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Today was the first day of the winter term and a whole day dedicated to muggle celebration, meaning that all wands were to be handed into the heads of house the night before and collected during dinner from the prefects. You could ask any student, many would say it was a hairbrained scheme that only the crazed Dumblefuck could come up with.
Others, such as the Weasellette and the Red-Headed-One would say something stupid like it was a great way to promote interhouse unity with all the games that are going on, and it's an excellent way to show off the skills of the muggle-borns.

Out on the grounds of Hogwarts, Pansy and Draco were stretching for the interhouse races going to take place in a few minutes.
"Oh look Ron! It's a ferret, and it's dirtying the landscape."
"Ginerva! Leave Draco alone you mega bitch!" Pansy screamed.
A fight ensued and after a few punches both Ginny and Pansy had managed to fall to the ground. Looking up Pansy saw the glint of what could only be a knife, one from the gryffindor breakfast table if you looked carefully.
"Draco, Look out!" Pansy screeched, yet she was too late. Draco had been stabbed twice in the chest with quick succession by a Weasel whilst his mega bitch of a sister stood and laughed.

Pansy heard the sound of a spell whizzing past her to the direction of a collapsed, blood soaked Draco and two of the most retarded people in the whole of the wizarding world.
With no time to react Pansy watched as the Weasel and his annoying sister were frozen into place, literally. Surprise filled her as not only had the caster defended a slytherin, but had also cast a powerful wandless spell. She could feel the power of the caster growing as they approached her and Draco. Surprise and shock seemed to be on the cards today as she recognized the caster as the one and only Harry Potter.
Anger radiated from the emerald jewels, no longer hidden by glasses. His hair had also grown longer too and lay attractively yet messily around his face. Needless to say he now looked hot. If she wasn't taken she would date him.

"Thank-you," She blurted
"No problem. Pansy can you help me? We need to get Draco to the hospital wing,"

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