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"Hey Bells." Charlie greeted as I struggled to open the door. I was carrying approximately three bags of pure makeup alone. And another bag of hair stuff. I looked down at all the stuff in my hands.

"Dammit!" I yelled and I tripped lightly. I quickly put my hands on the rail, not wanting to fall.

I heard footsteps hurry to the front door. "Jeez Bella. You're six months pregnant, you shouldn't be carrying all this stuff around." I rolled my eyes, as he helped me take all of Alice's stuff up into my room.

Esme and Jasper came home just as Alice had all the "necessary" beauty products sprawled across her king size bed and bathroom counter. Jasper had to take her aside and persuade her to give up some items. She put back five.

Then when Alice said she was going to come over the next day, Edward swooped in and said that he thought I could handle getting ready by myself.

Alice demanded that I send her pictures of what I look like before we leave.

So now I'm stuck with a bunch of crap that I probably won't use.

I quickly went through the bags looking for the sleeveless blue dress. "Oh Bella," My dad chimed in, "Your friend Alice called. She says you left your dress at her house and that she would bring it later tonight. I invited her to dinner if you don't mind." I tried to grin and beret as I felt a sharp pain where it sure as hell should not have been. I rubbed my stomach softly.

Charlie put his hand on my shoulder. "Bella, are you okay?" He asked.

I bit my lip, trying to fight back the tears forcing to to fall. This pain was unbearable. "Yeah, um. You know I'm really tired. I'm going to take a nap. Can you make sure I'm awake before dinner?" I asked.

He nodded.

I climbed into my bed, and clutched my stomach as the pain persisted. I whimpered slightly, and then I heard my bedroom door open. I bolted upright.

Edward walked gracefully towards me. "What are you doing here?" I asked confused.

He smiled. "Alice told me I should come over and," he held his fingers in air quotes as he said," eat" then he put them back to his sides, "dinner." I laughed and wrapped my arms around him.

The pain in my uterus, slowly subsided until I was able to walk again. I stood up and was about to go to my bedroom door when Edward held me back. "Don't go down there." He yelped.

"Why?" I asked, my eyebrows bunched together.

"Because, uh..."

Then the door swung open and Alice locked elbows with mine. "Now Bella," She started as we went down the stairs, "I heard you don't like surprises, and I intend on changing that." Then when we were on the last step, a chorus of "surprise" rang out.

"Oh my.." I whispered. I looked around the living room before me.

"Good luck" banners were splattered everywhere. And there was a huge cake, covered in pink icing that said, "It's a girl." I felt tears weld up in my eyes again. Alice threw me a surprise baby shower.

I saw some school people there, the only one who really stood out to me was Angela. I didn't particularly like anyone else. And then the girls of the Cullen family was there too.

I wrapped my arms around Alice. "Thank you." I murmured.

"No problem, Oh-" She dove into her purse and pulled out my dress. "Put this somewhere safe." Edward walked me back up to my room, and I threw it on my bed.

I was swept into Edward's arms. "Apparently, I'm meeting with Charlie during your shower." He smiled. "He wants to make sure I'm good enough to be with you." A laugh escaped my lips and he silenced it my kissing me.

I was in the middle of sticking a chocolate covered strawberry in my mouth when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to see Rosalie there. She gave me a hug.

"I'm truly happy for you Bella." She said excitedly.

Then a thought occured to me as we sat down on the couch. "You know what I was planning on naming her?" I whispered.

She shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Ellie." I smiled. "And her middle name will be Rose." I saw a grin spread onto her lips.

"Thank you, so much! That truly means a lot to me!" She exclaimed.

We were a good hour into the baby shower, and the mountain of presents kept haunting me. I hate getting things, because I feel like I can't return the gesture. Alice stepped lightly on to a chair.

"Ahem." She said normally. No one heard her, and I could practically see the agitation rising. "AHEM!" Everyone turned and stared at her. "It's time for Bella to open her presents!" She hopped off and towed me over to the corner of the room.

Present after present was handed to me. My head was spinning my the time my fingers carefully ripped the wrapping of the last one. I tore it off to reveal a little picture frame, that said "I love my Mommy" at the top. There was also multiple outfits, that were actually cute. There was a little fold up bed thing that goes next my own bed. I looked to Alice. "Wait who was that from?" I asked quietly.

"Your mom." She said throatily.

The rest of the night dragged on. After the party, Alice had all my stuff opened and put away in my room in a half hour. I was grateful. It would've taken me a whole day. She even cleaned my room for me.

Once everyone was gone I walked tiredly up the stairs. I stared around at all my baby stuff. It was making me anxious. She wouldn't be here for another three or four months. I waited until Edward came into my window, and then I fell peacefully asleep.

Edward woke me up around 6.

"Love, Alice is making me leave. She says I can't see until I pick you up." I was too tired to protest, and I let him leave without another word.

I woke up again with one thing on my mind. Blood. I didn't know why. I couldn't stop thinking about it in general. Then when I went to the bathroom, I suppressed a scream when I saw my underwear.

It looked like I had my period, even though I can't right now. I tried to hide my worry as I ate breakfast with Charlie.

Bella, you should go get checked out. I told myself.

Around four, I decided to start getting ready. I slathered everything Alice instructed me to use on my face, and then I straightened my hair with the straightener stashed in one of the bags. I didn't know what else to do with it, so I grabbed the sides, and twisted until I could pin in to my scalp. I carefully dressed, and pulled my dress over my head. It was maternity dress, and showed off my stomach. I sighed lightly and then grabbed my flats while dialing Edward's number.

"About to pull in." He said as soon as he answered.

"Oh." I said, kind of embarrassed. "Love you."

"Love you too." I could here the smile in his voice. I hurried down the stairs in time to see Charlie letting Edward in. "So did you boys behave last night?" I asked playfully.

Charlie nodded and leaned in to whisper, "He's a keeper." I knew Edward could hear him, and I saw him silently laugh.

We got into the car, and I noticed how it looked like it was about to pour down rain.

Typical Forks I guess. We finally arrived to the small place where prom was being held. I could feel the vibrations of the music in Edward's silver volvo. "You ready?" He asked. I nodded, and we had to run inside, because of the rain. We giggled as we got through the doors. I saw Alice through the reflection of a mirror, and she looked really mad. I grabbed Edward's hand and ran as fast as I could being pregnant.

We found ourselves in the middle of the dance floor. He kissed me softly. "Do you want something to drink?" He asked. He wrinkled his nose. "Let me clarify. Something to drink that isn't spiked." I laughed, and he went over to a vending machine outside. Angela came up and greeted me. I hugged her, and then I felt a strong hand cling to my shoulder.

"Um, I need to go." I said to her urgently. She smiled and left. Whoever it was pulled me deeper into the crowd.

"You thought I wouldn't find out!" Someone hollered into my ear. I froze, and turned around on my heel to see Mike fuming. My eyes searched the crowd for Edward and I spotted him glaring at Alice.

"Mike, leave me alone." I whimpered.

"How can you not tell me you were pregnant with my child?" He asked.

"How the hell did you find out anyway?" I snarled.

"Some kid named Jacob came up to me and told me the other day." He said furiously.

"Jacob?" I said realizing it was my Jake, Jacob Black. "Fuck."

"You can't keep me from knowing my own child!"

"Mike, stop please." I cried as he kept yelling at me.

"Yes I can!" I screamed, a few heads turned and looked at me. "You don't deserve to know her! To be her father! To be around her! To even know her name!" I shrieked. The pain in my abdomen continued, but the pain was worse. My hand flung to my stomach, holding it. I felt like I was about to double over in pain. "Go away Mike." I said quietly.

"Don't tell me-" He started but Alice ran up to us.

"Bella, Edward found out about-"

"Ow!" I cried, reaching down to where the sharp pains appeared again.

"Oh my god. What is it?" She said worriedly.

"It's nothing." I breathed stalking away. I had to find Edward.

I reached him just as I felt a gush of water spill through my legs.

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