That's an order!"

Thomas could hear but, pretended he couldn't, "I can't hear you," he snickered quietly to himself. Now his driver had finished filling up his water tank, meaning Thomas could leave at last, leaving Emily fuming.

Thomas delivered his trucks to the quarry on time, then set off to collect Annie and Clarabel.

"Emily's not going to ordering me about any time soon," he smiled.

By the afternoon, the skies above him turned from light blue to dark grey. "Those look like snow clouds," said the fireman to the Driver, "we better take it easy."

Sad to say, the fireman was right, they were snow clouds, it snowed lightly at first than faster, soon the snow had gathered into drifts.

"Cinders and Ashes!" gasped Thomas, as his wheels slipped on the icey rails.

Emily plowed her way through with no trouble at all. "Thomas' in trouble, now! Thomas' in trouble now!" she sang to herself.

Emily was right, Thomas was stopped outside of a lonely signalbox, his crew waited inside, after they dropped the fire, Emily arrived thirty minutes later.

"I told you to get your snowplow, now look what's happened!"

Thomas was still cross with her and refused to say anything. At the yards, he had a stern talk to by the Fat Controller.

"Thomas, I thought you knew better than to disobey my orders!"

Thomas felt terrible, he had no idea it was the Fat Controller who wanted him to wear his snowplow. Emily could see how sad Thomas was and couldn't take anymore.

"I'm sorry sir," she said, "I forgot to tell Thomas it was your idea."

"You mean I have two engines, that don't listen. Well I never! Take Thomas to get his snowplow fitted at once, then get back to work!"

Soon they were finished their work, at the end of the day while they waited for their plows to be taken off, Thomas spoke to Emily.

"Thank you for helping, Emily," he said, "I don't know why you bothered after what I did."

"Oh, well," smiled Emily, "what are friends for? We look for one another, and i'm sorry I ordered you about, can you forgive me?"

"Of course," smiled Thomas.

Monster of the Loch

Early one spring morning, the Fat Controller arrived at Knapford sheds, to speak with Emily.

"I would like you to test you the flour mill route, for a while."

"I would love to, sir," smiled Emily sweetly, this job sounded like an important one. She had to take on extra water before her next run but, James already there.

"The Fat Controller has left me in charge of the Flour Mill route," she said, "isn't that great?"

"You're Lucky," snorted James, "i'm stuck doing the castle loch run."

"What's wrong with Castle Loch," asked Emily's Driver, "I hear it's a lovely route especially during this time of the year."

"You heard wrong!" snapped James, "the line is always covered in rocks, plus you never know when they are going to fall and then..." he gulped, "there's the Castle Loch Monster!"

"What's the Castle Loch Monster?" asked Emily.

"No body knows," said James, "black figures move in the water then disappear." Emily shivered as James steamed off, she was glad she wasn't left in charge of that route.

Soon Emily's Driver had coupled her up to the trucks and they were away.

"Hold Back! Hold Back!" giggled the trucks, they were up to no good."

"Stop that!" snapped Emily but, it did no good the trucks continued to hold back all the way to the big station. Emily started to worry, if she was late again, the Fat Controller might give her the Castle Loch run instead. "I'll need to deliver them early tomorrow," she thought, and steamed away for home.

Over the next few days, Emily's plan worked out perfectly, the trucks couldn't play their silly tricks on her, and they were always an hour early.

But, one morning it happened...Emily's boiler wouldn't steam up probably, so she had to wait.

"This will give those trucks the chance they've been waiting for," she thought to herself.

Sad to say, she was right, when they arrived the trucks went too far.

"Emily the late Engine! Emily the Late Engine!" they giggled. That was it, her Driver couldn't stop her as Emily bumped into her trucks, pushing them into the duck pond. Flour spilled out everywhere, even on Emily.

"Silly engine," said her driver, "look what you've done!"

Emily sighed. By the end of the day, she was back at the big station, Thomas was there with his last passenger train, the Fat Controller was there too, and he didn't look happy.

"Emily, i've been hearing that you were doing well until today, I think it would be best if you took over the Castle Loch route for a while."

Emily sighed unhappily.

"Wait till you've tried it," smiled Thomas, "the Castle Loch run is amazing!"

"I don't think it is," she said sadly, "scrathed paint and a monster waiting for me, it sounds awful!"

The next morning, Emily arrived with her coaches, at Maithwaite, they picked up all the holiday makers and set off for Castle Loch.

"Goodbye Sodor railroad," muttered Emily, as they pulled out.

As they puffed along, Emily started to enjoy herself, "probably won't last for long," she said to herself, all of the sudden the brakes went on with a groan.

"What's wrong?" she asked her driver.

"Those rocks are blocking our path, just like James said."

"I knew I wasn't going to like this route!" shivered Emily, her Fireman ran back to the nearest signalbox and called for help.

While they waited, Emily could see shadowy figures moving through the water.

"The monster's coming!" she screamed and shut her eyes, "I never want to see Castle Loch again!" Then she heard her Driver laughing. "Why are you laughing? There's a monster in the Loch!"

"It's not a monster, you silly engine look!"

Emily opened one eye and saw what the monster really was..."it's a family of seals!" She was surprised and happy to see them, so were the holiday makers. Soon the lines were clear and Emily was on her way again.

"How did you get away so easily?" asked James that night.

"That's easy," chuckled Emily, "the monster's don't want a green engine, they want a red engine!"

Everyone laughed, while James shivered. Nowadays, Emily and her coaches are kept busy taking visitors on trips to Castle Loch and during the winter she works with goods, everyone thinks that finally she's learned all there is to know.

As for James, he's remained least for a while anyway.

The End!