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"It's not bad; it'll heal," Grimmjow muttered, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he followed behind Ulquiorra. The other man rolled his eyes.

"Do you ever stop being so stupid?" Ulquiorra asked as he rang the doorbell. Grimmjow cursed at him and rubbed his jaw. It still felt a bit sore from the fight he'd had with the little albino shit that had called him an asshole. He swore, if Ulquiorra hadn't broken them up he would have wiped the floor with him.

"Whatever," he grumbled as the door opened to reveal a teenage girl with brown hair that reached her shoulders. She smiled brightly at them, then noticed Grimmjow and knew exactly what they were there for.

"Oh! Come inside," she said, opening the door wider and stepping back. She showed them down a small hallway that led to the clinic, where her father was filling out charts since he was having a slow day. It was both a good and bad thing; it was nice since few people had gotten sick or injured lately, but bad since they needed the money. Luckily, they'd just received their fifth patient of the day.

"Why don't you two take a seat?" she offered in the small waiting room. She went over to her desk to grab a clipboard with a form for him to fill out and brought it over to him. "Please fill this out while I tell our doctor you're here. I'm assuming you need stitches?" she asked, and Grimmjow rolled his eyes. Wow, this girl was a genius.

"For being an idiot," Ulquiorra commented quietly, and Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at the little pale freak. He swore, one more slam against him and he would slam Ulquiorra out the window. It didn't help when the stupid girl chuckled as she went into the doctor's office.

Grimmjow grumbled as he filled out the paper work. As far as he knew he wasn't allergic to anything, and he was damn sure he wasn't pregnant. He filled in his address and billing information, then signed at the bottom to consent to the doctor checking him over and to acknowledge that everything would be confidential. He didn't really care. He just wanted to go in, get his lip sewed up, and then hunt down his beauty before he grew tired of waiting for him. He could just imagine that lovely face growing worried and disappointed that he hadn't called him. He sighed. He hoped the others were having better luck than him.

"Okay sir, he's ready to see you." The girl came out of the room and held the door open for him. He rolled his eyes at the innocent look the girl gave him as he went in.

The room was a standard doctor's office. A table with paper for the patient to sit on and a board that pulled out to help the person sit on the table and give him a place to rest his feet. Two chairs sat by the door in case family members wanted to come in, but there was no way in hell he was going to allow Ulquiorra to watch as he was poked at and sewn together. He just knew the little fucker would enjoy watching him in pain. On the right side were cabinets and a sink near a window. On the wall closest to the table he was supposed to sit on was a blood pressure cuff and some other gadgets he didn't care to know about. The most disturbing part of the room was probably the colorful posters illustrating different diseases, some of which he had never heard of and certainly never wished to.

"Ah, you must be my newest patient!" A door opened and a dark haired man wearing a Hawaiian shirt with black pants and a doctor's coat walked in with a goofy grin. "I'm Dr. Isshin Kurosaki." He went over to the sink to wash his hands, then looked down at the chart his daughter had left. "Ah, so you're Grimmjow. Interesting name." Grimmjow's frown deepened at that. He was already behind and he didn't need anyone irritating him any more than he already was.

"Hmm." Dr. Kurosaki took a step forward and examined Grimmjow's lip, turning the younger man's head so he could get a better look at the cut in the light. "Ah, just as I thought; this should be nothing. Let me guess, fighting over a girl?" The doctor said knowingly, nudging him with his elbow. Grimmjow's eye twitched.

Just shut the fuck up and sew my lip up before I split yours open, Grimmjow thought to himself as he lay down on the table, crinkling the paper underneath him as the doctor went to gather his equipment. He glanced to the side as the doctor opened the cabinets and pulled a few things out before heading to the sink to wash his hands once more.

He sighed and turned to stare up at the light. This whole situation would have never happened if he hadn't let his beauty go. He knew he should have insisted on driving him home or having Ulquiorra give that bitch a ride so beauty could have stayed longer. He glanced down at his hand and the barely visible number and cursed. Why hadn't he put the number in his phone the minute he had it?

Beauty wasn't like those bimbos he met for a night and would never call back. His orange beauty was special; he'd known it from the moment his eyes connected with those gorgeous, rich brown eyes. He'd never believed in that 'love at first sight' shit, and he knew he didn't have that with his beauty, but he liked him. Not just because of that gorgeous body (though that was a plus) but because of the simple fact that his beauty was normal. He didn't try to build himself up like so many others he'd dated or act like he was better than anyone. He seemed genuinely good, but there was also a spark of fierceness that drew Grimmjow to him.

"Okay, let's get started!" Dr. Isshin said excitedly, snapping Grimmjow out of his thoughts. His eyes widened at the sight of a needle, and he averted his gaze to the side. It was better not to watch. "So, does the other guy look worse?" Isshin asked as he started to sew up Grimmjow's lip. Grimmjow only cursed under his breath, wishing for the tacky doctor to shut up and hurry.

"You know, I have two sons. Both of them have gotten into so much trouble, and still do. My Shiro is very aggressive, more so than his brother, Ichigo," Isshin told him, but Grimmjow had decided it was better to tune the doctor out as he attempted not to wince at the tugging on his lip. "I've been training that boy to get stronger, especially now that he's on his own…" he continued to talk until he finished sewing Grimmjow's lip up, and smirked with satisfaction at the job he'd done. The whole procedure had taken less than five minutes and required little stitching.

"And we're all done," Dr. Kurosaki said cheerfully as he rolled his chair back to his desk and grabbed a mirror to show his young patient. Grimmjow scowled at his reflection. "Now be careful, and I wouldn't recommend getting into any more fights ... at least not for another month or so. Ya don't want to get too many scars, right? Though I'm sure the ladies dig that," Isshin laughed and slapped Grimmjow on the back, causing the young man's eye to twitch once more.

"Now then, these can come out in a week and make sure not to tug on them or bite your lip…" Dr. Kurosaki explained, but Grimmjow just wanted the man to shut up so he could continue searching for his beauty. He glanced over at the clock and scowled further when he saw it read seven. He had wasted so much time with Ulquiorra going to Starbucks, running into that albino rat, and then getting stitches, that he hadn't been able to do a thing that day!

He stood up and dug through his pocket for his phone only to find zero messages. They had better be searching or I'll kill them, he swore to himself. Szayel was the only one who really had an excuse. If it hadn't been for him, he wouldn't have had any leads on where his beauty might be. Besides, he was stuck with Yammy. Not even a saint could handle being stuck with the troll without losing his sanity. Stark, the lazy bastard, had most likely fallen asleep or was currently being ordered around by his little brat of a niece. As for Nnoitra, Grimmjow wouldn't be surprised if he'd just ditched the search or gotten distracted. They'd all pay if he didn't find his beauty by the end of the week!

He finally left the doctor's office and walked into the waiting room, only to find it empty save for the girl waiting behind the desk. "Where did he go?" Grimmjow growled underneath his breath. The little asshole had ditched him! And he has the fucking car! He clenched his hand into a fist. This day was just getting better and better.

"Oh, your friend said that he had to leave. He said that he got a phone call from someone named Tesla saying that Noi … Noit … Noitra was in the hospital with a head wound and a broken arm. He said that you should take the bus home and he'll see you tomorrow," the girl explained, doing absolutely nothing to help him. He was going to lose another day, and now Nnoitra couldn't help with the search anymore.

This day can't get any fucking worse! he cursed, and resisted the urge to punch the wall, afraid he'd break his hand and have to pay for a dented wall.

Grimmjow leaned against the window of the bus, cursing whichever being was watching over him and laughing his or her fucking ass off. He hadn't thought this day could get any worse; how very wrong he was. After making a partial payment for his treatment, he'd waited forty minutes for a bus that would drop him off near his home to finally arrive. The beginning of the bus ride wasn't so bad. It had been quiet with the exception of a few people chattering, but like with the doctor, he had tuned them out. No, it wasn't until the bus stopped and picked up a drunken ex-celebrity that the ride became agonizingly painful, especially when said drunk decided to sit next to him.

"BWAHAHAHAHA, the spirits are always with you!" a drunken Don Kanonji yelled as his head lolled to the side, his arms crossed over his chest.

Grimmjow banged his head against the window and tried to block out the smell of booze and vomit dripping off the man. Apparently, Don Kanonji had hit rock bottom after his show had been canceled. It had probably been for the best, but the only thing Grimmjow could think of at the moment was either strangling the TV producers or choking this man to death.

"Do you see the spirit, little boy? He's going to get you!" Kanonji said to the little boy in front of them, making the brat burst into tears. Wonderful. Not only did he have to put up with the drunk, but now a crying child and a mother shooting death glares at not only Kanonji, but at himself as well. He didn't want the freak sitting anywhere near him.

"Have no fear; me and my sidekick will send it to the other side!" Kanonji declared, and slapped Grimmjow on the back.

If you don't shut the fuck up, you'll be passing onto the other side with it, Grimmjow swore, clenching his fists more tightly. Anger was boiling up inside him almost to the breaking point. He didn't know how much longer he could go on before he exploded and just knocked the idiot out. Really, it would be doing everyone a favor.

"BWAHAHAHAHA–" Kanonji began laughing once more, and Grimmjow finally hit the boiling point and snapped on the man. He stood up and punched Kanonji in the face, sending him staggering into the aisle.

"Shut the fuck up!" Grimmjow yelled, bracing himself with the seat in front of him and his own as he stood up. He swore, if the man even dared to stand up he'd kick the crap out of him. He saw the drunk moving and attempted to stand just as the bus came to a halt.

"You terrible man!" the woman with the child stood and slapped him across the face. "I don't want my child hearing such language!" she screamed, and covered her son's ears.

"He's gonna learn it sooner or later," Grimmjow muttered under his breath as more passengers got up from their seats and began crowding around. He felt someone grab him by the back of his collar and drag him to the front of the bus.

"I've already alerted the cops; they're on their way," the bus driver announced as Grimmjow passed him, shooting the young man a glare as if he were the problem.

What the fuck! Seriously! This day can't get any worse! he thought as he tried to break free, but other passengers came to help the man restraining him while another passenger helped Kanonji out of the bus. It took only five minutes for the police to arrive.

"This horrible man attacked Don Kanonji!" a woman screamed, and Grimmjow glared at her. So what if he'd attacked the drunk? He'd been doing the world a favor by punching the idiot for making the world suffer with his horrible show and forcing everyone to hear his 'bwahaha's.

He knew he wasn't supposed to, but he bit at his stitches, hardly able to believe how stupid people were. Was everyone in the world really this fucking stupid that he was getting blamed for punching that drunk? You know what? Fine, throw me in jail! I don't give a shit! he cursed to himself as the police began handcuffing him while another assessed Kanonji.

"I hope he's alright! I loved his show," a vaguely familiar voice piped up, and Grimmjow's gaze shot toward a young woman with long orange hair. She was standing next to a nerd with glasses who was rubbing her back.

Oh my god, it's her! It's the bitch! Grimmjow immediately realized, and he began struggling to get away from the cops. He needed to talk to her! She was the only one that could lead him to his beauty! Of all the fucking times, why was it now that he'd found her?

"Hey, you!" Grimmjow called out, but she ignored him. He cursed, wishing that for once that he'd paid more attention when they'd met. Of course, this whole situation wouldn't even have happened if he'd paid more attention when he'd first met his orange beauty, but that wasn't important right now. He needed to get her attention before he was dragged away!

"BITCH! BITCH!" he screamed as the cops began dragging him towards the car. She finally looked up, and was surprised to see him shouting at her and calling her a 'bitch'. "Where is he? Where's beauty?" he yelled as he was shoved into the car, and continued yelling even when the door was closed on his face.

"He is certainly rude," Uryu commented as he hugged Orihime closer, trying to protect her from the rude man calling her a bitch.

"He looked familiar…" Orihime brought a finger to her chin as they watched the cop car drive away. Blue hair? Why did it look so familiar?

An hour later across town…

"You should have seen this motherfucker. Came at me from behind; little asshole wasn't even man enough to take me on face to face," Shiro told the story once more to his brother and his group of friends, most whom were scooted as far away from the older man as possible. Orihime had even gone to trouble of positioning herself between Chad and Renji just in case. Since Rukia was there, though, she knew she'd probably be okay even without them. The petite girl would protect her if Shiro tried anything.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Ichigo yawned as he stared down at his phone, ignoring his brother and the latest Saw movie. Saw 10 or maybe it was 15, it didn't matter since they all ended the same and had the same basic plot as all the hundreds before them had.

"It's a shame that he didn't knock you out," Rukia muttered under her breath as she folded her arms. She paid no attention to the loud mouth albino and kept her gaze fixed on the television as the girl on the screen was thrown into a pit of needles. Orihime gasped with fright and covered her eyes while the rest of them watched with a bored expression.

"What'cha say?" Shiro turned in her direction and was about to approached the short girl when Ichigo kicked him in the legs.

"Sit down already," he muttered, flipping through his messages. All of them were old, unfortunately. He still hadn't gotten any new messages.

"Why ya keep lookin' at your phone?" Shiro asked, sitting down next to his brother and peering over his shoulder. He reached out to snatch the phone only to have his hand smacked away by an annoyed berry.

"None of your business," Ichigo growled and shoved him away.

"This is really starting to get sad. Maybe the guy just wasn't interested. It's time to move on," Renji told his friend, only to receive a smack on the shoulder from Rukia.

"It's not his fault the guy hasn't called back. It's the same with all you men. We give you a number and then you torture us by not calling or even forget all about us!" Rukia smacked Renji again, who scooted closer to Orihime to get away from her.

"That's it!" Orihime suddenly stood up and all eyes went to her. She raised her hand with her index finger pointing up as if she had just come up with a brilliant idea. They watched her, they waited, and more screams of terror filled the background as another blond chick with huge breasts was killed in the movie.

"Are you okay, Orihime?" Chad asked her with concern before she frowned and placed the finger to her chin in thought.

"Hm..." She tapped her chin before sitting back down, the other continuing to shoot worried looks in her direction.

"She must still be traumatized from earlier." Uryu shook his head before straightening up. "You see, on the bus ride over here this idiot that was being arrested started yelling obscenities in her direction," he explained, and received a snort from Shiro. The albino was rewarded with a nudge in the ribs from his brother.

"That's terrible, what happened?" Rukia asked, looking from Uryu to Orihime.

"I'm not quite sure. Don Kanonji was on the bus, and I was just telling Orihime about the case study that I'm working on when the man punched him." Uryu revealed.

"Poor guy. I loved his show." Renji shook his head sadly before he heard another snort come from Shiro's direction. He saw the albino cracking up and Ichigo covering his face with his hand. "What's so funny, snowflake?" he growled as he abruptly stood up, making Rukia and Orihime protest. The last thing they wanted was the night ending with a fight and someone going to the hospital with a broken nose … again.

"You would like gay shit like that, Baboonass." Shiro leaned back in his seat, a maniac grin spread across his face. Ichigo only sighed and uncovered his face to look over at his childhood friend.

"Sorry, but for once I've got to agree with him. The Kanonji Spirit Hour was the lamest show that's ever aired in the history of television. Whoever the guy was that punched Kanonji is a saint," Ichigo stated, earning a dirty look from the redhead.

"Traitor," Renji muttered under his breath just as Orihime stood up from her seat once more.

"Blue!" she called out, and received even more worried glances. Maybe it was time for her to see a specialist...

"Very nice, and what are the other colors of the rainbow?" Shiro mocked the girl, but this time she ignored his comment. Instead, she shook her head and tangled her fingers in her hair.

"No, no. Blue hair!" she said, catching Ichigo's attention. "The guy that was on the bus had blue hair!" Ichigo leaned forward as if waiting for Lassie to deliver the rest of the message. "He was the same guy you met at the bar the other night, Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime finally finished, and Ichigo's eyes went wide. The others stared at him, but he ignored their stares. He felt his heart racing at the revelation that Orihime had run into his blue devil!

"Where is he? I mean, do you know where he went?" Ichigo asked, jumping from the couch and grabbing onto Orihime's shoulders. The girl was a bit shocked at his reaction, and a light blush spread across her cheeks.

"They took him to the police station, why…" Uryu answered, but wasn't able to complete his sentence because the young man dashed towards the door, grabbing his car keys along the way.

"What the fuck was that about?" Shiro asked, wanting to be filled in on why his brother had taken off and left him at his friend's apartment.

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