Chapter 1


Marcus Davies was a ruthless pimp that took in and beat up young women, all the while pimping them out using them to extort money. Carter had decided to bring Davies down after one of his CI's was found beaten up. She had informed Carter as to what Davies dealings were and Carter wanted to take him down. He had brought the cases attention to part of his team. Ty & Dean both voiced their concerns. "Carter I think its to dangerous to send Jaimie in. This guy is ruthless." Ty said. Dean stood up rubbing his hand over his face. "I don't like sending Jaimie in by herself. Like Ty said...He's to dangerous." Carter leaned back in his chair thinking for a moment. "What if we come into play as part of Jaimie's "regulars"? Get a few undercovers from the night shift to help cover any empty time slots. That way at night she is ALWAYs covered." They guys really didn't like it but they agreed to it. Jaimie walked in. "Sorry I'm late. I needed to take care of something." To Dean she seemed a little distracted. Carter then sat Jaimie down and explained to her what was going on. "I guess I'll need to get some new clothes then." Carter hand her $ 1000.00 ..."Here go shopping today. We need to get in play tomorrow afternoon.

Jaimie smiled at both Ty & Dean. "See you guys later." Dean got up and told Carter & Ty he'd be back, he told them he needed to get something out of his car. He caught up with Jaimie. He grabbed her arm slightly. She was startled. "Dean! You scared me." "Everything okay?" He asked. "Ummm yeah. I just had something I needed to take care of." "You sure?" "Yeah. I'm fine." "Did you wanna go shopping with me? Is that why your here?" Dean laughed. "Nah I seemed a little distracted. I just wanted to make sure that your okay." Jaimie smiled at Dean. "I also wanted to see if you wanted me to come over tonight. This could be our last night together at your place for quite a while." "Yeah I would like that. Will you stay?" "Sure." Dean said and they both went their separate ways.

Everyone way in place at Davies usual hang out, a seedy little bar in downtown LA. Jaimie came in by herself. She was wearing a very short black leather skirt, black lacy top, and stiletto boots. "Damn...she looks hot!" Dean said. Ty laughed. She definately looks the part. Seated alone, Jaimie ordered a drink "dirty martini" she said. Jaimie looked around. She was looking for her mark. No sign of Davies yet. She then ordered another drink. After about 45 mins. Davies approached Jaimie as Ty, Dean, and Carter looked on. He sat down next to her. "Bartender two Kamikazes' please." Jaimie looked over at Davies and smiled. The bartender brought the Kamikazes' over. "Here you go Mr. Davies. I'll just put it on your tab." He slid one of the shot glasses over in Jaimie's direction. "Drink?" She nodded. "Why not." With that she threw the shot back. Dean and Ty looked at each other with concern in their eyes.

Davies had started a conversation with Jaimie as the guys looked on. He placed his hand on her knee & she pushed his hand away. "Ummmm...just because you brought me a drink doesn't mean you can touch!" She said sternly. Dean was pissed that Davies touched her. "I don't think she should be drinking while she's under Carter." Dean said in frustration. "She had one drink, Dean" Ty began shaking his head. "No. No. Carter that's at least her third. She had two drinks while she was waiting for this loser to approach her." Ty said. "I agree with Dean. What if she gets drunk? Carter laughed. He stood up and threw some money on the table. "Guys she's a professional she knows what she's doing." Just as Carter got up to leave he sees Jaimie glace at him and she grabs her purse and leaves with Davies. "She's in." Dean and Ty both stood up and began to follow her. "I don't like this Dean. This guy is no good. One of us should be on the inside with her." Dean shook his head in agreement. "I know man, I know."

Dean and Ty did survaillance on Jaimie all night. It was about 3 am and they saw her come out of the building that Davies had taken her too. She didn't have her boots on anymore. She was walking down the street to where she had parked her car. Jaimie seemed a little nervous. She almost began to ran when she her Dean whisper. "Jaimie it's me and Ty just keep walkin toward your car." When they arrived at her car she turned and she gently slapped Dean on the chest. "You scared the hell out of me!" Ty leaned into her. "What the hell are you doing Jaimie walking downtown by yourself at 3 in the morning? Are you looking to get you killed?" Jaimie scoffed at them. "Your drunk." Dean said in frustration. "What the hell were you doing with Davies all that time?" Jaimie chuckled a little. Shaking her finger in Dean's face..."First of all I'm not drunk. I just had a few drinks. Okay maybe I am a little drunk; but I couldn't stay there. He was getting the wrong idea. I had to leave." They were getting angry. Ty turned Jaimie's face toward him. "What do you mean he was getting the wrong idea?" "He tried to get me to go to bed with him." She turned and looked at Dean...shaking her finger at him again. "I told him I don't mix business with pleasure!" Jaimie gave Dean a quick kiss on the cheek and then gave Ty one too. "Thank you both for being so concerned about me but I'm gonna go home and get some much needed sleep because tomorrow he's gonna have a place for me to stay. So I'm gonna pack and meet him at 4pm." With that she reached in her purse for her keys. As soon as she pulled them out Dean grabbed them from her and handed them to Ty. "Here you take her car. I will take her home." "See you in the pm man." Ty said as he got into Jaimies car and drove away. Dean opened the door to his Range Rover and shoved Jaimie in. "What are you doing?" She said. He was angry with her. She could tell. He got into the drivers side started the car and began to drive away. Jaimie was looking out the window when Dean finally began to speak. "What do you think you were doing walking down the street barefoot in the middle of the damn night Jaimie? Did you really think that Ty and I weren't watching you? Hell you didn't even see us. Do know how dangerous the situation could of been since you were drinking? You need to be in constant control of the situation and if you are drinking your impaired." "Well if it makes you feel any better he wanted me to snort some coke...soooooo..." Dean stopped the car. "That's it. This whole thing just started and its already out of control. I'm telling Carter to pull you." Jaimie got pissed. "Who the hell do you think you are Dean? This is not your decision." Jaimie said as she tried to get out of the car. Dean grabbed her and pulled her back, leaned over her and shut the door. "DON'T!" He said. "Fine...I won't say anything but you CAN'T get drunk anymore. It's too dangerous." He leaned over and pulled her face to his and he kissed her. "You have to be careful! Please! Promise me that." She smiled. "Dean I promise. I'll be careful. I just I guess I got a little nervous when he pulled the coke out. I turned it down. Instead I started to drink a little more. I promise it won't happen again." Dean looked at Jaimie. "It can't!"

4 weeks later…..

Davies liked what he saw in Jaimie. She had a quality about her. She was not only beautiful; he felt that she seemed dangerous. He was intrigued by that. He had told her what he always told his girls. How they could make a lot of money and that he would take care of them as long as they followed his rules. That is why Jaimie became involved. The women he promised to take care were beaten with in an inch of their lives if the didn't obey his rules. Carter Shaw hated men that abused women and he was gonna take him down. Even if it meant putting Jaimie in harms way. He knew she could defend herself and if she couldn't Ty, Dean and himself would protect her.

Carter had made sure that her customer base were all cops that would be aware of the undercover operation. Every night she had"customers". Dean, Ty & Carter were regulars in her repertoire. She would take her clientele back to her seedy room that her Pimp had secured for her. She charged $ 500. For the night. She was to give her Pimp (Marcus Davies) $ 400. And she got to keep a $ 100.00. Each client would spend the night. They all knew it was an undercover gig so they sat up with Jaimie and kept her company for the night. She would collect the information needed and when morning approached she would "accept payment" and they would be on their way. There was a video camera that Marcus had installed at the entrance of each room. Each girl was to take care of business off camera but they were to accept their payment at the door in front of the camera so Marcus could keep track of every transaction.

Jaimie had been under for 4 weeks now going on 5. She was tired of going back and forth to this disgusting place. She just wanted to go home. It was Dean's regular night with her. He could tell she was on edge as soon as he saw her. He touched her face and gently pushed her in the door. Dean didn't think about what he was doing; he forgot that Marcus was probably watching; and he was. Marcus stiffened in his chair. He could tell by the interaction between them that there was something going on; more than just business. He didn't like it.

"What's wrong?" He whispered as he began to gently kiss her. During their time together they would take advantage of the one night a week they had with each other. She tried to pull away but he wouldn't have any of it..."No no no, come on talk to me. Tell me what's going on in that pretty little head of yours." She smiled a tired smile and pulled him to the bed. She sighed "I don't know how much longer I can stay in this disgusting place. I wanna go home; sleep in my own bed; take a shower in my nice clean apartment." Dean put his arm around her and she leaned her head on his shoulder "its gonna be over soon. I promise." He said. She stood up and started to pace. "Dean it's been almost 5 weeks! I mean how long does Carter expect me to stay under like this? Marcus makes me feel uneasy. He makes me feel very vulnerable." Dean walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist placing his head over her shoulder. "What do you mean?" "Everyday he puts to moves on me. Everyday he wants me to take a hit or have a drink with him. I told him I don't mix business with pleasure; but everyday he still asks and I'm afraid one day he's not going to ask." "Jaimie that is why we are your "regulars" and that's why you have undercovers as customers; to keep you safe. "I know, I know; but you have no idea how a man can make you feel that way." Dean turned her to face hims he pushes her hair out of her face; "Jaimie if things get out of control and you can't handle it alone I will be there for you we all will." She pushed Dean away. "Dean!" She yelled. "I can take of myself! I just don't like feeling this way. Okay." Dean put his hands up in the air. "Sorry baby…I didn't mean to make you feel like you can't take care of yourself I know you can. Okay? Look, let's call it a night, your tired & we need to make sure that I get out of here on time. K?" Jaimie gave him a little chuckle. "Okay." They both got into bed Jaimie was so exhausted; she fell asleep almost immediately. Dean fell asleep about a half an hour later thinking about what she had said.

About 8 hours later. Dean woke up. He took a quick shower and then woke Jaimie up. "Come on baby. Gotta give Marcus his show. She stirred a little. "I wish you didn't have to go." She said. Dean walked over and laid next to her and gently kissed her on the forehead and pulled her into his arms; "I know baby, but I gotta go catch up with Ty and Carter. Ty's gonna be with you tonight. K?" She rolled over "mmmmmmm mmmmm". Jaimie got out of bed and went and took a quick shower.

They both felt refreshed after their showers and got ready for what lie ahead today. Jaimie walked Dean to the door. He gave her payment she gently kissed him on the cheek as they said their goodbyes until next week. Dean opened the door to leave and there stood Marcus. They were both surprised. "Well, well, well Jaimie…who is this? Your boyfriend? Jaimie appeared to be nervous. She pushed herself in front of Dean. "Marcus…what are you talking about? This is Dean he's one of my regulars. Marcus looked her straight in the eye reached out and grabbed her by the throat. "Shut up you BITCH!" Dean jumped him and he released his grip on Jaimie. "Don't you ever touch her again? You SOB." Jaimie was coughing and holding her throat. While coughing she pushed the two apart and said "Marcus…plea…ase…I, I promise he's just one of my regulars. Look he already paid me." She said as she finally stopped coughing as she handed him the money. Marcus straightened himself out and took the money. He laughed. "Sorry Sweetheart. No hard feelings?" He looked at Dean "I have to keep my girls in check and if I think they are screwing me I need to let them know whose boss." Dean was a little on edge now. Nervous for Jaimie's safety. He looked at her and got in Davies face "She's not screwing you. If anything she's screwing me… & a few others I'd imagine, but you don't gotta treat her like that." Jaimie couldn't believe what Dean had just said. She gently nudged him "Dean you need to go. NOW!" He could tell she was upset with him. "Jaimie. I will see you same time next week."

Marcus explained to Jaimie that he was sorry and that he would be checking in later. Jaimie closed the door and went to the mirror. She could see bruises forming on her neck. She felt sick to her stomach. She laid down on the bed. She tried to close her eyes but she couldn't she was scared. While trying to collect her thoughts she heard a tapping on the bathroom mirror. She opened the window and Dean climbed in. She looked angry; scared…he could see all kinds of emotions on her face. She pushed him into the bathroom counter and began to hit him with her fists "Why did you say that? Why would you say something like that?" He grabbed her by the wrists. "Jaimie…STOP IT!" I had to say something or he would have beat the hell out of you when I left." She gave up. He gently lifted up her face and looked at the bruises that were starting to form on her neck. "I'm gonna freakin kill that son of a bitch. THIS IS GONNA END TONIGHT!" Dean said. He got Jaimie to finally relax and then he knew it was time to go meet up with Ty & Carter. "You gonna be okay?" He asked. Jaimie looked at him nervously. "Yeah. I'll be fine." Dean leaned over and gently kissed her on the forehead. "I will see you later."

Dean rushed back to the office. He told Carter and Ty that this had to end tonight. He explained to them what happened and that he felt that Jaimie was in extreme danger. As they began to set their plan in motions; Davies was making plans of his own for Jaimie.