Last time found Sora and Kairi hearing what happened while they were unconscious. Once they were recovered, our heroes located the worlds' Keyhole, right under Tokyo Tower. With Roxas helping them, Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden sealed the Keyhole, thereby protecting that alternate Earth from The Heartless.

Roxas then went back inside of Sora, while Naminé used her magic one more time before going back inside Kairi. She used her magic to help Usagi and Mamoru remember the best memories of their past lives.

Just then a portal appeared. Hoping for the best, Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden went through, finally arriving back at Disney Castle. Apparently the curse sent by Maleficent worked when King Mickey contacted our heroes before sending the portal.

With everyone back together, Sora asked Aiden if he wanted to live in his house until Aiden got his own place, and Aiden accepted. With that Sora, Riku, Kairi, and now Aiden, went back to their world. 'Nuff said, on with the show!

Epilog: The Writing in the Sky

"Told you my mom would be okay with it," said Sora as he helped Aiden get settled in at his house.

"Your mother is really great," said Aiden as he sat on the bed in the spare room Sora had picked out for him. The room had a closet, a desk & chair, a dresser for more clothes, and several paintings on the wall. Other than that it was empty.

"We'll go shopping tomorrow," said Sora, "get you some new stuff. You're going to be here for a while, so you might as well enjoy it."

"You really shouldn't spoil me," said Aiden, "remember, I have my own mission to accomplish."

"I know," said Sora, "there's still five more Princesses of Heart to find. But we'll find them before it's too late, trust me."

Aiden nodded, then yawned, "but right now all I care about is getting some sleep. It has been one long day."

"It is late," said Sora, looking out the window to see that the stars had come out hours ago, "but I'm not sleepy at all."

"Well considering that you and Kairi were completely zonked out back in that other world," said Aiden, "it's not surprising."

"You sleep," said Sora, "if you need anything, just let me know."

"You're a true friend, Sora," said Aiden, "I'm glad to have met you."

Sora smiled, then left Aiden to finish getting settled in. He walked back to his room, but had no intention of going to sleep. Instead, he went outside and looked up at the familiar stars of his world.

Sora then sensed someone approaching, then smiled as he realized who it was. Sure enough it was Kairi. "Can't sleep either?"

"I fell like I've slept a lifetime," said Kairi. They then sat together on the front porch, looking up at the stars. "How long do you think we have?"

"My mom went out to do some shopping," said Sora, "she'd be back in half an hour or so."

"I'm not talking about right now," said Kairi, "I mean how long before we're going to have to go save another world? How long until we have to stand against the darkness again?"

"I don't know," said Sora, "I honestly don't know. But I'm not going to worry about that, not now."

"Me neither," said Kairi.

"As long as we're together, nothing can stop us," said Sora, "not The Heartless, not Maleficent, not even the darkness itself. And as long as we're together, even if it's only for a while at a time like this, that's fine with me."

"Me to," said Kairi, "for now. Someday we'll have all the time we'll want."

"Let's hope that day comes soon," said Sora. They kissed and then went back to looking at the stars.

…New Hollow Bastion…

"Enjoy your time together," said Maleficent as she used a viewing spell to spy on Sora and Kairi, "you may not have many such precious moments for long."

"With all due respect, great one," said Nikolai as he stood in front of the throne of darkness, "but is it wise to allow the Keyblade Wielders to return to their world?"

"It is a necessary annoyance," said Maleficent in a nonchalant tone, "that fool King Mickey would have figured out my little hex before too long. But that is not important now."

Maleficent then changed the image so now it showed Aiden, "this one, The Keyblade Alchemist, he is the one whom our plans shall truly focus on."

"I do not understand," said Nikolai as he looked at the image of Aiden, "he may be a powerful Alchemist, and his prowess with the Keyblade will soon match that of the others, but why is he that important? What is this Aiden Mackenzie to the cause?"

"Nothing," said Maleficent, "not the boy himself, but rather, the knowledge he carries in his subconscious. He holds the identities of the new Princesses of Heart. True, they remain locked in his mind until he sees them in the flesh, but that issue will soon be resolved."

Maleficent then changed the image again so now it showed Usagi Tuskino. A second image appeared, showing Sara Lancaster.

"Already two of the new seven Princesses of Heart have been identified," said Maleficent, "if we simply allowed The Keyblade Alchemist to 'run free,' he will lead us to the remaining five."

"If we know who two of the seven are," said Nikolai, "and where they are, then why not strike now and secure them?"

"We could secure the two that we know of now," said Maleficent, "but these new Princesses of Heart are still immature in their powers. If we take them as they are now, then their magic will not be as effective when we take their hearts to open the door to Kingdom Hearts.

"No, we will wait for these two to grow in heart. We will wait until all seven are identified. We will wait for the right time. Then, and only then, will we strike and take all seven at once. Then we will have all that is needed to flood all of existence with darkness."

"Your will be done, oh mistress of all evil," said Nikolai as he bowed. "May I have leave to take leave for my next assignment?"

"You may leave," said Maleficent, "but not to return to your work. You have provided valuable information during your last mission, information that has helped prevent a future disaster on our part."

"A Heartless that could think for itself," said Nikolai, "yes, that would have been a disaster the likes of which we couldn't recover from without difficulty."

"You understand then," said Maleficent, "you have served me well, Nikolai Shadowstalker, and you shall be rewarded greatly."

"I thank you, great one," said Nikolai as he bowed again. "Oh, I meant to ask, what of my fellow Hakonians? With Reddik still crippled, and Konrad, Rakel and Erika still being punished, there's only Katarina and myself still in service."

"I assume Katarina is scheduled to return after a small, 'shopping' excursion," said Maleficent, "she wished to have her new assistant properly adjusted to her style and idiom."

Just then Katarina sauntered into the room. Behind her was a very miserable looking Pete. His fur had been died pink and his outfit had been changed to that of a pink suit with white pokadots.

"I'm back, oh great and fashionable one," said a smiling Katarina, "it was nice to get out and shop, but now I'm ready to get back to work."

"Your eagerness to serve the cause does you credit, Katarina," said Maleficent.

Katarina then saw Nikolai, "oh, you're back to," she said in an annoyed tone

"It would seem that you have been up to interesting things, my dear Katarina," said Nikolai as he struggled to contain his laughter at the sight of the now pink Pete.

"Just try and laugh," said a grumbling Pete, "you make one sound and I'll clean your clock!"

"I would never laugh at a comrades' misfortune," said Nikolai, "unlike Rakel or Konrad, now they would laugh."

"Don't you think Fluffy looks pretty?" Katarina asked as she roughly hugged Pete, "isn't he adorable!"

"You named him Fluffy?" Nikolai asked in a trembling voice. Unable to control himself, he began laughing. He clutched his side and nearly fell over.

"The first chance I get, punk!" snapped Pete, "and you're dead!"

"I know," said Nikolai as he tried to stop laughing but couldn't.

Just then a goblin servant entered the room, "forgive the intrusion, great one, but there is a disturbance outside."

"What sort of disturbance?" Maleficent asked.

"Well…" said the goblin servant, but he faltered.

"Speak up you fool!" snapped Maleficent, "what is it that you think is worth risking my wrath!"

"I honestly do not know what it is, great one," said the goblin, "words cannot describe it. You must see it for yourself in order to understand."

"Oh very well," said Maleficent as she stood up from her throne. Her pet raven then flew to his usual perch on her shoulder, "where is this disturbance that you deem so important?"

"It can be seen from the balcony, great one," said the goblin.

Puzzled, Maleficent went out to the balcony and was startled to see that the sky above The World that Never Was, was lit up by bright, multi-colored lights that that shimmered and flowed like an Aurora Borealis.

"Ooh, pretty!" said an amazed Katarina as she, Nikolai and Konrad walked out onto the balcony and saw the lights in the sky.

"Merely a reaction of solar particles and gasses in this worlds' upper atmosphere," said Nikolai in a bored tone, "it is nothing to be concerned about."

"That would be true," said Maleficent, "except that this world has no sun, therefore there are no solar particles to react with."

"That would be a cause for concern then," said a now worried Nikolai, "what else could cause this phenomenon?"

"Magic," said a still amazed Katarina.

"I do believe she is right," said Nikolai as he thought about it, "this could be the work of a magic user. But who is causing this disturbance? And why?"

"Maybe whoever it is wants to send a message," said Pete.

Just then the streaming lights began to condense, forming words in the sky…




The words then dissipated and the lights faded away, leaving a clear sky.

"Oh, it's over already?" a disappointed Katarina asked.

"It would appear that the fury one was right," said Nikolai, "someone wished to send a message."

"But who sent it?" Pete asked, "who's it for? And who's L. Lawlett?"

"No one!" snapped an enraged Maleficent, "L. Lawlett does not exist! Do you fools understand! He does not exist!"

"Completely, great one," said a startled and nervous Nikolai, while Pete and Katarina nodded in nervous agreement.

"This is clearly someone's failed attempt at a practical joke," said Maleficent as she frantically paced back and forth, "it has to be a joke, for the alternative is inconceivable. The sender would have to have been near in order to use such magic, somewhere on this world," she glared at the goblin servant, "call out the guard! Have every inch of this world searched for the intruder who believes he or she is beyond my retribution! I want that prankster found and brought before me for punishment and annihilation!"

"At once, great one," said the goblin. He bowed and left to carry out his orders.

"Leave me," said Maleficent to Nikolai, Katarina and Pete, "now!"

"We live only to serve you, oh mistress of all evil," said Nikolai as he, Katarina and Pete bowed and left the balcony, leaving Maleficent alone with her dark thoughts.

"That was rude of her," said Katarina once they were out of earshot.

"We're lucky she didn't kill us just to make herself feel better," said Pete, "she's really worked up about this."

"But why?" Nikolai asked, "who is this L. Lawlett to be causing Maleficent so much distress?"

…Disney Castle…

"I'm seeing it," said King Mickey as he looked at an image of the sky over New Hollow Bastion, showing the words L. Lawlett Lives. "I see it but I don't get it."

"We all saw it," said Queen Minnie, "this was taken by a magically enhanced long distance camera. We have several watching The World that Never Was, all of them watching for any movements of The Heartless. But this is something I don't think anyone could have anticipated."

"Look's like somebody's tryn' to send a message to ol' Maleficent," said Goofy.

"But who sent it?" Donald asked, "and who is L. Lawlett?"

Just then the image of a man wearing a hooded cloak that was colored red and black appeared in the room, "that is indeed a question that will puzzle many minds for some time to come."

"Intruder!" shouted Donald as he rushed at the image, only to realize too late that it was just that, an image, resulting on him falling through the image and landing on his face.

"Who are you?" King Mickey asked, "and what do you know about this?"

"I know quite a lot," said the imager of the hooded man. His voice sounded strangely familiar to The King, "I spent my life to the pursuit of knowledge, and that knowledge took me down a dark path, a path you tried to deter me from, my friend."

"I know you," said a startled King Mickey, "but…it can't be! I saw you die!"

"You saw me vanish," said the hooded man, "but not die. No, my friend, it wasn't my time then," he lowered his hood, revealing a strong but kind face with short blond hair and a blond beard.

"Ansem!" exclaimed King Mickey, "Ansem the Wise!"

"Yes," said Ansem The Wise, "I am alive and well, but circumstances prevent me from seeing you and your loved ones in person."

"Where are you?" Queen Minnie asked, "maybe we can send help."

"I am as safe as I can possibly be," said Ansem, "despite the dangerous world I am on."

"You never left The World that Never Was," said King Mickey, "you're right under Maleficent's nose."

"Indeed," said Ansem, "I have been in Maleficent's new residence, gathering information, while at the same time sending messages designed to deter Maleficent from her foul plans."

"You made the writing in the sky," said King Mickey, "you sent that message."

"Among other similar messages," said Ansem, "though I don't know what they mean, or who L. Lawlett is. I know even less about the person who asked me to send those messages. This person, whom wishes to remain anonymous, has assured me that those three words will, to quote his words, 'will drive Maleficent up the wall and beyond.'"

"Looks like we have a mysterious ally," said King Mickey.

"That is my assumption as well," said Ansem, "he also recently provided me with the means of communicating with you and other worlds without risking detection by the enemy. It is of the utmost importance that I remain un-captured and to continue delivering the messages."

"How long will you have to do that?" King Mickey asked.

"Until Maleficent has been disturbed enough," said Ansem, "disturbed so that her anger will force her to make a mistake that will be her undoing."

"And how long will that take?" Queen Minnie asked.

"That, I do not know," said Ansem, "nor do I know when I will be asked to deliver another message. But this is absolutely certain, we have an ally in the shadows."

"That's good to know, I guess," said King Mickey, "and it's really great to see you again, Ansem."

"It's good to see you to, my friend," said Ansem, "I'll try to keep regular contact, but it may be a while before we can speak with each other. This last message has certainly gotten Maleficent riled up. I'll have to go to ground for a while until her rage subsides somewhat."

"I understand," said King Mickey, "good luck."

"And to you," said Ansem. His image then faded, but then came back, "oh, one more thing. I'd be most appreciative if you didn't let Sora and his friends know that I was alive. The fewer people who know I still live, the better."

"I understand," King Mickey said again, "but when things get to the point where it's too dangerous for you to be among the enemy, you'll come back here, okay?"

"I'll be there directly when the time is right," said Ansem, "and then I'll be the one to tell Sora and the others myself."

"Right," said King Mickey.

Ansem then smiled and his image vanished.

"Who would have thought that Ansem was alive," said an amazed King Mickey.

"And he's still fighting the darkness," said Queen Minnie.

"But who's he delivering those messages for?" Goofy asked.

"And just who is L. Lawlett?" Donald asked.

"I don't know," said King Mickey, "but I'm gonna find out. But I'm gonna respect Ansem's wishes. I won't tell Sora and the others."

"Do you really think that's wise?" Queen Minnie asked.

"Not really," said King Mickey, "but I trust Ansem's judgment."

"So what now?" Donald asked.

"We'll do what we've been doing," said King Mickey, "keep an eye on the movements of The Heartless, and try to outthink Maleficent. But we're also gonna give Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden, a chance to rest. I've got a feeling that things are gonna get really bad real soon."

"Just our luck," muttered Donald.

The end of Volume 6.

At last, Sora, Riku and Kairi are home again, and they've brought their newest comrade with them. But their respite form battling the darkness won't last long, for in the next volume, they'll have to face the darkness on their world, in a really weird manner. And if that wasn't enough, the identity of the third new Princess of Heart will be revealed.

In the next volume, we'll be crossing with one of the funniest action animes' ever, Ranma ½, and you'll never guess who the special guest stars will be.

So stay tuned for Beyond the Door to Light Volume 7: The Tournament of Light

See you then!