Greetings fellow readers and writers! This is my sixth Kingdom Hearts fic and I hope you like it! Okay, this story is the sixth volume of my Beyond the Door to Light saga, starting just as the last one left off, with Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden arriving in a world very similar to their Earth, or at least the one Sora, Riku and Kairi are familiar.

This fic is a crossover with one of the best Anime's I have ever seen, Sailor Moon! Anyone who has seen Sailor Moon would agree with me that it's perfect for this type of crossover.

Anyway, this story takes place in the Sailor Moon universe halfway through the 3rd season, Sailor Moon S, between episodes 102 and 103 of the overall series.

I don't own either Kingdom Hearts or Sailor Moon. I do own the original characters and Heartless I've created for these stories, so please don't sue me. If you don't like it, don't read it. But remember, This Is Fanfiction!

And now, without further delay, please enjoy…

Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door to Light

Volume 6: Love & Justice in Tokyo

By AndrewK9000

Chapter 1: Arrival on Earth?

Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden once again arrived on a world they didn't expect to. The portal opened up and spat them out onto the cold pavement of a back alley.

Our heroes had just finished saving a world full of pirates from the combined forces of Ursula, the Hakonians Konrad and Rakel, and one murdering lunatic of a pirate turned Heartless. Our heroes defeated the baddies and saved the day, with no small help from a certain stretchy pirate and his crew.

But then King Mickey appeared again and sent our heroes the portal home, but then, if wishes were horses after all.

"Once again we're in a back alley," said Riku as they picked themselves up after the portal closed

"Hopefully they'll be showers on this world," said Aiden.

Sora then realized that they were missing someone, "Where's Donald and Goofy!" True enough, his longtime companions of so many adventures were nowhere to be seen

"Weren't they with you?" Riku asked.

"They went into the portal before we did," said Kairi, "you don't suppose…?"

"That they wound up on a different world than we did," said Riku.

"We can't know that," said Sora defiantly, "maybe they're here on this world, but they're somewhere else. We should look for them."

"If they're here," said Kairi, "we'll find them."

"Wherever here is," said Aiden.

The four of them walked to the end of the alley and saw a large street that was part of a huge, human filled metropolis.

"At least we're back in civilization, of sorts," said an astonished Aiden, "have you ever seen such tall buildings?"

"I think I have," said Riku as he, Kairi and Sora looked around with a sensation of odd familiarity, "it's like we've been here before."

"Is it me," said Kairi, "or are there signs in both English and Japanese?"

"You're not hallucinating," said Sora, "I see them too."

"I'm sure we've been here before," said Riku, "but this city looks different somewhat."

Aiden then pointed at something, "What is that thing?"

Sora, Kairi and Riku saw a red and white structure that looked all too familiar to them.

"That's Tokyo Tower!" said Sora, "I'll bet my last munny on it!"

"That is Tokyo Tower!" said Riku, "we're back on Earth!"

"Are we?" Kairi asked, "something doesn't feel right, as if this is Earth, but not our Earth."

"A parallel Earth," said Sora.

"If that's right," said Aiden, "then where are we really?"

"More like when," said Riku. He saw a nearby digital clock on a building that showed the date, "July 5, 1993."

"We've gone back in time and space," said Kairi.

"How is that possible?" Aiden asked, "I thought all worlds are alike in terms of time."

"No offense, Aiden," said Riku, "but you've still got a lot to learn about worlds."

"Different worlds, and universes have different flows of time," said Kairi, "wait, that's not exactly right, time isn't like a river, it's more of a ball."

"You've lost me," said Sora.

"While you were sleeping for a year," said Kairi, "I was studding, a lot. Okay, here's the simple version; people automatically view time as a straightforward progression of cause and effect."

"It it anything else?" Aiden asked.

"When you get down to the fundamental makeup of all of existence, yes," said Kairi, "sometimes the effect leads to the cause."

"Like the paradox of the chicken and the egg," said Riku.

"Exactly," said Kairi.

"That's not so hard," said Sora, "a chicken that wasn't really a chicken, but almost like a chicken, laid an egg, and from that egg came a real chicken."

"Looks like someone remembered their homework on evolution," said Kairi. She then looked at Aiden, "but back with time. It's not a straightforward progression of cause and effect, not when you view time from a nonlinear, non-suggestive point of view. It's more like a great big, multilayered ball of wibbily-wobbly timey-wimey stuff."

"In other words," said Riku, "in one universe, the date is August 24, 1983 A.D., while in another universe, it's March 15, 44 B.C."

"Wibbily-wobbly timey-wimey!" said a smiling Kairi.

"I think I get it now," said Aiden, "but how does that help us?"

"It doesn't," said Riku, "all we can do is try not to interfere with the natural course of events on this world and wait for The King to find us again."

"I don't mean to disrespect The King," said Aiden, "but his attempts to bring us to your universe hasn't gone very well so far."

"Just what are you saying?" Sora asked in a slightly accusing tone.

"Maybe we're not meant to go to your world," said Aiden, "That maybe we're supposed to be jumping from one realm to another."

"This is about your vision," said Riku, "right?"

"It could be," said Aiden in a confident yet reluctant tone.

Before the final battle against the Hakonians on his world, Aiden had his own Drive to the Heart vision, where he received his own Keyblade. He also saw seven girls, whose faces he had forgotten when the vision ended.

When Aiden told Sora and the others about his vision, they all agreed that the girls he saw were the new Princesses of Heart. They had learn that a new seven Princesses had been chosen, and that Maleficent and her forces were searching all of existence for them to capture their pure hearts and open another door to Kingdom Hearts.

Aiden convinced our heroes to let him go with them, partly to help search for the new Princesses of Heart before the baddies found them. Aiden knew that he would remember the faces of the seven Princesses when he saw them.

So far our heroes had found one of the new seven and had made sure that she would be safe, for the time being, but there were still six more to find, and the forces of darkness were still on the move.

"Maybe we're supposed to find the new Princesses of Heart," said Aiden, "and jumping worlds like this is the best and fastest way to find them."

"That may be," said Riku, "but we can't be looking for them all the time."

"We've got friends and family back home," said Kairi, "who are surely worried sick about us by now. Not like when Sora and Riku went away for so long, but our families and friends would be expecting to hear from us now and then."

"And they'll be even more worried the longer we're away from home," said Sora. "I know my mom will be worried sick if she doesn't hear from me soon. But we have to trust The King to find and bring us home."

"Your home," said Aiden in a correcting manner, "I can't go home, not yet anyway. Remember, equivalent exchange. I was given incredible power and knowledge, but it came with a price. I can't go home until I find all seven Princesses of Heart."

"How can you be sure that's the price you had to pay in order to be a Keyblade Wielder?" Sora asked.

"How do you that there was a price to pay in the first place?" Kairi asked, "Keyblades aren't bought and sold in department or retail stores, they choose their Wielders, just like yours chose you."

"But there had to have been a price," insisted Aiden, "it's one of the absolute truths of life that you can't gain anything without giving something in return."

"That may be true in Alchemy and economics," said Riku, "but there are some things, like matters of the heart, that can't be bought and sold."

"As soon as we can," said Kairi in a reassuring tone, "we'll go back to your world and you can see your friends again."

"Nothing would make me happier than to see Travis and Kaylee again," said Aiden in a longing tone, as if he dearly wished to go back to his friends, "but I had that vision for a reason. I have to find those Princesses of Heart before the baddies do. I have to see this to the end."

"I won't argue with that," said Riku, "I also believe that everything happens for a reason."

"And what reason is it that we're here in this alternate Tokyo?" Kairi asked.

"Lunch for one thing," said Sora as his stomach growled.

"I could eat a Behemoth!" said Kairi.

"So could I," said Riku.

"Makes you wish we had stayed and joined Luffy's crew," said Aiden, "if only to have more of Sanji's cooking."

"That was good eating," said Sora, "but right now I'd settle for fast food."

"Let's hope we can pay for it," said Riku.

"We've got plenty of munny," said Sora, "let's hope they'll accept it on this world."

As it turned out, the cashiers at a nearby restaurant did accept munny, believing it to be yen in the current script.

"There's no logical reason for that to have worked," said Aiden as they sat down to eat, while holding a few pieces of munny in his hand, "I see brightly colored pieces, but that guy at the cash register saw local currency. How? Why?"

"I guess munny has its own magic that makes it acceptable on any world," said Sora.

"Nice to know that we have a universal resource," said Riku. The four of them then said "Itadakimaus!" and proceeded to satisfy their growling stomachs.

A short time later, our heroes, their appetites full, walked down the streets of this alternate Tokyo, trying to think of what to do until The King found them and sent the next portal.

Unknown to Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden, they were on a fated collision course with four girls, all of them in their mid teens, whom were walking down the sidewalk of a street that would intersect the one our heroes were on.

Let's meet these girls:

Ami Mizuno can be described as a genuine genius (with an IQ of 300 no less) with dreams of becoming a medical doctor like her mother. Possessing a sweet, gentile, loyal and slightly insecure personality, Ami used to rely on others for approval, but had become more confident in herself with the help of her friends.

Ami had short blue hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue and white sailor-style middle school uniform.

Rei Hino blazes with an inner fire that matches her multiple ambitious dreams. She's highly practical and serious, but also boy-crazy, falling in an out of love on a regular basis. Rei lives and works at a local shrine, where she learned early on that she possesses a strong level of ESP that allows her to sense danger, and often envision the future.

Rei has long black hair and dark, friendly eyes. She wears a gray and white schoolgirl uniform.

Makoto Kino, or just Mako to her friends, can be described as tomboyish and feminine at the same time. She is fiercely independent and possesses a wide variety of domestic skills, as well as a high prowess for sports and martial arts.

One can't help but be drawn to Mako's height, figure, and long curly brown hair and striking green eyes. Her schoolgirl uniform is tan and white. She wears rose-shaped earrings.

Minako Aino, or just Mina to her friends, is the kind of person who always sees the bright side of life. She is highly energetic and athletic, and is sometimes hyperactive and eccentric, often border lining on mild insanity that would seriously irritate her friends.

Mina's school uniform is the same color as Ami's. She has long bright blond hair tied back with a red ribbon and has blue eyes.

At first glance, these four girls appeared to be ordinary Japanese teenagers. But Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina (and a fifth friend whom we'll meet in just a bit) possess a great secret, a good secret, but one that must be kept, for if it were known to the public, it would turn the lives of the girls upside down, thereby ruining all chances for a normal life, as if having this secret made having a normal life hard enough as it was.

"Of all the days for us to have a break from studding for the high school exams," said Rei in an annoyed tone, "it had to be the one where Usagi-chan is late."

"You'd think she's jump at the first chance for an afternoon on the town," said Mako, "instead of studding at Rei-chan's house."

"I think she just needs some time to herself," said Ami, "considering what happened on her birthday."

"I'm still finding it hard to believe that she willingly allowed that to happen to her," said Rei in a shocked tone, "when it happened to me, it was awful."

"I felt like I was dieing," said Mako.

"And me," said Ami, "but we were forced. Usagi-chan sacrificed herself to save Mamoro-kun. She knew exactly what would happen when it happened, and she knew what would happen if they took it from her."

"Our little dumpling head is tougher than she looks," said Mina, "I'm sure Usagi-chan is alright," she winked and smiled mischievously, "in fact, I think right now she's exceptionally happy."

"What do you know that you're not telling us, Mina-chan?" Rei asked in an accusing tone.

"Let's just say that Usagi and Mamoru are having their own belated birthday celebration," said Mina in a mischievous manner, "nothing risqué, but they're enjoying each others company."

"Well they are soul mates," said Ami, "in the past, present and future."

"Makes you wonder when we'll meet our soul mates," said Mako.

"This coming from someone who says that every cute boy she sees reminds her of her sempai from her last school," said Rei.

"This coming from someone who has an exceptionally cute boy working at her family shrine," said Mako, "yet has only just realized her feelings for him."

Rei was about to make a snappy comeback, when an odd look came upon her. Her friends knew this look.

"What is it?" Ami asked nervously, "what do you sense?"

"It's not them," said Rei, "not the enemy," she closed her eyes in concentration, "it's not something bad at all, but rather, something…good, like…"

"Like what?" Mina asked.

Rei opened her eyes, "like we're about to meet someone very important, someone who'll be important to us."

"Who?" Mina asked eagerly, "and was he cute?"

"I didn't sense who it was," said Rei, "or if it was one person or several, and I certainly didn't see their faces."

"Oh," said a disappointed Mina.

"When are we supposed to meet these people or person?" Mako asked.

"Soon," said Rei as she closed her eyes again, "just how soon, I don't know."

"At least there aren't any Heartless around," said Aiden as he, Sora, Riku and Kairi kept walking, "this place is sort of nice. Nicer than Central."

"It is good to be back in civilization," said a smiling Kairi, "not the same civilization that we came from, but close enough." But then she got serious, "but on the other hand, there's a feeling of wrongness, like this world is in danger."

"I feel it to," said Sora.

"Me to," said Riku, "not from The Heartless, but something else."

"Demons?" Aiden asked in an anxious tone, "I really don't want to fight another Zabuchrion."

"I don't think it's demons," said Kairi, "not like the ones we fought in Dream Valley. But this evil is equally monstrous."

"I think we're not getting the full picture of what's going on in this world," said Sora.

"Well we can't go around asking of there's been any monster attacks lately," said Riku, "this isn't like Hollywood. This is Earth, where most people don't know about magic and other worlds."

"If we ask someone about monsters and Heartless," said Kairi, "they'll think we're crazy, or on drugs, or both."

"You're right," said Sora, "but what can we do then? We have to look for Donald and Goofy," just then a distant look came on his face, "or do we?"

"What are you sensing?" Kairi asked. Through the bond they had, Kairi and Riku could tell that something good had just occurred in Sora's mind.

"It's like," said Sora in a distant tone, "I know they're safe, that they made it back home without us somehow."

"I feel it now to," said Kairi while Riku nodded in agreement.

"I feel something," said Aiden, "something good."

"In time we'll all feel the same things," said Riku.

"But first we have to do whatever we have to do on this world," said Aiden, "and I have a feeling that we'll find out in a minute or so."

"I'm sensing several presences," said Rei, "good presences, and they're very close."

"What kind of presences?" Mako asked.

"They're human," said Rei, "but more than human at the same time."

"That doesn't make much sense," said Ami as she pulled out a PDA-like device that was actually a very advanced pocket-sized computer, "then again," she scanned the area with her computer, "things have been more than ordinary for us for quite a while."

"Oh lighten up, girls," said Mina cheerfully as she, Ami, Rei and Mako approached a street intersection, unaware that Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden were just around the corner, "it's a beautiful day, Usagi-chan is happily occupied with Mamoru-kun and there's no sign of the enemy. What's the worst that can happen on a day like this?"

She walked past the corner, just as Kairi walked passed the corner from the opposite side. The two of them collided head on and both fell to the concrete below.

"Kairi!" said Sora, Riku and Aiden

"Mina-Chan!" said Mako, Rei and Ami.

The two collided girls sorely got up, "I'm fine," they said reassuringly to their respective groups.

Kairi and Mina then saw each other for the first time, and their glaring eyes revealed that it wasn't a pleasant meeting. "Why don't you watch where you're going!" said an irate Kairi.

"Why don't you watch where you're going!" said an irate Mina. The two of them glared at each other with greater intensity.

"Don't fight!" said Sora as he tried to pull Kairi away from starting a fight.

"It was an accident!" said Ami as she to tried to get Mina out of an explosive situation

Kairi and Mina glared at each other for a few more second, before they both relaxed, "you're right," said Kairi, "it was an accident," she looked at Mina in a less aggressive manner, "I'm sorry I bumped into you."

"I'm also sorry," said Mina. She then introduced herself, then Kairi did the same.

Sora, Riku and Aiden then introduced themselves to Ami, Rei and Mako. As they got to know each other, Sora and his friends sensed that the four girls had great power in them, while Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina sensed that the four strange kids had a strange power of their own.

"I'm glad we didn't end up fighting," said Kairi, "I've been told that I'm pretty tough."

"I can hold my own in a tough situation," said Mina, "but Mako-chan here is our expert in the ancient art of kicking butt," she then whispered slyly, "and you should be glad that you didn't bump into Rei-chan; she's the one with the short temper."

"My ears are burning," said an annoyed Rei. Just then she saw that Mako was looking at Sora, Riku and Aiden with adoring eyes.

"Oh brother," said a still annoyed Rei ,"alright, which one of them reminds you of your old Sempai?"

"All of them," said a dreamy-eyed Mako.

"She has issues with the boy who dumped her," an apologetic Ami said to Sora, Riku and Aiden.

"Sounds like she needs therapy," said Riku.

"We might just do that," said Ami.

"You guys look like you're not from around here," said Rei suspiciously, "like you're from another planet or something."

"What are you talking about," Kairi said as she tried to laugh Rei's words off, "we're not aliens."

"I didn't mean aliens," said Rei as she looked at them intensely, "I should have said that you were more than human, that there's more to you than meets the eye."

"I could say the same about you four as well," said Riku, "that there's more than just four exceptionally cute girls."

At that Rei blushed and giggled slightly, "he thinks I'm cute."

"You already have a boyfriend," whispered an annoyed Mina.

"I saw the tall one first," said Mako, indicating Riku.

"Did not!" said Mina.

"Did too!" said Mako.

"Looks like we all have our share of secrets," said Kairi, "and this meeting wasn't just an accident."

"I think you're right," said Ami.

Just then everyone saw a fifth girl running towards them. She had blue eyes and long blond hair styled up so that there were two dumpling-like buns above her forehead. She wore a blue and white schoolgirl uniform like Ami and Mina wore.

"Girls!" shouted the newcomer as she ran towards them. She smiled brightly, revealing a personality that shone like a spotlight. One would later learn that this girl can be somewhat naiveté, lazy and a bit of a crybaby, but is also always there for her friends and would do anything, albeit sometimes reluctantly, for those she loved. She also possessed great reserves of courage that are normally repressed, but that courage is always there when she really needs it.

As she got closer, Sora and his friends sensed a great power that matched her inner light.

"Sorry I'm late," said the girl, "I was with Mamo-chan and…"

"We guessed already," said Mako, "and we're glad you both had a good time."

"You deserve some leeway after the fiasco on your birthday," said Rei, "but don't abuse it. We still have a long way to go before we're ready for the high school exams, especially you, dumpling-head."

"Don't call me that in public!" said the girl in an irate tone, "only Mamo-chan can call me that!"

The girl then saw Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden. She smiled, "oh, hi there!" she then introduced herself as Usagi Tsukino.

As Sora and his friends introduced themselves to Usagi, the sensation that she had a great power in her intensified. Sora was sure that Usagi was way more than she seemed. He then noticed that Aiden was looking at Usagi oddly, a look of familiarity and awe.

Sora remembered that Aiden had the same odd look on his face when he saw Sara Lancaster for the first time, and the thought hit Sora like a tone of bricks. Riku and Kairi also saw the way Aiden looked at Usagi, and the connection also struck them like thunderbolts.

Sora, Riku and Kairi then had the same thought; Aiden recognizes Usagi from his vision, which means that Usagi Tsukino is a Princess of Heart!

The end of chapter 1. Next chapter, our heroes learn more about Usagi and her friends. At the same time, the forces of darkness meet with the local Villains, whom are powerful baddies in their own right. Reviews will be rewarded with cake and pie. See you next time!