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About Last Night: Chapter 1

For a moment when Tony woke up he thought that the night before had simply been a dream, it was not until he turned to find Ziva curled up in a ball asleep next to him that it fully sunk it that it had not be a dream but very real. Ziva looked peaceful and defenceless, a way he had never seen her before. He sat up watching her and his heart jumped into his throat.

Tony made his way to the kitchen flicking the switch on the kettle and placing bread in the toaster, waiting for it to be ready. He placed the tea and toast on to a tray for Ziva and made his way back to the bedroom. He'd never made any girl breakfast in bed, not that what he'd put together was much of a breakfast, he thought to himself. But as he opened the door he found Ziva fully dressed and trying to find one of her shoes.

"Hey, got you breakfast, I hope I've made your tea right." He said practically beaming at her. Ziva refused to meet his eye but took the mug of tea he'd offered.

"It's fine." She responded taking a tiny sip and placing the mug back down as she finally found her shoe. "I'm sorry but I must go, thanks for the tea."

She moved past him in to the hallway, quickly running her fingers through her tangled hair. Tony quickly placed the tray down, and followed Ziva toward the door.

"Hey have I done something wrong?"

"No, you have done nothing wrong. I'll see you at work, goodbye Tony." With they she walked out the door leaving Tony standing alone, confused in the hall.

He felt his heart sink as he watched Ziva walk through the door, the night before flashing through his mind; the feeling of her skin on his, the smell of her perfume and the overwhelming feeling of contentment he felt.