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"No." I muttered, as he ripped my clothes off. "No!" I shrieked as he kissed my chest. "Jesus Christ, I said no!" I tried to struggle out of his grasp, but I was measly a fourteen year old, and he was the "cool" senior at my school.

I started squirming in my bed, shaking.

I tried to reach for my phone, he smacked my hand. "Don't you dare."

I bit on my fist to shield my screams from escaping my mouth as I remembered this painful memory.

No one came for me. When I came home that night, my mother didn't even notice that I was distraught.

I hit my head against my pillow. I dialed some kids number, and told him to meet me in some parking lot. I fucked him that night.

When I came home in the dark, I crept through my empty house. Then I heard someone coming down the stairs.

I mentally screamed at myself.

"Isabella!" Phil, my stepdad screamed. "Renee, I caught her again!" He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down. I tried to fight back a yelp. Then my mom came down the stairs.

"Isa-" She looked at me. "Bella! What happened?" I squinted as my head throbbed.

Phil eyed me, "Nothing, just slipped." I muttered.

I walked upstairs as they listed my groundings which I probably won't obey anyways.

As I fell asleep I tried not to think about the next time a guy would flirt with me, because they knew I was a whore. About Phil hitting me again. About my mom not even realizing I was abused.

I woke up in the morning to Phil eating breakfast at the table. "Your mom left early for work."

Great. Good thing I bought more concealer.

"Okay." I said.

Then he ran over to me. "Don't use that attitude with me!" He yelled.

"I'm not." I gritted through my teeth. Then he slapped me hard across my face. I stumbled down to the ground.

Then I felt him kick me repeatedly. "Slut." He mumbled as he walked towards the front door.

I think I fell asleep on the kitchen floor, because I woke up around five. I slowly walked up to my room, thinking that I was done. Done with him hurting me. Done with life.

I curled up on my bed thinking of ways to end my misery. I glanced at my mirror, and hit it with my fist. The glass bounced to the floor. I grabbed a piece, and started cutting myself. On my arms. Then I started getting woozy, as blood really started to drip. I heard the front door slam.

"Bella, I'm home!" My mom's cheery voice echoed. I didn't even move.

"Bella! You here?" I heard her knock on my door, I was sitting at the foot of my bed, and stopped cutting, leaning against it.

Then the door swung open.

"Holy crap Bella!" My mom cried.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

She took the glass out of my hand.

Then Phil came in behind her, nothing but hatred in his eyes. Mom wrapped a bandage around my arms.

"Why?" She pleaded.

"Because." I mumbled.

"Please tell me Bella."

I struggled to get a clear grip on reality. "Because I was raped when I was only fourteen. Because he abuses me." I pointed to Phil.

"He has never raped you Bella." My mom growled.

"I never said he did it. All he does is hit me and- and-and" I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

"Bella he has never touched you, right Phil?" She turned to look at him.

He nodded. "Bella I love you."

I shook my head. "No, you don't." I stood up, and almost fell over. I grabbed my shoes and my car keys. "I hate you." I yelled at my mom.

I walked through my bedroom door, and went downstairs.

"BELLA!" Their shouts came from behind me.

I climbed into my rusty truck when I got outside.

I closed my door, and started my truck. They were pounding on the side of my car. I rolled down my window. "What do you want?" I snarled.

"Say your sorry!" My mom shouted.

"Me? Tell him to say sorry!"

"He didn't do anything."

"Yeah right." I pulled out of the driveway and started driving down the road.

I pulled over after a couple minutes, and pulled out my phone.

"Dad?" I blubbered through my tears.

"Bella? What's wrong?" He asked.

I told him everything that happened. "Can I come up?"

He told me yes, and we hung up. I started the long trip to Washington.

After days of traveling, I finally reached the outer limits of Forks. Most of the money I had with me was almost gone. I only had enough for another gallon of gas. My dad told me to meet him at the police station. I pulled into the small parking lot. I noticed a really nice black Mercedes there. I walked in and saw a blonde man and a guy who looked a little older than me with bronze tousled hair. I ran over to my dad's desk. I put my jacket down, I gave him a big hug.

Then his eyes narrowed as he scanned me. I looked down at myself and saw that when I took off my jacket I unveiled all my scars and bruises and cuts. I sighed. Then my dad caressed my cheek. "Bella. It was that bad?" He whispered softly.

I swiftly pulled my jacket on me. "You know sometimes I wish that mom died and I could come live with you."

"It's all my fault. She wanted custody of you, but I should have fought for you Bella, I should have-"

I put my arms around him. "Shh. Dad, it's not your fault, never was."

I kept feeling like someone was looking at me, and sure enough the boy was staring at me.

"Alright Carlisle," He walked over to the big desk where they were. "What do you need?"

"I need a police report for one of my patients."I walked around the police station for a bathroom, and found one. I checked my face in the mirror, and my cover up was started to come off. I brushed the powder across my cheek and over my eye, where Phil slapped me.

"Bella!" Charlie yelled, I flinched involuntarily. "Are you ready to go?" I slowly walked out of the bathroom, and saw the man named Carlisle and maybe his son, were gone.

I shrugged, and I got into my truck to follow Charlie to my new home. When I checked my phone I saw my mom called again. She kept calling and it was annoying the hell out of me.

We pulled into the driveway, and Charlie took my bags in for me. I walked around the small house that was sort of familiar but not really. I unpacked some things in my room, and then someone knocked on my door.

"What?" My voice echoed.

"Bella," Charlie answered.

"Come in." I sat down on my bed.

"It's your mom, she's on the phone and wants to know if you are here."