Hey, guys! Okay, so this is my new Veronica Mars FanFic. This picks up right where season 3 left off, with Logan having just walked out of the cafeteria. I've tried to get the characters across fully, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to put Dick into words :/ haah. Anyway, I'm feeling this a lot more than my last story, so fingers crossed it's recieved well.

Veronica stared after Logan's retreating form, exiting the cafeteria without a second glance back at her. She couldn't believe how he'd stood up for her, even when she had warned him about Gory, how he was part of the Russian mob scene. Thousands of things were running through her mind in that moment, different emotions, memories but just one regret. Did I make the wrong decision about breaking up with Logan? She thought to herself, still in shock from the showdown that had just happened before her eyes. She then turned to look at Piz, who had a sad expression on his face, one showing defeat. She walked over to him.

"Um, hey." She said quietly.

"Hey," he replied, looking at the floor.

"I think we need to talk." She whispered, not wanting to draw attention from anyone else on the scene.

He sighed. "I guess we do. Let me make this easy for you though. I know you love him. It's in your eyes, the way you look at him, and the way you look at me. I don't know what he did to make you break up with him, but maybe it's time you got over your pride and forgave him." Piz looked at the door Logan had just walked out of, and then at Veronica. I'm not going to say I understand, because I don't, and I wish like hell I was enough for you, but we both know I'm not. You two have some kind of history, things you've both gone through that I couldn't even begin to imagine. Just, do me a favour."

Having not expected the talk he was giving her, Veronica nodded, slightly speechless.

"This time, try to make it last. You and Logan. Because honestly, if I find out that I did this and then you both mess up your relationship again, I may not be the bigger man." He laughed, although it was an empty noise. He held out his hand. "Friends?"

Taking it, Veronica smiled. "Friends."

Readjusting her bag, she turned her back on the crowd in the cafeteria and walked quickly outside, looking around to see if Logan was there.

"Yo, Mars." She heard a voice call her from behind.

She turned around. "Dick. Have you seen Logan?"

"Not since he did in the porno kid. Saw him heading for the car park, but for all I know he's locked up in the hotel room again." Dick caught her gaze and held it. "Ronnie, I say this because Logan is my best friend. Don't keep doing this to him. You're either with him or you're not, but let him know how it is."

Veronica looked questioningly at him. "Are people having a 'Veronica's Relationships' intervention today or something? Should I expect a motivational and inspiring song and dance routine on my way out?"

Dick shrugged. "Just lookin' out for him. Now if you'll excuse me-" He looked over at a strawberry blonde girl walking the other way. "Stacy!" He ran over to her and threw his arm around her shoulders.

Veronica rolled her eyes. Ass, she thought. And he had been no help whatsoever in finding out where Logan went. She reached the car park, and when she couldn't see his Range Rover decided she'd try the Grand first, and go from there.

Relationships. No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

Okay, so there's chapter one for you. The next few chapters will probably be longer, this was more just getting things over will and preparing for the story itself. I think this is going to be a trilogy of stories, possibly more. If there's anything you want to see happen just write it in a review and I'll try and put it in somewhere(:

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