Hey guys.

Okay, I know I've been away for a reaaaaaally long time. I promise I haven't given up on this story. For the last 4 or so weeks, it's been hell in my house. I've had personal family problems going on, the result of which I am now living in an apartment in the UES of NYC with my Mom after the messy divorce, leaving my Dad about 20 blocks away. It's been pretty bad, so I haven't really had my story at the front of my mind. I've occasionally found time to write a couple reviews for stories I've been reading and add to my own, but it is nowhere near ready to publish a new chapter.

I know, I'm terrible at this. I think after this story (which I will finish, promise), I'm going to stick to one and two shots, mostly Chuck/Blair (I have JUST got on the Gossip Girl band wagon literally about a month and a half ago and I am OBSESSED!) and Logan/Veronica, maybe some Mark/Lexie (Grey's Anatomy) if I feel very inspired.

Anyway, now things are settled I'm trying to get my life back in check, and I promise I'll try and get an update out soon.