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Pansy looked up sharply at Potter. This however had the opposite affect she desired. He chuckled instead.
"I grew up over the summer Pansy. No more fighting, trust me."

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It had been 4 hours since Draco had been stabbed and the two youngest Weasley children had been sentenced to the kiss at Azkaban, as soon as Harry's spell wears off that is.
"A strong spell Potter. I don't believe I've ever seen it before." Snape looked at Harry with an enquiring gaze.
"You haven't sir. It's one of my own. It is called prisionais conxelados, which is Galician for frozen prison. "
Snape's gaze changed to surprise and then to pride.
"I am proud of you Pott- Erm Harry. 20 points to Gryffindor."

'Snape? Giving points? AH! What's going on with the world?' Pansy's mind had just had its first breakdown of many. It got worse as she heard what Harry was saying.
"Professor. Keep the points. Gryffindor do not deserve them." Pansy's eyes bulged.

"SEVERUS!" Madame Pomfrey's voice full of worry.
Snape ran, elegantly mind you, to Draco's ward room.
"The main chamber of his heart and the left lung were both punctured. His right lung has failed. He could die. He needs a muggle transplant, I have managed to fix the heart, his magic was just strong enough. I cou-"
"I'll give him one of mine,"

Snape and Pomfrey whirled to see Harry Potter, standing beside Draco, brushing hair away from the paler-than-usual face of his old enemy.
"Potter, tests need to be done. I mea-"
"With all due respect Madame Pomfrey, I haven't smoked ever, I've rarely drank, my magical strength rivals Draco's and judging by the drip in his arm I am also the same blood type, therefore I find myself to be the perfect candidate. Possibly the only one. Now get me on a bed and take a lung before he dies." Harry's voice was slightly terrifying as he went through his 'I'm-the-Goddamn-Golden-Boy-Now-For-Fuck's-Sake-Do-As-I-Say-You-Crazy-Fucking-Cunt' speech.

Stunned Pomfrey did just that.

Snape flinched as Pomfrey magically tore Harry's chest open. However no flinch came from Harry. The Slytherin Duo was impressed. His right lung was carefully removed from the warmth of Harry's torso and laced onto a cold steel surgical tray, floating to the next bed.
"Poppy. Why was Potter not administered anesthetic?"
"It's part of our unbreakable vow Severus. I will not tell you anymore than that. If you want the details I suggest to ask him yourself."

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